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    Waa, Waa, Waa...........so many negative comments. I, for one am grateful to be living in a small Mexican Community that continues to upgrade services for us all. When we first moved here, there were very few choices in Medical Clinics period. To have a hospital right close in town makes me feel comfy in the event I fall off the curb and break my arm or ankle. Or maybe a huge allergic reaction to an insect bite. How about needing oxygen when you can't breath from the current fires we are having! I think this hospital will serve our community very well. Especially comforting for when family visits!
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    We have a new local commandante of the state transitos. Gordo is GONE thanks to the good people who wrote letters confirming extortion. Hector is planning a town Hall to introduce the commandante.
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    All these last few days squabbles over a brand new hospital that provides convenience to expats and nationals who may not want to travel about 50 minutes away at night or maybe they don't have cars?! It's impossible to get all equipments in one day. It's perfectly fine for anyone to travel to any hospitals as his/her choice. Choices are wonderful. However, this's just my opinion - put your thumbs away and keep some negative thoughts to yourself - Hospital San Antonio deserves a chance. Do not attack. I'm entitled to my opinion.
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    Beside spending 3 lousy days in a private clinic in CHiapas I also spent some nights in the general hospital there as a friend of mine´s child had to be there with her son who had fractured his skull.There were no bed available so her son spent 3 days in the emergency room on a cart. The parents or family slept outside on the street and in the waiting room on cardboards on the ground... and it is cold in San Cristobal. The patient had to have a parent or tutor with him at all times. That person was given a tiny chair to spend 6 hours at a time. Once I entered to help at 8pm and had to stay until 2 am like it or not. The doors were locked and a guard had to let you in or out. One woman came in on thursday night after a 2 hour van ride from the mountain. The boy was crying or howling all night, and vomiting, he probably had a skull fracture.. The x ray machine was not working so they sent him by ambulance to a lab. The woman had to pay 200 pesos to the ambulance and 1800 to the lab. She had no money so a hat was passed around. Once she got the money she went to the lab , came back. with the x rays.. but the doctor was gone and would not be back until the following monday so the har as passed around so the woman and her son could take a bus back to their house.There was no bed so they were told to come back on Monday..She went off with the screaming boy.. and never came back. I was there on that MOnday and she never came..It was just heartbreaking .. and we bitch because the hospital may not have this or that?? get serious.
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    It's too bad all of us can't put this reminder so politely and effectively. Let's remember we don't live in the big city here but it is nearby if we need that level of care. Thanks to bmh for the reminder just how good we have it here compared to much if not most of Mexico.
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    Oftentimes when a dog shows aggresive behavior the underlying cause is pain. I would have a second vet do a thorough examination for another opinion.
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    Thank you MC for providing a l-e-n-g-t-h-y diatribe supporting the alt - right, white supremacist (sorry nationalist) agenda. It contains a great many errors, misinterpretations, and out right lies. Firstly, Washington Post has won 4 Pulitzer prizes for journalism just this year - how many have Breitbart, Alex Jones, Info Wars, Steve Bannon, Yannopolis won - EVER. Secondly, as RV as pointed out, you have to learn the differrence between "illegals" and "asylum seekers". For example, there is no way there are 200,000 "illegals" in Canada at this time. David Frum's article is coming from an intimate knowledge of both the Canadian and U.S. immigrations systems. He is smart enough not to exclaim "this is what we did in Canada, since 1996, and you should do the same". It would be very difficult to be an illegal in Canada. Employers know the risks, and in 90% of the country you would not survive a winter living under a bridge. They did not change the rules recently, just the opposite, they merely informed border crossers that they would most likely face deportation. Those that present as asylum seekers, other than Convention Refugees, have to go though an extensive examination. Very few are successful. They can't work during this time, and the ones I have worked with, and gotten to know, spend their waiting time in basement suites, with up to four or more living on $600 Cdn per month. In fairness, many of them too, also do not understand the difference between asylum and legal migration. One co-worker, Charlis, from Nicaragua, was a Coca Cola truck driver there. He managed to pass under asylum requirements (union organiser), and then went to Coca Cola Canada to ask them for a job, before he was laughed out of their office. Thirdly your views are obviously from tainted sources. You have obviously have never got to know any of these asylum seekers and their life stories, or know anything remotely truthful about the Canadian immigration system. To pass along these opinions, or impressions, without any actual knowledge is shameful. I am sorry, but it is.
