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    This is a little off topic. But.........there are quite a few people here who are Permanentes driving foreign plated vehicles thinking they are insured. From what I've been told, they are NOT insured because the vehicle is technically illegal. Drive very carefully folks.
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    The house we bought in Ajijic several months ago had been standing vacant for nearly six months before that. We have had a lot of relatively small jobs done before we move in. The last big job was a complete deep cleaning--there were filthy windows, cobwebs, dead bugs, accumulated grime and soap residue, dust, dirt, etc. We were completely satisfied with the job done by Enrique Hernández and his crew at Lakeside Home Services. He was prompt and quick. When he was held up half an hour and needed to be late, he called to tell us. He did outstanding work at a reasonable price which remained the same even after a little unexpected additional work was revealed. We basically felt we were in good, trusted hands with him on the job. As a plus, he speaks much better English than my poor Spanish. His phone numbers are 766-5360, 331-282-5020. Email: enrique151979@hotmail.com. Highly recommended!
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    Here's your question: I'm considering letting my Best DR's expire and using Seguro while here, until I could get back to the states for anything major. Anyone have thoughts about this? Thanks You got our thoughts to your question. I don't see that you were asking if anyone had experience with SP.
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    Good to know I am not alone. LOL! You will learn that asking a question does not require giving all of the background and rationale for asking it if you don't want those things taken into consideration by responders, who, believe it if not, were actually trying to help you! Another option would be to follow your post more closely so that if it is going off track, you can comment and bring it back on course, rather than posting, coming back nine hours later and being upset at the responses.
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    Scam There is only one way to make a foreign plated car legal leading to obtaining plates from a Mexican state and that is through Aduana who issues a pedimento and an approved broker who issues a factura. If in doubt drive it to Aduana and ask. :-) Or go and get local plates and emissions test. End of discussion! saludos Sonia
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    With the beef grading debate of a year or so ago in mind, I though some might enjoy this compliments of TJ,s (I buy many things there, but not beef) We want to help you get to know your steak. There’s no time like the present. The fact that we are approaching the unofficial kick-off to grilling season only raises the steakes. In the following steakeout, we surveil the quality, cut, and appeal of every steak in the Trader Joe’s label. To put it in context, we cursorily survey the standards for assessing beef across America and provide a brief overview of beef cuts. Then we zoom in to acquaint you with each grade and cut we offer, highlighting unique characteristics and handling tips. Finally, to get you good and fired up for grilling season, we’ve outlined straightforward steps that make strides toward successful steak—however you like it. Making the Grade The grading process is like the ultimate cattle call—for cattle. It started around the 1920s, when the livestock and meat retail industry wanted to make recognizable (i.e. marketable) the distinction of meat quality. Looking to the Federal Government, they lobbied for and realized a standardized beef grading and stamping system, so that it could be made clear which beef is the meat that demands a higher price. This grading program has since been under the purview of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA assigns grades based on an assessment of quality, which is objectively measured based on the amount of internal marbling (or fat) and physiological age of the animal (determined by characteristics of bone, cartilage, etc.). The higher the ratio of marbling and the younger the beef, the higher the grade. On the flip side—the leaner & older the beef, the lower the grade. There are eight distinct grades of beef recognized by the USDA. Though similar to academic grading— A+, A, A- —there are degrees within each grade. Of the eight grades, the top four are generally sold at retail, so we’re staying focused on those: PRIME – Superior grade with abundant marbling; excellent juiciness, flavor, and fine texture; only about 2% of beef is graded as prime & it is generally found in restaurants or boutique butchers CHOICE – Excellent grade of beef with moderate to small marbling, which results in a slight textural difference, but is still very juicy and full flavored; typically, it’s the highest grade of beef sold at retailers SELECT – Very good grade of beef with slight marbling; not quite as juicy and full flavored but very reliable steaks, often sold at retailers and restaurants STANDARD/UNGRADED – As their name suggests, these cuts of beef come from cattle that actually are not graded, which is common because the grading process adds costs; generally, these are leaner cuts that have only traces of marbling; can be tremendous values
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    Enrique was higher than Spring Clean for the identical work, but he started the next day as opposed to almost a two week wait with Spring Clean, so the difference was worth it to me.
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    Who cares about the car? If you have no liability coverage because your car is not legal you are going to Jail and you will not pass Go. If you find yourself in that situation do as the Mexicans do: RUN!
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    Not upset at the responses. Fortunately, I don't get annoyed by much these days, especially on a webboard.. Just didn't get an answer to my very simple question, although some did take the time to make a reply that wasn't sarcastic and smug and I appreciate that. I realize that some folks appear to spend a lot of time posting here and if that is there life ok by me. I have seen enough of this board in 31/2 years to know that the replies will be a mixed bag.
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    Just find someone willing to hire you out of their office and then have at it.
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    I think this is the policy referred to: http://boomers-in-paradise.org/wea-icare/about-wea-icare/
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    For about the same cost as Medicare part B, you can keep your Best Doctors or switch to WEA, which is better coverage, and have your medical bills paid 100%. Medicare pays only 80% of their ALLOWABLE, which is not even close to 80% of the total bill. Good luck finding a doctor to take a new Medicare patient. For me, I'd rather have care here in Mexico, where the specialists are topnotch, than depend on getting to the US in time for a sudden emergency. Pencil out the costs, including transport to the US, and I think you will find that having insurance here, even with a deductible of $3500US, is cheaper and much more convenient.
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    DeborahM, I have about a pound of it that you are welcome to.
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