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    You could try a rectal version, but they taste funny.
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    I have a Weber Grill cover that fits the largest units. We received a new one...so we will give this one away. It is used and has some loose stitching that is very easy to replace and is in other wise very good condition. I can leave it at Bellon Insurance in Riberas on Tuesday if you respond today.\ Fred
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    But that wasn't the question.
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    We discussed this with the "geek squad" at a BestBuy in Texas. They told us that Windows 10 is a fix for many of the problems with Windows 8 and 8.1, and they think it's a good idea to install it.
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    Francine59: I expect I may regret reading your post. As a former shopaholic, this is bad news for me. Good news for Amazon. I should buy stock in that company. They are taking over the world with their Prime program and their ridiculous good service. Damn. And their Canadian credit card does not add a foreign exchange fee AND gives you credit towards Amazon purchases. Now I can ship things to my home, here in Mexico, for free? (I never spend less than 125 dollars) Good Grief! I am going to have to move to the middle of the actual Amazon to protect myself from my shopping addiction. Thanks a lot, Francine!
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    I recommend Dr. Herridia in Chapala. The first thing he did was give me a shot of Lydocaine in my upper arm. Within minutes I could move my arm so that I could do exercizes that he gave me. Within a few weeks doing exercizes I had no problem anymore. maw
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    If you want to "buy Mexican", order a "panama" hat from Becal, Mexico. http://www.mayadiscovery.com/ing/handicrafts/sombreros.htm
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    Everyone,thank you!! This is such a great community for animals in need. I called Delfino who directed me to the Ladrons and was able to get my doggie in. He did a great job examining and treating her, and she is now napping from her pain injection. She appears to have jumped wrong last night and pinched a nerve. Her entire lower half was spasming so hard and fast and she couldnt stand without collapsing. He says she has no neurological issues and with this cortisone injection she is able to walk slowly without immediately collapsing. Seeing your dog stare at you and pant from the pain, while unable to walk without her hind legs turning into jelly, is absolutely heartbreaking.
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    People around here often go out to lunch dressed as though they were going to mow their back lawn. Some of the older women wear outfits suitable for a 20-something party bar. Conclusion: no class at all.
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    Regarding poverty: Living in Mexico I am able to feel, hear and see poverty close up. I can choose how to help, and do so directly instead of through some fund raising organization. For me, I feel more alive here. I know I am making a positive difference by living here. I have friends who have visited here once, but will not return because the poverty they observed in Ajijic made them uncomfortable. Of course, they could find examples of poverty in their own communities, but that can be easily avoided by just not going where the poor people live. I am a better person having lived here. I am disappointed by the shallowness of my family and friends who do not want to see, touch or smell anything unpleasant in the world. I am sad for them. You say it is disheartening. Over time, when you can see peoples lives change because of the help our expat community is giving, you feel encouraged. Getting involved in projects that provide jobs, opportunities and education.... priceless rewards.
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