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    It is amazing how despite the very real and horrid conditions humans all over the world are struggling with a group of well-off, comfortable people continue to bicker over which privileged spot is the best privileged spot to occupy.
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    Try paying attention sometime.
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    Me thinks that we've been here before.....
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    Funny, after nearly 12 years here I don't know anyone who thinks that way. I know people who prefer closer proximity to most of the expat population correctly observe they are few and far between in Jocotepec and only slightly less so in Chapala. I know people who prefer the greater greenery in and around Ajijic. I know people who like the fact there are many more restaurants in Ajijic. I know some who prefer smaller weekend crowds than is typical of Chapala these days. But I don't know anyone who thinks as you describe. OTOH it sure seems to be characteristic of more than a few Chapala expats to knock Ajijic on this board. Including one who hasn't even lived here for some years. It almost give the impression that some feel jealous of us who chose to live in Ajijic. Actually I think the rest of the muncipio rather envies the fact most of our tax dollars go into your community. If anything you all should look down on us for our trashy, potholed streets and lack of the government services you enjoy at our expense. You should feel more magnanimous towards your more neglected country cousins.
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    Only those that delude themselves with little or no knowledge,so only a few not many give this any thought.
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    What I find rude and unnecessary is people can't pause a few seconds to let the person turn left. If we all did this there would be no problem. This is one of those things where we can lead by example, like picking up trash and painting out graffiti. Just do it.
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    No one is saying she did it on purpose. She admitted that she was confused. As we get older, our reflexes usually slow down. Her reaction time could also be impaired due to medications she may be taking. The driver should have to take a complete driving test just to make sure that she is capable, so that she doesn't hurt herself or others.
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    Chapala officials promised to have an english speaking officer available 24/7. The phone # 33 21 61 59 03 is no longer being answered and it's mailbox is full. Juan Rafael Vargas was supposed to be available 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. for noise complaints the number 331 862 1096 is no longer being answered and the mailbox is full. I will be informing Dale Palfrey of the Guadalajara Reporter and Hector Espana Ramos, Expat Community Liaison
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    Compared to the other towns along the lake Ajijic is in desperate need of maintenance. The plaza is looking filthy and so is the malecon. Isn’t this village supposed to be the gem of the lake. It has seen better days. Maybe some of us expats should form a group to perform some maintenance.
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    RV I think you may have hit it. I long suspected our Mexican hosts would get sick and tired of foreigners overrunning their towns. Many of my friends disagreed and insisted "we" are bringing so much money that we must be exalted, not just tolerated. From the looks on the faces of the younger males I suspected we were hated, not welcomed. As that demographic replaces the previous generation, I would expect more "Go back where you came from" to be more prevalent and what better way to do that than make life uncomfortable. People are people everywhere and tribalism will always win out over "Diversity". Your comment of "some reason" can perhaps be answered by "Too go***n many". Enough is too much I think they may be saying.
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    My opinion is …...the people who live in Ajijic and blame Chapala for their problems were to move to Chapala, they would blame Ajijic for the problems in Chapala. ..LOL....LOL..LOL That´s why I live in SAT, you can watch the tennis match from your private patio.
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    The grapes available at the Chapala Mercado and surrounding fruit and vegetable stores are never sour.
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    I have many productive things to do and googling for someone who is capable of googling for themselves is enabling their laziness.
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    Good thing you resisted the urge to drag out your old, tired whine, linking your favorite grudge to just about anything posted. Because that was getting really old.
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    Your statement was insulting no matter how you spell it.
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    Never a need to call anyone stupid, no matter where one is from,after all we cannot help where we are from.
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    I agree with that one. When I was a kid I used to drive with my father to the Northern fishing port of Prince Rupert. He would pick out a couple four or five foot Halibut, then back to the farmhouse, where he would cut them into steaks with a handsaw, then wrap them in freezer paper. Freezing meat, especially fish cause ice chrystals which burst the tissue, making the fish soggy and full of water. It depends on your level of palate. Many chefs and their followers like the firmness and solid flaking of fresh fish, although the taste may be close, textures and mouth feel cannot be faked. Later in life, my now ex-brother in law, used to handline fish for halibut, in his 14 foot aluminum boat, 150 lb test line, and a 6 inch jig. If he hooked up, he had to find a landfall, and bring it to shore. Many fishermen (Or fishers in newspeak) freaked out with a wildly thrashing halibut on their deck, got their guns and rifles - killed the halibut, but sunk their boats in the process.
