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    MC, you hit a raw nerve with me. Personally, I spent a very long career working with children and disadvantaged families. I'm retired, and if that is not the way I choose to spend my time in retirement, I don't have to. I do choose to contribute money, but I put my precious time into animal causes including working in a shelter and in the spay and neuter clinics because that's what I want to do. You choose to put your time into anti graffiti causes. Do people criticize you for that? And say they don't understand why you put your time into that rather than working in an orphanage? I hope not, as it's none of their business what you do. It's your choice. Incidentally, this dog "fanatic" has two (and only two) dogs that have never stepped paw inside a restaurant. I'm tempted to say I don't like cats, but that would just be nasty.
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    Why must there always be a comparison of animals vs children? Some of us are interested in caring for animals and some are interested in children. The priorities of others are their business. This has nothing to do with the original thread.
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    Hear, hear, Datura!
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    So you figure that helping dogs precludes helping children? Interesting. I assume then all the people who wouldn't have a dog on a bet are keeping themselves busy volunteering with children. My experience is more along the lines that people who volunteer and like to help out spread themselves around a bit. Because they're the ones who get off their fannies and walk the talk.
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    Well-trained and properly cared-for dogs do not bark, for longer than a brief moment, and typically only when excited. Dogs left outside all day will learn to bark, and when not trained otherwise, it will become their standard behaviour. It is the irresponsible owners who are to blame, not the dogs.
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    Yes most folks here saying Mexico mean DF
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    We volunteer for and give money to the causes we care about, and I admit that after I student taught, I realized I didn't much like kids. I do, however, like dogs. In Mexico. the attitudes toward dogs and pet in general are changing. Remember back when you were a kid, and how much differently we treat our pets today. Attitudes slowly evolve. I have no patience for dog or cat collectors who pretend to be rescuers but they are in the minority. I think a lot more of us are concerned about our neighbors and how our dog interact with them than you suspect. Most barking dogs I pretty much ignore unless they are clearly in serious stress mode and then I check it out. Getting back to the OP, yes there are still barking dogs and unless you live in a cave a kilometer or so from anyone else, you will probably hear them
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    WOW - I love the way this has gone from stray dogs and barking to how some can't stand dogs and the needy children are not being helped. (edited by moderator for rule violation. Please direct your concerns about moderation directly to Admin "chapala" or any one of the moderators. MC you can take your rule violation and stick it. Get a life.
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    I designed my letter to the Mayor and delivered it yesterday. I spoke to a few Mexicans and they told me another "rave" will occur again this coming Sunday as far as they know. I don't expect a few "gringos" will change anything either, but it seems pro active to remind those in charge that their rules are being broken. If you are not affected it is just another complaint. We ARE affected and we are trying to make it right somehow. Living close to our bull ring in Ajijic really does not mean that we need to endure raves from Guadalajara, or wherever they are from. I love hearing, and attending some the events there, they are fun. Raves are the actual definition of BULLIES. People who have no respect for anything but taking its audiences to the brink of a frenzy in order to make a few pesos. If Ajijic wants to support such things then it needs to be reminded it cannot support what it already has if this is the case. I only came to this board to hear from part of the community and see what the general consensus might be. Our poor world is facing far worse issues right now, this is just petty in the scheme of things, but we need to be able to voice our dismay when we are dismayed!!! Thank you for letting me do this.
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    When they arrived at the west coast, they preferred dog meat to salmon. You gotta wonder about those guys.
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    I don't know about Mainecoons, but I say you are a good example of a civilized dog owner. The same goes for children: It's the parents who are responsible for seeing to it that their kids are "civilized". Good for you, Xena.
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    In Mexican culture, it is difficult to compare the life and/or quality of life of a human child with a dog, or any animal. Maybe because of limited resources, religion, or who knows, but that's the way it is. That is why most Mexicans cannot understand the comparison of kids, unruly or not, with dogs, as being an irritant in restaurants. In other words....a bad kid is better than a good dog.
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    I do not understand the need to mock and criticize everything LCS attempts to do. LCS should be able to post events here just like everyone else without the organizers being made fun of. Don't attend if it is not your cup of tea but leave other people alone to enjoy their pastimes.
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    Kinda like alcohol and tobacco, usually 30 years or more before you realize what they have done to you. But, many of us don't have 30 years, so why worry about it, right?
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    My experiences are that Mexicans rarely complain about anything to the source of the problem, and when they do, it is mostly dismissed. Now, extranjeros, that is another story.
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    When there's something out there that deserves barking.
