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    For those who may be interested, the Fiestas Patrias de San Francisco in Chapala have now begun starting this Saturday night. It will be a novena as in it will continue for a total of 9 days with each day terminating with a fire work show with the famous castillo or Catherine's wheel. If you can only make it out to one night, don't miss the grand finale. In years past it ended with 3 castillos or CatherineĀ“s wheels going at the same time, a most spectacular event. Hopefully, this year will be equally exciting. I hope to see you all there!
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    Very common here, they usually are used for stealing gasoline
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    Amen! Maybe we could add imperious and condescending as well?
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    For what I wanted , I had to wait 2 weeks at the mall and I got it the same day at the place near Torrito. The Spanish is not the issue , the bureaucratic attitude is.
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    And Lake will accept other projects too....I found the perfect canary cage for my two little singin' men at Mercado San Juan de Dios in the big city, but how boring is a white dwelling anyway? So Lake gave me back a perfectly and professionally painted lavender one, wonderful with their orange feathers!
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    It almost seems that some do not want to believe that prices are not set, or maybe they bought a car at full price. Oh well, guess they would be very surprised to hear that my good friend just bought 2 cars, yes new and at a very deep discount. I for one am happy when others get a good buy. Be happy for others.
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    I've always had good service at the Telcel store in Laguna Mall - in both English and Spanish. Good service and all my questions answered. Obviously people have very different experiences with a number of businesses, restaurants, drivers, etc. Good news is that we have several options for most of these services - including help with cell phone issues.
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    A friend who went to Puerto Vallarta recently became abruptly and so seriously ill that emergency hospitalization and surgery were required. The person has no Mexican health insurance, only Medicare that is useless in Mexico, and although the costs of hospitalization and surgery in P.V. were less than they would have been in the U.S., they were nevertheless very substantial--and the hospital, while providing good care, was not at all reticent about demanding payment in advance, even delaying the surgery, which the surgeons were waiting to perform, until more money was provided. (Despite the significant problems with health care in the U.S., a hospital there would not have been permitted to do that.) It thus became painfully clear to me that, as other posters have said, if a U.S. citizen cannot, for any reason, obtain health care insurance in Mexico and does not have the financial resources to pay out of pocket for medical care here, he should stay in or return to the U.S. I seem to be in good health, but as I am now in my 88th year, I think that it is time for me to return to the U.S. where my Medicare can be used, I hope before a medical emergency might put me in the position that my friend was in.
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    That highway is bad enough in the day time. Try diving at night. Can't see the pot holes, can't see the highway half the time. Coming back from GDL most nites, especially on Sundays 90% of the cars coming towards you have their high beams on. Now you can't see anything. At nite and when it's raining it's totally dangerous. After you pass the La Barca turn off there are no reflectors on either side of the road. You can barely see any road paint and there is nothing to block the high beams. That is a busy highway. The Chapala mayor should be going after the Governor on our behalf. I'm in the process of writing the Governor to challenge him to drive that highway at night. Especially on Sunday nite. If you're ever driving around the City Colima that highway has been beautifully done. Why can't we have that.???
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    The pace is very slow, unlikely to open this year by the looks of it. It will surely be a big improvement Hopefully good food and entertainment..
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    MPH is not used here.....try KPH and that is NOT a personal attack!
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    Agree but it is too bad the thing has been made even uglier.
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    I think many folks decided it was too elitist and chose not to participate.
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    I guess to could say that we have a similar situation at Lakeside..rich "foreigner's" come in buy up and drive up land, houses prices etc.,
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    Alex, our Helicopters are Brand new, 2014, and really is the last technology in the world.!! no Stinkin Helicopters!
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    Yes, workers risking their lives to cross the border, leaving families and their culture behind so they can do backbreaking work in a nation where they are despised and vilified even as they are exploited just so their children will have food, shelter and an education is evidence of the loss of morality in our society today. God knows, THAT has never happened before, ever, anywhere.
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    I read a while back that the amount of the average American's taxes that go towards welfare programs is $25 US a year. Is that really so much to contribute to help out those less fortunate and who have had many less opportunities in life than yourself? It really doesn't matter where they came from.
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    Then crack down on the US employers and find some US citizens willing to work the fields,clean the houses,build the homes,work in restaurants,etc.etc.Better yet,reinstate the "Bracero" program,there are plenty of Mexicans who would be more than happy to bust their asses doing work that Americans don't want to do. I'm tired of hearing about what a burden immigrant workers are the on the US,it's BS spouted by ignorant people who are unaware of the facts.
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