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    People concerned with rapid access to the latest technology and specialists should not choose to live in small towns in the central highlands of Mexico.
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    Over what timeframe does your 500 deaths occur? Since the vaccination was developed I believe... and that was 'reported', not necessarily confirmed. Only 1 death reported since 2015. The vast majority of deaths from measles worldwide, 95%, come from undeveloped countries which have little or no vaccination programs. It is my understanding that the current outbreak is most prevalent in areas where either for religious or cultural (foreign) reasons children were not vaccinated.... something like 85% of the cases reported were from non-vaccinated persons. Me, I'll continue to believe in vaccinations in general. YMMV
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    I got bored after reading about 10 of your posts. I can't believe some of the people on this site. Quit griping all the time and give the hospital a chance. There is also another one coming. i wonder what the gripes will be about that one. If you don't like the new hospitals, then take the trip to GDL, but grow up.
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    I was at the new San Antonio hospital on Tuesday. What a joy to have a top notch hospital here. Some of the equipment is not there, but will be soon. I resent those who throw stones at something wonderful. This is a multi million peso investment by loyal, wonderful doctors. Instead of passing on inaccurate information, why not talk to someone who knows what's going on. Or, do you just love spreading disinformation. The good thing is that you do not have to use it and I pray that you don't.
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    I understand the cultural element and conflict quite well. I have even thought about where it comes from- for one thing, as Mexicans usually have large families, and often several generations living in the same house, there is usually always someone home- even if it's just grandpa sitting in a chair on the porch all day. So it doesn't matter if you phone first, as there is always someone there to let you in to do your job. If someone does not understand that foreigners may live alone or only a couple to a household and that they will be wasting their time waiting all day, I have no problem explaining to workers why it's important to me that they call if they can't make it, or will be significantly late. If they choose to ignore that information and continue to disrespect me in that way, I just move on to find someone more responsible. If others want to accept that type of behavior and continue to use those workers, fine, that's up to them. As I said, all Mexicans are not like this, and many who used to operate like this have realized it's not going to earn them a lot of recommendations. Not bothering to let someone know you can't make it is not caused by some immutable genetic gene. I always find it curious that those who like to label others as judgmental do so while being judgmental themselves.
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    I had my own business 'up North' as well and I always notified my clients if there was going to be a scheduling conflict. None of us know the reason for Saul's no show, and that does not mean it is ok to vilify him and decide his actions are 'bad'. Find out what the problem is before assuming the worst.
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    I guess you need to make some sacrifices to save the planet,. To bad! Get your neighbors and take your recyclable to a drop off point. Freeze all your veggie and meat scraps and put them in the trash they day of pick up. They do make biodegradable bags, yes more expensive but it does help save the planet for future generations. See it as an investment. Think out side the box you have trapped yourself in and stop bitching. If everyone thought like you changes would never happen,. See it as an opportunity to get creative!
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    He did but edited it out after being chastised for offering a false Uber.
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    The first time I got poked and prodded in all those really personal places by a lady doctor I realized the biggest difference between a lady doctor and a man doctor is the size of their fingers. I like lady doctors.
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    And parents that think they know more than doctors.
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    Your statement surprises me daisy2013 because I was under the impression that Quality Care had nothing to do with it and that it was Dr. Santiago Hernandez (of https://www.chapalamed.com/) and principals from P.V. who were behind it.
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    It is mandated by law that doctors in training provide their time and give back to the country. I don't see how this impacts their capabilities in any way. To me, it's shocking how much doctors up north charge for even the smallest of services.
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    I am another one that doesn't want to take on the responsibility of payments for SS, IMSS, etc. If a worker is an independent contractor, this is, in my opinion, THEIR responsibility, not mine. I am not going to take on the job of checking that all that is needed is done, done correctly and paid for between 6 people. It's not the $$. I don't want the extra paperwork and hassle. If she decides to participate, she should set up her own rules, get her own contracts and set her rates of pay to include these expenses. These are not children or incompetent adults we are speaking of here. Maybe it's time so many people stop treating them as if they "...just don't kmow any better, these poor people." Don't lecture me about finquitos, either. Again, I've been there and done that. If I couldnt afford a finquito, I wouldn'r have hired someone in the first place.