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    I believe they can BUT I would have whoever is the registered owner of the vehicle give them a permission slip to carry with them. Check with your insurance company if there are any restrictions regarding coverage. Tourists can rent mx plated vehicles.
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    I hear a drumbeat in the distance. What can it be?
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    Agree. One of the highest number of complaints in Mexico City is in regards to noise. Here is the law which my husband presented to the mayor's assistant, a lawyer, in SMA and he had immediately results. A phone call was made while he was still in her office. The city did not know the law existed. http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle_popup.php?codigo=5324105 Noise equivalency http://www.noisehelp.com/noise-level-chart.html ACUERDO por el que se modifica el numeral 5.4 de la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición. Al margen un sello con el Escudo Nacional, que dice: Estados Unidos Mexicanos.- Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales. CUAUHTÉMOC OCHOA FERNÁNDEZ, Subsecretario de Fomento y Normatividad Ambiental, con fundamento en lo dispuesto por los artículos 32 Bis de la Ley Orgánica de la Administración Pública Federal; 51, segundo párrafo, de la Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización; 5o. fracciones V y XV; 15, fracciones III, XII y XVI, 36, fracción II y último párrafo, 37 TER y 155 de la Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y la Protección al Ambiente; 8, fracciones III y IV del Reglamento Interior de la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, y CONSIDERANDO Que la contaminación acústica es un problema ambiental importante con cada vez mayor presencia en la sociedad moderna, debido al desarrollo de actividades industriales, comerciales y de servicios que constituyen fuentes tanto fijas como móviles que generan diferentes tipos de ruido que, de acuerdo a su intensidad, frecuencia y tiempo de exposición, repercuten no sólo en los seres humanos sino en los seres vivos que conforman los ecosistemas en los que se encuentra inmersa la población humana. Que el artículo 4o. de la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, establece el derecho de toda persona a un medio ambiente sano para su desarrollo y bienestar, mandato constitucional que implica la protección del conjunto de elementos naturales y artificiales o inducidos por el hombre que hacen posible la existencia y desarrollo de los seres humanos y demás organismos vivos que interactúan en un espacio y tiempo determinados. Que el artículo 155 de la Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y la Protección al Ambiente, prohíbe las emisiones de ruido en cuanto se rebasen los límites máximos establecidos en las normas oficiales mexicanas expedidas por la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, considerando los valores de concentración máxima permisibles para el ser humano de contaminantes en el ambiente que determine la Secretaría de Salud. Que el trece de enero de mil novecientos noventa y cinco, se publicó en el Diario Oficial de la Federación, la norma oficial mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición, tema normativo cuya modificación se reiteró en el Programa Nacional de Normalización publicado en el mismo medio de difusión oficial el veintinueve de abril de dos mil trece. Que no obstante la existencia de la regulación normativa señalada en el párrafo anterior, nuestro país, a nivel internacional, sigue señalándose como ejemplo de naciones en las que se han incrementado los problemas generados por la contaminación acústica. Por ejemplo, la Organización Mundial de la Salud ha estimado que, al menos, 120 millones de personas en el mundo presentan problemas auditivos a consecuencia del ruido excesivo al que están sometidos, sobre todo en las grandes urbes. Que por su parte, la Organización para la Cooperación y Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), ha informado que trece millones de habitantes de sus países miembros, entre ellos México, se encuentran expuestos a un nivel sonoro superior a 65 decibeles. Al respecto, recientemente, en el año dos mil doce, la Fonoteca Nacional realizó la medición de los niveles sonoros en cinco puntos diferentes de la capital de la República Mexicana, reportando que en la Ciudad de México se excede el límite superior deseable que recomienda la Organización Mundial de la Salud. Que lo anterior, impele a adoptar medidas concretas de protección para la salud humana, en aplicación del principio precautorio de acuerdo con el cual, la falta de certeza científica no constituye un obstáculo para adoptar medidas de protección al medio ambiente y a la salud humana, sin que por ello se demerite el proceso de modificación de la regulación existente en la materia. Que el artículo 51 de la Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización establece que cuando no subsistan las causas que motivaron la