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    He did it again!! Repaired my computer under guarantee Now that is professional service
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    If you read my pinned post at the top of this forum you will see that the owners of this board are trying to move everything to a new provider. If you recall, the old board had many issues, such as down time, as well. Lets wait and see.
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    THANK YOU Sonia! I am just so THRILLED to be here. Your beautiful country has been so VERY welcoming, and we are blessed to be able to be here.
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    None of you three asked about the how and where the dogs are!
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    Not many people are arguing that the earth is getting warmer they are not believing the change is due to man..
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    Long as I've been alive and everywhere I've lived and traveled there has been "climate change". It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter, no big mystery here.
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    I have a 10 foot by 20 foot metal carport frame for sale if that's big enough. Heavy duty and galvanized metal, ready, and easy, to be put together. Much better than the junky, lightweight ones they sell at Walmart, etc. $2000 pesos. Doesn't fit in my carport. Just need the lona made, whih is easy to get. If interested post here or send me a private message.
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    Gustavo 333157-3048 He speaks english
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    If you are a Veteran and have a Handymail or other address that forwards your mail you can open a USAA account. USAA has no foreign transaction fee as well as they reimburse your ATM fees once a month. For me it is the best thing going. B of A started charging a 3 % foreign transaction fee and I opened the USAA account and have been happy for the past couple of years. I use Bancomer in Mexico. You may be able to get a USAA checking account even if you are not a Veteran, if you have family that is military connected. usaa.com
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    Basic licence mech and/or av and then type specific e.g 737-300 rating issued by FAA or CAA usually valid world wide.
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    No RV, the new system did not require a job offer. This the way many countries evaluate potential immigrants. Demand for their occupation, some money to live on while looking, a bunch of other factors. It would be a terrible thing to be tied to a job offer, especially in the occupations most in demand. Mostly in jobs like this, it is best to come down a couple times just to scout out job prospects. Start a language course when you get home. In aviation though, I think English is pretty well the matter of course. So there will sometimes be a greater need for proficient technical English. Google aircraft and aviation manufacturing Mexico - you will be surprised. Besides, no matter what happens it will look good on his resume, especially if he can learn Spanish.
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    That sure was a great comfort to the fine citizens of Flint Michigan. It was a housewife who was the first "whistleblower". You are flogging a dead horse, relying on skills and memories which are long past their sell by date. GMO won, and is winning converts everyday. Mexico wants in on it. http://southsaskfarmer.com/2014/01/02/grow-gmos/
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    El Surtidor is the largest in Guadalajara and carries all brand names. They have about 15 locations in Guadalajara and their main store is located at Gonzalez Gallo & Dr. Michelle.
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    Here's a recent article from NBC's Today show online with some quotes from a NY Times writer. I doubt either the Times or NBC could be considered pro agribusiness. I think the article points out that there are pros and cons to the growing and consumption of GMO foods. The concerns really seem to center more on the farming process itself rather than the consumption. For the record the FDA has no current requirement that GMO containing foods be treated any differently than their non GMO counterparts. http://www.today.com/health/gmo-fears-t18036
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    Closed on Wed. I ate there last week and had vacio. Best steak I have had here in 8 years, far superior than Tango.
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    I guess that means you can't come with any examples. However if your concern is that the references that you are aware of may be above my ability to understand, let me try to put your mind at ease. I have a PhD in physical organic chemistry and after receiving my doctorate spent 2 years as a post doctoral fellow studying the effects of molecular isomeric structure on biological activity. Because of my background I have difficulty with people sharing their beliefs with others as fact without documentation.