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    I have been a member of this board, under a different web name, since the board was founded. In the fall of 2008, a glitch in the Chapala.com system caused me to be unable to read or (ahem) spout off to the web boards, and I was told to create a new account here, under a different name, if I wanted to be able to fully enter the site. You joined the board in 2008? You wouldn't have a way to know that history, and it's unlikely that Chapala.com has any record of that. I came to live in Mexico in 1981, and worked as a social worker in the Tijuana city jail, AKA "La Ocho". You've been here full time for 11 years? That's a good start. "Jumex Unico Fresco..."jugo 100% natural". Notice that it doesn't say "100% jugo natural".. I stand by what I said: this advertising statement is very carefully worded to mean what the customer wants it to mean. Everybody wants to drink 100% orange juice, but that's what you get when you squeeze an orange, not what you get when you open a box of factory-processed juice. Advertising is tricky and often misleading, whether in English or Spanish.
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    What if I Don't want appie, soup and dessert? Getting extra that you would not have ordered in the first place does not make it a good price. Just charge me for my entree and if I want applies, soup and dessert charge me per item
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    First year here based on glowing reports on local forums, enrolled in that 1 year programme. After quarter year left the rest of our money behind gladly and went to another GP.
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    cafemediterraneo, I believe you are quite correct to be concerned about vaccinations. Nobody should be able to prevent us from contracting whatever infectious disease strikes our fancy. Say, smallpox, or whatever you think might go well with the drapes. Do you honestly believe that the well-being of one individual outweighs the health of an entire society? Do you know that The Black Plague killed almost 100 million people in the 14th. century. How many people do you know of that have died from it? Anybody? Anybody at all? Didn't think so. Science: It's not just for movies, anymore.
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    Good luck finding someone just happening to be coming from GDL to Ajijic at 6:30am. Are you aware that there are taxis doing that run for 420 pesos?
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    Jumping the gun on pricing aren't you? It is an unknown as of now. Why do you assume that people can't afford a car? I know someone who doesn't drive any more because of medical issues. Go where you want to go and be comfortable with where you want to be. I'm delighted with the new hospital since it's five minutes away from me. Emergencies happen and I will be very grateful to have such a facility so close to me. We're not talking about elective procedures here, it's about life and death. YMMV.
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    I am sorry you are unable to tell the difference between my observation on some comments and criticisms. Recognizing your problem is the first step though. Good for you.
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    It has been so much fun reading the comments here. Several have been good points but others seemed to be guesses. You may ask, "How does this SOB know?". Well, my nephew and several of his friends are doctors that either work or had worked for a pharmacy. Don't assume that they are bad doctors. There are several reasons why they work there. Don't assume that the pharmacy is the only place that they work. For example: My nephew also worked at a clinic and hospital while he was working at the pharmacy. He was not alone. Others do too.
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    Sounds like people want American products sold at all the Mexican stores here and don’t want to pay extra for them despite them having to be imported. Sounds reasonable.
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    Just to recap, if/when this is actually implemented there seem to be several ways to deal with it - 1. Understand what is actually required and who it applies to, figure out how to comply with the law, do the paperwork, absorb the modest increase in cost, and smile. 2. Get rid of your domestic help. Lose/lose for everyone. 3. Hire a service to provide workers on a contract basis. Not for me but already a solution for many. 4. Find someone to help or do the paperwork for you. There are lots of "facilitators" who are already set up to do these types of things and many others. I would assume there will be more if there is a need. 5. Decide if you are trying to solve a problem or prove a point. If you are trying to solve a problem pick one of the alternatives listed above or look for other similar solutions. If you are trying to prove a point, go for it. I find that stomping my feet and holding my breath is very effective. 6. Have a nice lunch and a couple of margaritas, come home to a clean house, and say a little prayer for how fortunate we are to have a life where this is the biggest problem we have to deal with.
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    They won't be happy to work for less once they find out what the usual rate locally is. Just because they're poor doesn't mean they're stupid.
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    This gets my vote for "The most worthless thread of the month" award--------LOL...…(maybe the year)
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    Well, if they recently actually reported it, why do you need to hear from them again? And what happened to the "Several people on this board have said ilox has physically cut their Telmex landlines" to whom you referred in your OP? Now it's just "2 or 3 people?"