expedición de una norma oficial mexicana, el Comité Consultivo Nacional de Normalización correspondiente, podrá modificar la norma de que se trate sin seguir el procedimiento para su elaboración, salvo que se pretendan crear nuevos requisitos o procedimientos o especificaciones más estrictas. Que en el presente caso, si bien es cierto que subsisten las causas que motivaron la expedición de la norma oficial mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición, también es cierto que dichas causas han sido superadas ampliamente por la realidad actual de la incidencia perjudicial del ruido en los seres humanos, lo cual se ha descrito en párrafos anteriores. Que del análisis de la regulación vigente, se deduce que los niveles máximos permisibles del nivel sonoro en ponderación "A", contenidos en la Tabla 1 de la citada norma oficial mexicana, conllevan a que todas las fuentes emisoras de ruido deben cumplir con los mismos valores, lo cual no es un criterio adecuado; dado que las diversas actividades humanas que se desarrollan dentro de cualquier instalación, no se pueden equiparar, por lo que en opinión de la Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios de la Secretaría de Salud y de la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, es conveniente establecer los niveles de ruido y la zonificación que recomienda la Organización Mundial de la Salud. Que existen diferencias sustanciales entre los niveles de ruido de una zona residencial, industrial, comercial o de servicios, por lo que la determinación de los niveles máximos permisibles de ruido para cada una de ellas, no genera obligaciones innecesarias a aquellas zonas en las cuales se desarrollan actividades menos ruidosas, ello sin perjuicio de que dicha zonificación represente mayores beneficios en la salud de las personas que se encuentran expuestas a altos niveles de emisión de ruido. Que en este sentido, la Dirección General de Industria, previa valoración técnica, sometió a mi consideración el presente instrumento, mismo que tiene como finalidad precisar los límites máximos permisibles del nivel sonoro en ponderación "A" emitidos por las fuentes fijas, atendiendo a la actividad generadora del mismo, las zonas en las cuales puede producirse y los horarios en los cuales puede generarse; modificaciones que no crean nuevos requisitos o procedimientos, sino que únicamente precisa e individualiza aspectos técnicos importantes para la determinación de niveles aceptables de ruido y, por lo que he tenido a bien expedir el siguiente: "ACUERDO POR EL QUE SE MODIFICA EL NUMERAL 5.4 DE LA NORMA OFICIAL MEXICANA NOM- 081-SEMARNAT-1994, QUE ESTABLECE LOS LÍMITES MÁXIMOS PERMISIBLES DE EMISIÓN DE RUIDO DE LAS FUENTES FIJAS Y SU MÉTODO DE MEDICIÓN" ARTICULO ÚNICO. Se modifica el numeral 5.4 de la norma oficial mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición, para establecer lo siguiente: "5.4 Los límites máximos permisibles del nivel sonoro en ponderación "A" emitidos por fuentes fijas, son los establecidos en la Tabla 1. TABLA 1. LÍMITES MÁXIMOS PERMISIBLES. ZONA HORARIO LÍMITE MÁXIMO PERMISIBLE dB (A) Residencial1 (exteriores) 6:00 a 22:00 22:00 a 6:00 55 50 Industriales y comerciales 6:00 a 22:00 22:00 a 6:00 68 65 Escuelas (áreas exteriores de juego) Durante el juego 55 Ceremonias, festivales y eventos de entretenimiento. 4 horas 100 1 Entendida por: vivienda habitacional unifamiliar y plurifamiliar; vivienda habitacional con comercio en planta baja; vivienda habitacional mixta; vivienda habitacional con oficinas; centros de barrio y zonas de servicios educativos. TRANSITORIO ÚNICO. El presente Acuerdo entrará en vigor al día siguiente de su publicación en el Diario Oficial de la Federación. México, Distrito Federal, a los seis días del mes de noviembre de dos mil trece.- El Subsecretario de Fomento y Normatividad Ambiental, Cuauhtémoc Ochoa Fernández.- Rúbrica.
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    This is true but let's remember at least here in Jalisco and also at the national level the noise laws were written and passed by Mexicans, not expats, and if you follow the GDL news you know the agitation against the noise has come from the Mexican community. It is safe to say there is a serious constituency for noise control in the Mexican community quite apart from expats. As for the Chapala government one should not be surprised it doesn't enforce this law either, along with zoning, environmental, building or anything else where pay for play rules. Nothing has changed except the new "Presidente" is more adept at promoting himself and slick PR.
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    Here ya go: https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/index.php And this is the specific product that you're looking for:https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/salva_escaleras.php Barbi was very happy with this company (at least she was at the time ). These can be installed and uninstalled easily to move with you. I think it's important to deal with a company close by for easy servicing if necessary.
