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    If you suspect a detached rentina, or even one beginning to detach, do not wait another moment. Call your retinologist (mine was Dr. Roig, enriqueroig@retina.com.mx or (333) 641-2776), who has offices at Puerto de Hierro and also practices at Clinica Santa Lucia, and has repaird both my rentinas after collapse. The quicker the treatment, the better the hope for avoiding blindness. Good luck.
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    While another post here said St. Remy was done here for good, according to inside sources.
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    Was not quoting you. have no issue with you. Was and quoted Carnivore. I believe as do you that we were both in our right to respond to the topic. Wishing you all the best.
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    But Haciendadellago is not.
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    Processed many visas under family and unfortunately since she is an adult, you can not sponsor her. My web site under "Immigration" makes reference to family. saludos Sonia
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    Hi I am so happy to tell you that we found suco ( my golden dog) today !!!!!! He was hit by a car and someone took him to the vet and took care of him, he is ok now recovering and I will pick him up as soon as they tell me. Thank you very much for your help , now I will look for taco. Tks tks tks ?
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    Back on topic. The rain season starts when the virgin of Zapopan visits - June 15
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    Thank you. Since you are speaking to me as another member of this board I am free to ignore you and I shall.
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    Who cares if it was a rainbird or if it was something else? What does it matter if the connection to hearing them and the beginning of the rainy season is true or not? It has always been a fun tradition in which some people enjoy participating. If you do, then join the threads about it and have a good time. If you don't, then do not read the threads. Certainly there is no reason to get on the threads and rain on the parade of people having fun with it. (Pun intended.)
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    You are missing all the fun of retirement. I try to see just how far I can lead them along. Sometimes i can keep them on the phone for 15-20 minutes before they catch on.
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    Note: Dona = Doughnut & Donas = Doughnuts There is no apostrophe; it is not the possessive of Dona, and there is no person of that name.
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