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    The weather is OK, but people make the place. Best people in the world, both Mexican and Gringo live here.
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    20% if the service is good, if exceptional, maybe a bit more. Some may say less. A don't think any waiter here would very unhappy with 15%.
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    I checked for you all - he prefers not to have his info posted, just too busy, here is what he can mention, to be of help: For a corded type speed control fan (pull chain), it is better just to replace it, generally not worth the time to repair. For a remote control (wireless) type fan, the problem is generally the receiver unit inside the ceiling fixture. There are replacement receivers (they come with a new matching hand remote included) available in most ferreterias for about 600 pesos, only about 10 minutes to change it using a decent electrician. Make sure they match up with wires correctly before disconnecting the original one......
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    What is the rest? Well, the atmosphere is charming with an open air garden ambiance downstairs. The service is attentive and prompt. (Extra napkins? You got 'em. More ice, more water? Ditto) The food is fabulous. Kinna works magic in her kitchen. One of our favorites is the # 7 Combo. This is a feast at a very reasonable price. We always end up taking part of the two main dishes home. Another favorite is the iced coffee. I've "simply" never had iced coffee so robust, creamy and deliciously just sweet enough. So, go to Simply Thai. You'll simply love it.
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    Zeb (and anyone else who might be interested), about two years ago it occurred to me that I didn't really need a baking or pizza stone. What I needed had been in my kitchen cupboard for several years! It's a 16" comal (griddle) made of clay. When I'm pre-heating the oven to make pizza, I slip the comal into the oven to pre-heat, too. Once the pizza dough is formed to the right size on a piece of parchment paper, I put on the sauce and whatever ingredients I'm using and just slide it onto the comal and put the whole works in the oven. In a few minutes, it's ready to eat. It's been the perfect solution for me.
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    Monte Cristo, Ninette, 4, or for superb St. Remy, only a short walk for you. I can't abide Armondo or Hacienda del Lago (which has never been able to keep a chef for more than 3 months!)
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    Lovely to read some of this. Arriving for the first time tomorrow
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    I checked with Comcast when I was up north and purchased a combination splitter line amplifier and brought it back with me to Mexico and installed same. It works great for both digital and analog TV I also brought a two way line amplifier should I need same for a two way internet connection.
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    The social graces (most people greet you happily when you walk by), the creativity (being able to get almost anything made inexpensively in wood, metal, brick, cement, glass, fiber, etc.), fresh made orange juice in any restaurant, the Lake and its avian inhabitants, the walkable places, the delicious $5 breakfasts, the avian jazz artists, the beautiful shining souls of the natives, the way everything is handmade including the stone streets and watching men make houses by hand, the human scale of everything.
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    Friendly people, the weather, the views. The sounds, the smells, the colors, the plant life. The lack of uniformity in architecture. Having certain NOB features close by but not around every corner. The pace of life.
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    for the first time in my life it felt like home - thanks to Bob Hocking, rest his soul!!!
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    And, as an added bonus, it really pisses them off!
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    Ask for the ticket; it's usually cheaper than mordida.
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    Now that I know better, I won't...newbie error...there will be many more, I expect...
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    They will never stop asking for money if everyone keeps giving to them.
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    Thank you. Let me amplify on why the special weather we have here is a very big consideration for us. We enjoy a year-round indoor-outdoor style of living as a result of that special weather. Almost every day of the year, nothing more than light and comfortable dress is required to go out. Occasionally, jeans and a light jacket might be needed in the "winter." It is great to be able to eat in open, airy restaurants with lovely patio gardens year round. Almost everywhere you go, the outdoor greenery is part of the setting. Because of that weather, our garden is beautiful year round. Things never stop growing, flower bloom all year long. We use our pool needing only a cover and some solar panel for at least 10 months per year, though the down season was a little longer this year. It is great to be so close to the Pacific Ocean beaches and be able to rent nice places right on that Ocean for a third of what it costs NOB. Now we are able to take an oceanfront beach vacation every year easily, quickly and cheaply. I ride a motorcycle for recreation. There is practically no time of year that I can't ride comfortably. The towns are still pretty compact here leaving a lot of open country and great scenery for riding. Once you figure out who does good work at reasonable prices, it is easy and inexpensive to maintain a home here. There's no frost damage or damage from high heat. There are no big utility bills for heating and cooling and one can opt for solar power generation and spend very little for power despite the high price per kWh. One can also sharply reduce propane consumption with solar hot water heaters. Again, the mild climate with over 300 days per year of sunshine makes this possible. When it comes to shopping, I think we have the best of both worlds. We have all the "mom and pop" shops like they used to NOB and we have some of the big boxes like Costco too. Best of all, we can pop out our front door and pick up most everything walking within a few blocks of where we live. And, of course, the weather really makes that pleasant year round too. At our age, it is great to have such nice folks to help us keep the house clean and the gardens kept up. That is a real luxury NOB but it is almost routine here. I submit that the lifestyle we have here, which is very much wrapped up in the world class weather, makes this place really unique and special.
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    Sometimes I'm really rather shocked by how mean some of these posts get so quickly. If you go back to the perfectly reasonable question in the OP, nothing is said about anything except asking us how we knew this was the place for us. "We" come from all over the US and Canada, and much of the rest of the world. No one asked how you liked where you came from. How did I know I loved it here? My phone didn't ring incessantly. I didn't have to wear rain gear in May. I didn't need artificial heat in the winter. I could walk a little while and get to just about anything I needed. Fresh local food was always available at a reasonable price. My neighbors were friendly. I could afford a housekeeper and a gardener. And first and foremost - I could afford to live here and not work 50 hours per week and commute another 10. I could actually LIVE! I love to visit my prior hometowns in the US, but am always thrilled to come home to Mexico. Maybe if we all stopped once in awhile and asked ourselves what we like, as opposed to dwelling on what we don't like, we'd be a little more at peace.
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    Have it sent back ASAP or plan to spend a few months and thousands of pesos to get your stuff. For example if you have any wood products like a picture frame you will need special permission, etc. Send back to the US and bring back personally.
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    Problem with Canadian cars is at the border. If you call a broker and ask, they can not nationalize unless you import them into the US first. Anyone can confirm by calling Enrique 956-722-6476. He and his brother operate Super Importaciones. www.superimportaciones.com. I can process Canadian registered vehicles 2009 and older but slow. Buen Fin Sonia
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