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    Oh please, no more leaf blowers. They are so noisy as compared to the nice old fashioned swish of a homemade mexican broom. Our neighbour has one and I would like to grab it and throw it into the lake. He revs it up and down up and down to get a leaf out of a crack. Sooo annoying. Please lets not add more noise to our Enviroment.
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    First you think it means tomorrow....then you think it means "sometime"...then you come to realize it really means "maybe".
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    Those of us who were there in 2002-2004 or so know very well how much "stuff" was out there during the very low water years that was then covered up. There was a 9 hole golf course in front of San Antonio built by the local caddies as just one example. Plenty of barbed wire fences were there as cattle and horses grazed there. The edge of the lake was around a kilometer out from the Ajijic pier. There were 3 dirt roads, one of which you could drive all the way to SJC back when many people thought the lake was going to disappear. You could drive down to the lake at Bajio and enjoy a not-so-legal restaurant for steaks, etc. and a moonlight horse ride if that was your thing. Maybe others can add to what I remember.
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    went to THE Monday market in Chapala, New location what a welcome change so much nicer and cleaner!! I talked to several retailers and they said the same. I hope it stays at the new location !!!
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    WA grows the best cherries in the world. Previously here were the CA cherries, a very poor crop and poor quality. And no, Mexico does not grow Rainier cherries. On my comment about Costco having peaches, just broke them down to make cobbler and they are perfect free-stones.
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    One might wonder if "the politicos" read this board and react by further neglecting services to the area from which the usual complaints emanate. Could it be "cause and effect" in action? Or, could it be that a certain demographic is becoming less and less acceptable for some reason?
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    Evidently you people do not understand a cliche, When I say stupid it included myself as a yankee. The chances of the car actually being driven by a yankee is almost nonexistent as there are many, many visitors to England from all over the world. I apologise for the misunderstanding. I was actually laughing at myself as I could see myself doing the same thing if I had not lived in England and knew its customs. As for being stupid I am often stupid on things this being one of them. However I can laugh at myself which evidently some of you cannot.
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    Problem is that some people do not even realize or care when They are insulting anyone. They are the problem. Shame name calling are like kids in kindergarten
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    That is the "worst bait" anyone has ever offered "us fish".
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    Check with Clueless.
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    Since the original post wasn't about fishing or how good the sandwiches are ... there's no fish and chips to be had at this restaurant. However, if a pear and brie sandwich on nut bread substitutes for fish and chips with your taste buds then we have it on good authority you will be satisfied.😊
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    Most of us have better things to do than amassing what you suggest, just to bang our heads against a brick wall.
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    Chillin, that is just wild speculation on your part IMO. Have ANY data to back that up? Sort of like me saying "I wouldn't be surprised to see Amlo make all expats other than Tourists pay $20,000 pesos a month to SAT" for the privilege of living here. Baseless of course but you get my drift.
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    The cherries available right here are outstanding, No need to go to Costco for them.
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    Harry, I really appreciate your energy in pursuing issues like this.
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    I love it and will gladly help you move.
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    Wow! You must all have a lot of useless time on your hands to spend so much time on someone just asking for s phone number. Maybe you should find something productive to do.
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    Instead of asking people on this forum you should contact the Amazon seller and rely on what they say. They probably have done the same transaction many times and would be better informed than anyone on this web board.
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    Cod and haddock are by far the most popular fish for uk fish n chips.
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    Most members of this board have very little knowledge of meat from animals, fish and fowl including some who have blogs about food. Just a smidgen more than dazed waiters perhaps but they will tell you anyway. Buenos suerte.
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    One of the first things you learn about Mexico, if you keep your ears open, is that it's not a quiet country in general. The "right to make noise" seems to have been a part of life for many years here. Not gonna change overnight. I laugh when a newbie posts something like "Looking for a 3/2 in a good area that has low noise, good parking and not over $500".
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    If I thought that I wouldn't be accused of being angry and bi👨tter, I'd say, "Like Ilox?"
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    "Most folks"?? "Nanny society" ?? Speak for yourself and friends. Most folks I know take care of themselves.
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    I don't understand. All of these items mentioned above could be brought here in your checked luggage. Why try to carry it through security?
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    No, you were very clear. But you do have two heads, apparently. One head clearly believes that it will only get gringo prices if it is any "where to be seen or heard". The other head believes it is somehow masked and taken as Mexican by everyone you know, and therefore is impervious to being treated as an expat. What isn't clear is how the two heads live together, since one will get taken every time, and the other one will not. But of course I couldn't understand, could I?
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    That's what I call a wide acquaintance ! I don't know nearly that many people, period.😉
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