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    Be very careful if you do it in the microwave. It is very easy to overheat the honey and have it boil out of the plastic bottle. Beside making a mess it can melt the bottle. I speak from experience.
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    Inside Plaza Bugambillias. Check out their website. http://sucasaajijic.com/ maw
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    I did my taxes using TaxAct online but I can't e-file (yet) as I have no zip code. My legal, permanent address is in Canada. Anyone know how to file on line when the form requires a zipcode.My postal didn't work. Error message. I guess I can just mail them in??
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    An amparo can be many things. There are two types of amparos, amparo directo and amparo indirecto. They are akin to extraordinary writs (writ of mandamus / writ of prohibition / habeus corpus) to allege violations of procedures and legal rights. They can also be used to challenge application of laws and an amparo indirecto is to challenge a judgment after an appeal or if the amount is too small to be able to be appealed in the state supreme court.
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    Generally, if it is unmarked, it contains lead. Particularly if it was made before about 5 years ago. Newer stuff is marked "sin plomo" and has no lead. Actually the lead in the dishwear is not particularly harmful if you are careful about acid food such as tomatoes. The danger is in the manufacturing process where the worker is exposed to the lead,
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    Actually our water purification systems here create better and safer water than NOB. NOB public water systems don't take care of cysts and other nasty things that chlorine does not kill. Our Charcoal filters take out much nasty petrochemicals and other nasty chemicals. Since most of our water here comes from wells and our water system does not hold pressure 24/7 like up north even if the water is clean going into the pipe it might be contaminated by a hole in a water pipe near a septic/cesspool type tank system which are still very commonly used here when the pressure dies. Yes many people drink the water but not me.
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    Bryan of Vida Alarms is still trying to make a go of it with a rebranded business called Vida Assistance (bryan.vidaassistance@gmail.com, 331 157 5561). He no longer has full home security systems but he still offers a pager sized device you can carry with you that, when you hold a button down, calls him directly and then acts as a mobile phone so you can speak to him. He will then call an ambulance or make any other arrangements you need. I have a feeling he would come get you himself if he needed to, he's that nice a guy. Speaks great Spanish so can communicate with emergency services and facilitate medical arrangements, too. He can also call the police for you. The device even has a GPS so if you're on the road and have a problem (and can get a cell phone signal) he can call the Green Angels and tell them where you are. I can't tell you how much this will cost if you want to sign up now since I'm still on a "grandfathered" plan from when the company was still Vida Alarms. Also, it's just him right now since he's trying to build it back up. Don't know if this would work but it's worth contacting him. I'd love to see him succeed. I've never seen anyone put so much effort into keeping a business going.
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    I take the fact that your honey has crystallized as a good sign. I think it means that it is pure (or nearly pure) honey, and likely not adulterated with other sweeteners, such as corn syrup (jarabe de maiz), refined fructose, commercial glucose, or other sugars. Much of the "miel pura de abeja" sold on the streets by itinerant sellers is adulterated, and may contain little or no genuine honey produced by bees from flower nectar. Even though it may look like real honey, flow like real honey, and (vaguely) taste like real honey, this fake product will never crystallize. Buyer beware! -- Don
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    Oregold is 100% right. It's a natural process. If you store it below 64 F, it will get hard faster. It will liquify if you heat it to 40 C. or 104 F. A hot water bath will give you better temperature control than the microwave.
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    The honey has crystallized. This is normal and it is still good. Put it in warm water (quite warm) to melt it. Sometimes honey will even crystallize in the comb.
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    Little Benito is going to a new home today where they have a little Yorkie cross who has been very lonely since his housemate died six weeks ago. Norah is thrilled. Couldn't be a nicer situation for all. Thanks to everyone for your help!
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