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    A 50% jump in the price of any meal is not indicative of anything other than price increases. The price of a meal in the U.S. has absolutely no bearing on the price of a meal here. But just for your info, I was in Tony Roma's in Laredo this February and got their large ribeye. It was $12.99 with sides. So don't be telling me about U.S. prices.
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    Tell us what steak has increased in price by 50% and over what time period. Get a real..
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    I agree that the "fish lady" has the best shrimp cocktail.
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    The "fish lady" on Revolution, across from Salvador's in Bugambillias Plaza, has excellent shrimp cocktail as well as delicious ceviche. It is just a stand, not a restaurant with four walls, but very good and fresh. She has been there thirty years or more.
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    I've always liked the ones at Mariscos Guicho, the first restaurant on the pier in Chapala.
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    Yaca is usually sold at most of the roadside fruit stands between Manzanillo and Barra.
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    I still think Tango is great. Lots of restaurants have come and gone, they are still here and doing great. If you do not like it do not go. Very simple
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    Jackfruit and Duriuan are not the same; not even close: Jackfruit emits a strong, bubble-gum odor that has been likened to a combination of rotten-onions, bananas, and pineapple. That’s a big step up from durian’s sweaty socks sitting in sewer water near a fishery. The taste of jackfruit is also typically more readily acceptable to western palates. It’s unclear if this is because of the flavor inherent to jackfruit, or because it resembles flavors already familiar to westerners like bananas and pineapples. Internet hearsay suggests that Wrigley’s juicy fruit gum may have been inspired by the jackfruit. Now why is there no durian gum? (oh wait, there is) This is from a quite interesting website: http://www.yearofthedurian.com/2013/01/jackfruit-is-not-durian.html
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    Often difficult for a wife to become a PR based on husband first qualifying and once in Mexico wife is sponsored by husband. The issue is often wife's name of passport is not identical to name on marriage license. One letter difference and usually means application declined. Usually, easier in this situation for wife to qualify and later sponsor husband whose name is likely the same on both documents. Also, trying to become a PR after say 2 years as a TR is also not so easy as only pension sourced income will be considered; no home ownership; no investments; no other income sources. Consulates have web sites indicating income requirements. This web sites are quite consistent now as to the amount required. Consulates may allow combined income to work but legally are not suppose to. Laredo and Las Vegas are two of the more reasonable consulates. My web site covers these issues. saludos Sonia
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    Hmm,the most common definitions of a hoser are dimwit,loser and boorish..
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    Several of us Canadians have told our Mexican friends that we are hosers so they have stopped calling us gringos and use that instead.
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    That is expensive if you think of it as just soup; but it is really a meal. I once had it in one of the Guadalajara locations and it was a delicious broth with lots of crab legs, claws, mussels, and other goodies included. Why are there so many complaints, when the posters have not yet had a meal there?
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