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    Hi, this is Rick, formerly of The Early Bird Cafe. When the "law" came out about dogs and smoking I talked with the people in Chapala that issue your business license. Two of them came to our restaurant and said dogs were no problem as long as they weren't in the food prep area. They also said that we could allow smoking in our patio area but we had to have a sign showing our inside, designated non-smoking section.There was a door connecting both areas..that door had to be closed if there were diners inside and someone smoking on the patio. Believe it or not, this inspection was done with no money changing hands and with our attorney present! Maybe things have changed???
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    ComputerGuy when you stated that ''from what I understand, Mexicans historically have believed that animals have no souls, and that's supposedly from the religious teachings of the Spaniards.'' I think that statement is a little biased, even though there is truth in it, I think that it was pretty much across the Christian world that taught that animals did not have souls and therefore did not go to heaven. I heard that throughout my childhood growing up in the South from the surrounding protestant churches, although I never could believe that concept. I always thought that idea was ludicrous, of course I was going to see all my little puppies and pets again one day when I get up to the great beyond. Thank God that many or most people today are beginning to embrace the idea that animals have feelings, intelligence, character/personality, and certainly souls. I just want to point out I seriously doubt it was a solely Catholic belief forced on the peace loving Indians by the Spanish frailes and conquistadores.
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    Because since I'm paying, I'll get the info the way I want it.
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    Well,after a year of drinking it with no ill effects I'm pretty sure it's safe,we also eat street tacos,I'm sure that there are places to get them tested but I don't think it's necessary.The riskiest part is crossing the street with the garrafones..
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    Maybe signs saying Chilangolandia would be more appropriate.
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    I don't have a dog in this fight (ahem) as I don't bring any of my dogs to restaurants other than taking 1 to see Rick at Early Bird right after I rescued him a few years ago. I don't care one way or another but if I wanted a copy of the law, I'd pay a few pesos & see a lawyer to get the straight scoop rather than possible misinformation here.
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    Adrian at Skyfitness Gym is great and charges 200 an hour.
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    There is good and bad in Mexico, just like there is everywhere; no place is perfect but if something as specific is barking dogs might be beyond you level of tolerance, then maybe Lakeside would not be a good fit for Joey. I love animals and at night when I get into bed I am usually listening to many sounds, cows, goats, music, cohetes, squabbling cats, squalling birds, and yes, there are barking dogs, but eventually every living thing settles down for the night at around eleven, in my neighborhood, and I hear nothing much until pre-dawn when the roosters sound their alarm and the day begins. To me it is all part of the "music" that I choose to embrace in my retirement. When it gets annoying, there are ear plugs and as someone suggested: white noise. After eight years Lakeside I see a drastic reduction In the emaciated, starving creatures that broke my heart in the beginning and still does on the occasion that I see an animal abandoned, neglected or abused but, I take heart in the recognition that it is getting better every year, thanks to the many volunteers who saw/see a problem and have worked diligently and imaginatively to do something humane about it with shelters and free spay neuter clinics every year just to name a couple of exercises.
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    I must admit I feel sorry for anyone who has never been loved by a well trained, intelligent, obedient dog.
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    We ate at La Pena the other day... For those who might be curious and don't go in for spicy: Today, I had the Chicken Enfrijoladas... not hot/spicy a bit... deliciious!
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    Tell that to my wife who is Mexican and my neighbors who are also Mexican and dislike all the barking dogs we are surrounded by as much as I do,by the way we were here long before the influx of barkers came in.Noise is one thing,constantly barking dogs is another.
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    Probably a Canadian or a Brit. It's a lovely idea and great fun, and in England few things sparkle shinier than teatimes. Consider if the laws were changed NOB to get rid of coffee breaks. Chaos. In England, elevenses, afternoon tea and high tea are part of the social contract. I think it's a great idea.
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    mmmm... well I thought this thread was about food in a new restaurant. Dogs.. Sorry we do not serve Hot dogs-. It’s a nice read to see all your opinions and comments. You both have points. And it’s very true some of you will complain with your wallets. And that is understandable 100% we wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with a Dog next to you if you do not like that. But we also look forward to having people (who some consider their mascot as part of the family) to feel at home when they visit us. We have been open for a month and we thanks all your feedback and look forward to serving you and making you feel welcomed at our place. But in all honesty this discussion has become more about culture, rules, dogs, intelligence, and being civilized than about the new restaurant and food. There is a thread about dogs in this very section I think that the discussion would make better sense there than here, but thanks for making us think about what you believe is right or wrong in the matter of Dogs. We will take this feedback and the feedback from the clients who are actually coming to the restaurant into consideration about the topic. So who’s up for some coffee too? Santos Rico Coffee: $60 pesos. Drink prepared with a shot of espresso, Baileys, Khalua, steamed milk and cinnamon powder.
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