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    There is no "one best place" to find information. Read anything and everything, take it all with the proverbial "grain of salt," and come see for yourselves several times at different seasons to see if it is what you want. We made the decision to retire here based on our own specific wants and needs and found the place that had the majority of our priorities available. Start by writing down your must haves, want to haves, and wish we could haves and proceed from there. We found it easier to frame our search by writing down questions and seeking answers to them, instead of trying to gather all the information in at once. It can easily become overwhelming. We relocated from Tokyo, where you really can walk around at all hours of the day and night (except in certain areas !) and be safe. I feel perfectly comfortable walking around almost anywhere during the day. Common sense is your guide. I do not recommend walking around most places at night because the sidewalks are treacherous, roads not well lit and drivers often inattentive to pedestrians. However in Chapala on the malecon and around the plaza is fine and well lit. I can walk my dog in the evenings in my neighborhood, chatting often with neighbors. Many fraccs have well lit streets. I do not have a car, either, and do not ride the bus at night because it is so hard for me to see when I get off. For me, that is the biggest danger of the night ! We live in San Antonio and walk to get groceries, use cabs, ride the bus, etc. It keeps us moving. We do have to rely on cabs, drivers and sometimes friends (Hey, Zed, call me next time you go to CostCo !) for rides from restaurants in the evenings, etc. I do speak and read Spanish at a bit more than a minimal level and that has been a great help. Start learning some Spanish if you can . Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Come down and check it out.
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    I have a Charles Schwab account withATM card you can use at any ATM. They reimburse fees at end of month. Not much money in account. I use Handy Mail in AJIJIC which gives me a US address and MX address. Works great. If you want to live here nothing is a deal breaker!
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    Yup. Now I'm to get acquainted with the soon-to-be-murdered cow, find the poor thing's life story, then go to the butcher's and so on? I'm beginning to see the virtue in buying a plastic wrapped package of anonymous parts in the super. Plenty of distance from looking into cow-eyes and thinking about it. YES, I'm a carnivorous hypocrite!
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    Great. Always want to meet the animals I'm going to eat. Nah, maybe I'll just keep going going with Tony's road-kill crew. Gringal, we've gone WAY beyond "make your own" here...
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    They have been squatting for over a year, refusing to vacate or pay rent.
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    You're right, I accidentally got them backwards. Thanks for the correction.
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    Well, I have to say that I wasn't expecting the unbelievable turn out we have received from Rick's burgers... That being said, I would like to apologize for not having enough food to go around. I will try not to run out anymore. Please stop on by anytime and give our place a shot... We appreciate all of your business and hope to serve you soon...
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    The Moringa Mamas are very careful about the quality of the leaves they harvest. If they are not top quality they are not brought to market.
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    Well if you want to walk by yourself in the middle of the night drunk well no I wouldn't do that but for pretty much anything else no problem. It is so nice here in the morning that I get up early to enjoy. You may find the same thing. We lived without our cars for the first two years here but eventually we bought a small car. We felt guilty about it (you don't need one you want one) so we give rides to folks to Costco/Guadalajara who don't have cars. Problem solved. I think it best when you first move here to avoid cars until you get used to the rules. Hey you can always buy a car later like we did and help out folks who don't want or can't afford a car. People do help each other here for the most part. Good Luck
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    No fighting, no biting! I used the machine at CFE and it was a piece of cake. And I am definitely machine dumb. It's also a piece of cake to take your CFE bill into WalMart and pay it there at no cost. Ditto with your TelMex bill. CFE gets my vote as one of the most improved services around here. They are even managing to get the bill here reliably here, which was not always the case previously. TelMex has improved steadily as well. They've always been good at getting the bill here even when the phone didn't work. Chapala is the "central city" of this municipio hence it doesn't surprise me CFE has their office there and has done so for a long time. If you take your bill and pay it when you get it, that can be done a number of places. And there's always the online option. Nothing here to warrant sniping at each other about, folks.
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    dear god, two old timers having a go at each other about a simple question..just about sums up this board, and the other. no wonder both are losing posters. get a hobby or something.
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    What? Ajijic is not the center of the universe? Damn. I'm moving.
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    I have had both routine and emergency gastro-surgical interventions by Drs. Valenzuela and by Dr. H. BriseƱo for multiple cardiac stent placements. All were successful and I continue to do well a few years later; more comfortable than I expected, and I sure wish they were both available to me here in Tucson. So, add my votes for Quality Care/Medicos Especialistas.
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    Another huge vote for Hector Valenzuela - he is incredibly caring, a great surgeon and really good at sorting out gastro problems. We also have great faith in Dra. Gaby (Ana Gabriel) Flores as an internist. The Drs. at Quality Care share information with each other over our problems when they know they are both treating the same patient - that way we don't end up with conflicting prescriptions. We are so lucky to have this level of health care available to us.
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    As far as I know, as a Belgian.... a majority of the Belgians want to remain in the EU. I would prefer to see a far smaller but stronger European union, starting with the Benelux and Germany.... and thighter borders around it. The EU grew too fast..... at the cost of actually strengthening..... The Brexit was no surprise to me..... quite the opposite, 48 % to remain is more than I expected. Rony
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    I use Amazon in the US frequently and have been very pleased. Last week I wanted an item that did not ship to Mexico, but the same item was not available on Amazon MX. I called customer service in the US and they gave me a different item number to use and walked me through a manual order so I could input that number. I received the item in five days.
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