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    The people that I know of who are on both boards are there because the boards meet different needs. There's no joy or "schadenfreud" in it for me, for one, when either crashes. Why should there be? As far as I'm concerned, may they both "live long and prosper". The only time I get annoyed with this one is when the ugly subject of politics is allowed. I don't say "get a life": I say "get an Octagon". That way, the extreme righties and lefties could scratch that itch without polluting the rest of the threads.🙄 "
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    Get a life! What's the point in such mindless comparisons?
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    Great. I'd rather have a driver's license office than a public toilet any day. 😂
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    " Mexican friends, they tell me 'it's the culture'...." That does not make it right, it is "the culture" in Muslim countries to stone a woman to death because she has been raped, doesn't make it right. This situation needs to be reported and dealt with, the animal abuse laws in Jalisco have gotten stronger over the years. Please call the number and get some help for this animal.
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    Dear Gringal: That sounds like a perfectly reasonable way of understanding the situation; it's a cultural contrast and conflict. Mudgirl, however, doesn't or won't accept or understand it. She sounds very judgmental to me, though she claims not to be making judgements at all. Others who take some apparent discomfort at the invocation of external standards, which "mudgirl" (love the dirty name;-) attribute to the Professional World (and herself) wouldn't agree, though the situation strikes an outsider as one full of insularity. I suspect that the woods down there are full of Gringos who earn passive aggressive responses which they neither understand nor anticipate.
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    I think all of you should hold back on judging Saul until you know what his health problem is. Boy- so many righteous people mouthing off. You do not know what his circumstances are. He is the best window washer, and a perfect gentleman.
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    Yes, I realize that, I've lived in Mexico for 18 years. But I also know many Mexicans who realize that that's not how most of the world operates and that if they want to maintain a good reputation in their business, have gringo clients, who are usually willing to pay more and treat them better than well-off Mexicans do, that they need to step up their game. Those who don't have the presence of mind to let you know if they can't make it, or are going to be late, get crossed off my list, never recommended, and I give my business to those who are more considerate.
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    I want to thank you, RV, for all of the great posts you have made over the years. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
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    Just there today Sunday, and Firemen say they have enough food donated, but they need thick gloves (like garden gloves) to avoiid being burned by the file. If anyone has some old garden or very thick gloves, they will appreciate your donation at the firehouse on the libramiento, (just before the schools on the libramiento) following are some Facebook excerpts on the subject 🍃 30 firefighters are up there working 🍃 they are cover on drinks, foods and tools. 👉🏼 🔥 They need 20 pair of “Carnaza” GLOVES for gardening and 4 FIRST AID kits in bags, so they can bring with them. Their hads are in need of care and love, if you have Burn Cream, lavander essential oil on cream also Calendula will be helpful. 🍃 the area still on fire is under control, they think. They plan to take it over today, and check all the area got damaged to make sure all is well for the best. 🧡 I would love to have a public event at the plaza after this is over and they are rested to thank them, creat a plan to improve their conditions and make a campaign to prevent future fires. Also have the Red Cross ladies. They are very grateful for all the support 🙏
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    They have been fighting forest fires for a week. Please bring energy/electrolyte drinks to firehouse on Libramiento .or Ajijic delegation (the south west corner of the Ajijic plaza)
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    Not as simple as that. From the World Health Organization:
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    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. We are in a string of moderate sized Mexican fishing villages and you expect the Mayo Clinic. It will be interesting to see if there are enough sick people to justify two hospitals. From their initial information, it sounded like Dr Santiago's hospital was more geared to elective surgery and out patient services but that could have changed.
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    "Site traffic" is a stupid buzzword, employed by companies who want to impress potential advertisers. If most of the traffic here is propelled by trolls rather than decent people seeking information, then the figures are meaningless. And what some people find "interesting", the majority apparently feel otherwise.
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    In America, we don't really have a health care system but merely a disease treatment system.
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    Doctors in this country have been trained with an understanding that you give back to the poor. I had a top gynecologist in Guadalajara, who told me he offered his services 3 mornings a week in poor areas. If you have a need that requires a top specialist & you belong to Seguro Popular or IMSS, you will find that the best doctors will be called. If you are concerned about a doctor you only pay 40 -50 pesos for, there are many options to pay more.
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