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    You don't understand the OP's post.
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    Your RE agent should have made sure all severance is paid at time of closing. The new owners are under no obligation to hire the previous employees. Nor to pay severance for someone who was not their employee.
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    That is expensive if you think of it as just soup; but it is really a meal. I once had it in one of the Guadalajara locations and it was a delicious broth with lots of crab legs, claws, mussels, and other goodies included. Why are there so many complaints, when the posters have not yet had a meal there?
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    I actually found it very easy. They cones are tall and placed farther apart than the average parking space. I used my rear view mirror and side mirrors angled downwards to park but I practiced every day for a couple of weeks because I wasn't used to using the side mirrors. And now that I am used to parking that way, I actually prefer it to the way we do it up north. The course is quite small. One small circle with 3-4 stops and then parallel park. The man giving the test is not in the car with you but just observes from the side. One hint....use their car or you will have to exit the building which has no parking, get your car from a parking lot and then remove it immediately after finishing the test. The day I did the test, the car was an automatic Jetta. You only need to practice parallel parking on the driver's side.
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    If I had it to do over, I would go with a cleaning service. When I hired my present housekeeper, over ten years ago, I had no idea of the increasing financial obligations I would be taking on each year as her employer. I think that is true of many newbies who hire domestic employees. I also was unaware of any cleaning services here. By the time I became aware of all of those obligations, some of which increase annually, I just did not have the heart to terminate her. So, here I am, not anticipating ever terminating her, but wondering that if it is ever necessary, how will I be able to afford to do so on my budget and income? I try not to think about it.
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    I like Lupe at 250 pesos. He has been held in high esteem for years. As to logic of price, I personally don't give a hoot about US dollars. If a maid makes 50 pesos an hour and more than many professionals, then IN MY OPINION Lupe's price is right on the mark. I would expect to pay more for a certified therapist, but not much. he even comes to your house although he is quite popular and difficult to make a quick do me today appointment. Contact info I don't have handy but a site search will reveal his contact info.
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    DeborahM - I have used Strom-white who had my stuff put in a container and then co-ordinated to ship several containers of other people here. Not everone is a fan of the same mover but for me they were great. I do realize crap happens but I honestly believe they worked hard to make my move as easy as possible.
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    Two blocks North of the stop light coming to Chapala from Ajijic take a left and in another two blocks take a right and about two blocks down toward the lake on the NE corner is a place that does it and fits it to your shoes, They take an impression to you feet.
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    Have you actually received messages in your box? I never have since the software changeover, as is true for so many others.
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    Bruno's has an a/c section in the back. Also, I think Min-Wah and Nueva Posada.
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    No problem Al. I have personal experience with problems like this. I wonder how many people remember a guy around Ajijic and Chapala. Mostly in bars called Carl the Eskimo. A very unusual story. We worked with the Consulate to get him back on his feet then the VA sent him to a Va home I think in Arizona. Just one case of many.
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    This post lost its original focus, unfortunately. OP Portimon was telling of wonderful homeless dog and provided pictures. There was some interest from posters. Why hop in with other available dogs? Yes, they need homes, of course, but you interrupt the thread and confuse things, as you can see. PLEASE let us know if the dog Portimon was posting about has got a new loving owner. For goodness sake, he was on his way to getting a home and now we're talking about Jenny. That's not fair. Lexy
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