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    Why are there so many complainers and whiners? You are alive in a wonderful society, no longer need to work, just relax and enjoy. Chill everyone, this is not paradise but close to it. My Grandfather had a song he liked so much, some of the lyrics were, "enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think".
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    Thank you for the apology even though I was not upset or hurt, My skin is thicker than that. Being Mexican of Irish ethnicity you just fight back when challenged and nothing is personal. That little chapter of life is over and we move on to next one with a short memory of what ever was said. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives and I don´t have time to regurgitate old conflicts with anyone and I´m almost impervious to pain, whether it is physical or mental. Thanks again, the apology wasn´t really necessary but I accept your good will and I will not be your adversary……..unless you cross me.
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    There are a lot of Mexican owned and operated businesses in Ajijic that earn a livelihood for a lot of Mexican families and are patronized principally still by Mexicans although the foreign population does contribute significantly to the success of some of those small businesses, up and down the central streets and the Carretera. Forget about the property taxes that everyone is arguing about, and who gets the lion´s share, and think about the Mexican owned businesses that rely on that income for their livelihood. Sure, there a few restaurants that are specialty places for a certain population that could look like "Gringolandia", but the majority of the hundreds of businesses still have to have Mexican participation to make it. Chapala, even more so. Even Walmart lives or dies according to their share of Mexican clientele.
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    No one is saying she did it on purpose. She admitted that she was confused. As we get older, our reflexes usually slow down. Her reaction time could also be impaired due to medications she may be taking. The driver should have to take a complete driving test just to make sure that she is capable, so that she doesn't hurt herself or others.
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    If you are addressing me, which I think you are, i didn´t call anyone a spade or any other name, but yet I was called an angry old woman who hasn´t had any, any…...what?? Not only was that personal but totally incorrect, and now they have apologized publicly on this forum, I accepted, that´s over, so why are you still fanning the flames? I DON´T get it.
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    After reading these posts I think Mijo has a point about responses in this forum.
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    3. Walking in the village. I enjoy the Buenos Dias I exchange with the Mexicans. But many gringos look down as we pass and don’t say a word. In addition to the reply by XENA, I would like to comment that many foreigners did not grow up in a culture where a greeting when approached is normal. O n one visit to the U.S., I said Good Morning to someone that I passed on the street. They looked at me like I had been let out of an institution for the day. It is cultural here to greet people, not so much NOB/s. Like KYLE replied, try saying it first to a foreigner, you may be pleasantly surprised at their reaction.
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    Yes I often have the same experience when I talk to strangers in Canada or foreigners in Mexico. They look at you very suspiciously. But Mexican usually respond in kind. Just saying hello.
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    Traditionally counties which the "Municipo" of Chapala is have favored the county seat which in this case is Chapala not the outlying rural villages in dispersing tax funds they recieve. Seems to be the case here. The "municipo" of Chapala is still paying off a giant federal loan they recieved 3 administrations ago probably to redo their malecon and other civic projects as far as I know. This doesn't help. Also with about 52,000 residents recorded in the census it begs to ask just how much federal and state tax money it actually recieves every year. Those second houses some Mexicans own there sitting empty most of the time wouldn't have their owners and their families counted in the Chapala census. Their permanent home would. Less tax money dispersion to Chapala. I guess it would be the same for tax purposes the "Snowbirds" would not be counted in the census either. Census totals in a country reflect the population using it's public amendities and tax money recieved to maintain and administration costs to do it to a great extent. If the population increases quickly more amendities are needed etc. The wear and tear is according to actual counted from the census population. Chapala's wear and tear is also greatly increased from the large constant influx of "out of towners." They contribute to the private sector economy but not to the tax base calculations the "municipo" recieves. Pueblos Magicos get extra tax money to maintain this wear and tear tourists make, not common towns where the tax codes dictate the level of tax money dispersion. These problems seem to be what grinds peoples' gears. IMO
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    Categorizing people in simply good and bad, based on their nationality, is about as absurd as it can get. All kinds of people in and from every country ! And if on this board, somebody gets personal, I simply ignore that sign of weakness. No big deal. I know who I am....with the good and the bad in me, and what you see is what you get. By the way....I have also witnessed how in situations of crisis/person in trouble these "mean and nasty gringos" get together in solidarity and help. Maybe a side that you choose not to see or in your short time here, havent discovered. That is all I wanted to say about your so called "observations" mr or misses already know it all Rony
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    I'm laughing because I'm wondering how old the OP is and from where the OP came? Every single time I go back to Canada and say "Good Morning" to someone, they kinda get a glazed look in their eyes and I'm sure they're wondering "Do I know you?" "Why are you talking to me?" "What is your motive?". I look down to watch where I'm putting my feet. Once you've met the cobblestones face to face a few times, you'll be doing the same. And I just doubled up reading Bisbee Gal's post. Who's the grumpy one? Spend at least a full year here before trying to change things.
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    Property taxes in Mexico do not pay for anything like you think. Their tax distribution system is federal. IVA taxes and SAT taxes are distributed by the federal and state governments according to population and budgets proposed and approved and federal low interest loans. Be assured paying a pittance in property taxes is because there is a clause in the Mexican Constitution called Patrimonio Rights: https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrimonio "Patrimonio:" - Heritage " Heritage - Wikipedia: Equity is the combined property and rights, charges and obligations, ... From this point of view, the value of the assets that are ..." Legal definition: The patrimony is the combined property and rights, charges and obligations, belonging to a person, legal entity." ... which prohibits any government charging property taxes in excess of what the poorest families can afford to pay each year.
