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    Two successful claims handled by Bellon Seguros, Andre Bellon & associates, through Qualitas Seguros policy within last two years.
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    Last Christmas when I came up north the windows 7 laptop that I bought with me broke. And I was to cheap to try to get it fixed in the US, so I went to the Windows store and bought a Window Pro 4 Book with a touch screen of almost 14 inches with a clean, new and very workable Win 10 on it, I hated windows 10 at first, but within 5 days it didn't seem as bad and within 10 to 15 days I learned to love Windows 10 on my new Tablet. Well as I posted 5 months ago, when I came back lakeside I brought back not only my new tablet on carryon but the broken laptop in my check-in luggage. Well guess what, for reasons unknown, my broken Win 7 laptop started working again, so I started using it. It took almost no time for me to come to the conclusion that Win 7 is great on an older non touch screen laptop etc, but should you have a touch screen, a clean and good Windows 10 package, it is much much better for me when using my touch screen Windows pro 4 book tablet. My advice to you is if it works don't upgrade. But should you buy a new computer with a computer operating on windows, it will be Windows 10. It may take a week or 3 but soon you will love it.
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    There is a really cool fruit that I bought at the nursery behind Super Lake. It is a small bush that has small berries that when ripe they turn red and look like a coffee bean. If you eat one berry, it will mask your taste buds on your tongue and make every sour or bitter fruit taste incredibly sweet, the affects last up to 30 minutes to an hour. You can eat a limon and it will taste like the sweetest lemonade. This magical fruit is called the Miracle Fruit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synsepalum_dulcificum Well, today, finally I saw two ripe berries on my bush and I picked them and bought an assortment of fruit like: cherries, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, limes, grapefruit, nectarines, and yellow plums (ciruelas). I washed them all and put them on a plate all sliced up and ready to eat. We each ate a berry and waited 2 minutes and then began to try the fruit. All the fruit tasted amazingly super sweet and delicious. We even tried black coffee and although it didn't make the coffee sweet it removed most of the bitterness from it making it easier to drink black. This not a drug, it is a natural fruit that comes originally from Africa. The fruit is amazing or should I say miraculous!
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    FWIW, I think you'll find that any of these services that mask your ISP, Telmex or Telecable, by way of a VPN are not going to work going forward with Netflix et al. I've found that using a service that offers a DNS Proxy feature to be the best option. Unlocator.com mention here is one such service, 'tho a little pricey, I use ironsocket.com without any problems. The trick is to change the router settings to the DNS proxy servers, various locations in the US and/or worldwide. This can be a challenge depending on your ISP's router and whether you can access it's settings and can change the DNS, the newer Telmex routers are locked. An option is to have your own router, port out of the Telmex router to yours and use that router for all your wifi and ethernet connections, ie SmarTV, Roku, AppleTV etc.. This includes all your handhelds and laptops, connecting to YOUR router with the DNS. Thus everything in your household intranet will look as though it's in Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Denver, wherever the DNS server is located. Besides a router you can manage yourself, you'll need to have your local IP address, this address must be "authorized" by the DNS proxy service provider, so they know which IP to "hide" or hijack so the MX IP is forwarded as a US IP etc. Since IP addresses don't change too often, no big deal, but there are apps available, DNS Updater, No-IP, for phones, etc., to update the service provider should the MX ISP change servers, Telmex used to do this often but less frequent of late. So bottomline, this setup allows me, at least for two years now, to stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, ShowTime, CBS All Access, etc..., on any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer in my household intranet, over wifi or ethernet. So far so good, I suppose Netflix etal may someday figure out how to "burrow" into my Virginia DNS servers and see my MX IP, but I kinda think my DNS service provider's security would frown on that. Good Luck, YMMV
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    As the local satellite broker recently said, the harder it gets to stream from up north, the greater the number of folks are coming back to satellite. He said many seniors are sharing an account with a grown child up north. The only problem with this option is that more and more of the folks up north are giving up satellite as well.
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    We had a similar excellent result with Qualitas through Parkers.
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    Qualitas. Purchased through Parker Insurance but they were not involved in processing the accident or the claim. Everything was paid by the insurer of the car which rear ended my parked car. Qualitas was excellent.
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    anything you want is @ one of three shops about 3 biocks south of dead center "el centro" east side on septiembre 16. METRO MUSIC i think....for new. directly across the street for used, or one block north of "metro" east side, upstairs , for more used.
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    Qualitas, S&S Auto. Full tracking of repair, including emailing me photos of progress.
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    Me too using AXA through Jesus Tejeda. Cracked windshield replaced as well as a front bumper. He took care of making appoimentments at one of the windshield companies on Lazaro Cardenas and then set me up with a body shop in Guadalajara for what was more than a trivial claim. He was helpful from beginning to end.
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    There is a Centro de Salud clinic on the street toward the lake by Sunrise restaurant--1.5 blocks.
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    The above is only partly true.
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    Where is the Seguro Popular clinic in San Antonio? I signed up for SP in Chapala but didn't know there was a clinic in SA at the time. I'd like to check out the SA clinic. Do they speak any English there? My Spanish is improving but medical lingo can be tricky. Anyone try both Chapala and SA and find one better than the other?
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    If you are a person whom the heat doesn't bother, consider yourself lucky. Some people are extremely bothered by the heat, and they faint and or vomit when exposed for just a short time, like 15 minutes . And if you are sensitive like that, and do not have a car, it becomes very difficult just to get out at a time of day to get food supplies, carry them home, which ironically, has to be done more often due to not having a car. The solution, is to just wait it out, as best as possible, hope a friend will help with a trip to the store, once in a while. We aren't complaining...just looking forward to the rainy season, so we don't have to be prisoners in our homes. Many things have changed here, and the weather is one of them....it is getting hotter.
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