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    It is amazing how despite the very real and horrid conditions humans all over the world are struggling with a group of well-off, comfortable people continue to bicker over which privileged spot is the best privileged spot to occupy.
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    Here ya go: https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/index.php And this is the specific product that you're looking for:https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/salva_escaleras.php Barbi was very happy with this company (at least she was at the time ). These can be installed and uninstalled easily to move with you. I think it's important to deal with a company close by for easy servicing if necessary.
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    Oh please, no more leaf blowers. They are so noisy as compared to the nice old fashioned swish of a homemade mexican broom. Our neighbour has one and I would like to grab it and throw it into the lake. He revs it up and down up and down to get a leaf out of a crack. Sooo annoying. Please lets not add more noise to our Enviroment.
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    Moderator maybe could make CG's information a Sticky?!?
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    I want to caution other readers about something that has happened to me recently, and it was just confirmed when I spoke to an insurance agent here who is receiving the same news--prices here are increasing dramatically for hospital services. Last week I discovered I needed gallbladder surgery. I had been in a lot of pain for the prior few weeks, and this was a surprise attack--I didn't even know I had gallstones! Anyway, I made the decision to stay in Mexico and have the surgery, as opposed to flying back to the USA and using my BC/BS insurance there, which has a $2500 deductible. I thought, okay, maybe it will be $4,000-$5,000 in Mexico, considering in the US an average self-pay (I researched it) for laproscopic surgery is around $6K-$9K. Certainly Mexico would be less. No. The bill from the hospital, alone, with a 2-night stay, was over $7,000 USD!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not on a ventilator, or attached to a dialysis machine, nor in the ICU. I was in the surgical/prep/recovery area for about 5 hours, total. I won't even get into the other charges, separate, for the physicians, which I don't begrudge.The team did their jobs and I have recovered nicely. What is happening--I have been told, and some of you are aware of these changes--is that the national healthcare system, including places like the Joco Hospital--is running/has run? out of funding, or is receiving insufficient funding, and therefore unable to provide services in a timely manner. This is forcing patients into other options, ie, private hospitals, which is driving up the costs of care to a ridiculous level. Both my housekeeper (Seguro Popular) and my gardener (IMSS) have recently been discussing this with me, but I didn't pay attention until I witnessed it first-hand. We know Seguro Popular has lines that run around the the corner and down the block, but the IMSS system, which my gardener has, now appears to be be no better. He requires prostate cancer surgery and, after numerous trips and hours of waiting, has been sent home because the computer system is down, or the equipment is broken, and he is no better than when he started. This is confirmed by numerous articles we are reading in the press about how AMLO realizes there is a problem with the health care systems here and wants to overhaul them. But in the meantime... One of the reasons I had moved to Mexico was the reasonable retirement costs, which included quality medical care at affordable prices. I am re-thinking this. I can get a comprehensive medical insurance policy in Portugal or Spain for both myself AND my 72 year-old spouse for the same monthly fee ($350) that I have just been quoted for myself age 58, here in Mexico. Caveat emptor.
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    First you think it means tomorrow....then you think it means "sometime"...then you come to realize it really means "maybe".
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    Those of us who were there in 2002-2004 or so know very well how much "stuff" was out there during the very low water years that was then covered up. There was a 9 hole golf course in front of San Antonio built by the local caddies as just one example. Plenty of barbed wire fences were there as cattle and horses grazed there. The edge of the lake was around a kilometer out from the Ajijic pier. There were 3 dirt roads, one of which you could drive all the way to SJC back when many people thought the lake was going to disappear. You could drive down to the lake at Bajio and enjoy a not-so-legal restaurant for steaks, etc. and a moonlight horse ride if that was your thing. Maybe others can add to what I remember.
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    In Canada they make pot corn, from seeds.
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    Well, the "wag" is back, Mike. "Out west" in Arroyo Alto. Tested about 10 minutes ago.
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    Well okay then. Guess I'll go back to sleep.
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    Not in Acapulquito but across from this restaurant of the same name at the east end of Paseo Roman Corona next to the Chapala Yacht Club. And the office you were sent to on Degollado is the SEMOV office.
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    We were forced to sell in PV last year when our excellent retiree coverage announced that for Medicare eligible retirees the premium would increase on last Jan. 1 from $324 to $1183 if you were not in the US and using Medicare as primary. I always thought it was primarily due to widespread fraudulent claims from Mexico but your post makes clear that wasn't the only reason. It was a no brainer decision for us no matter how much we loved Mexico. That $1183 has since gone up to almost $1500 while the $324 has remained the same.
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    I went yesterday to get my passport after making an appointment online. The process from entering the building to exiting with my first Mexican passport took 2 hours. Being a senior citizen puts you at the front of the line and gives you a 50% discount. It was a streamlined process which impressed me with its efficiency and the politeness of the employees, who must have served over a thousand people that day.
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    Tony's Chicken in Chapala moved out on the highway to Guadalajara across from the Chapala Pemex....boo-hoo, used to be just around the corner from us. Love their sandwich of chicken burger!
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    AND above all ...do not judge Mexico or Mexicans by what you experience in Ajijic/Chapala..
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    People seem to think Ajijic is the most important pueblo in the municipality, it isn't. All the crowing about how wonderful it is has resulted in so many houses and fracs being built with no control at all. Now, when it is so crowded by foreigners who have worked steadfastly on buying up everything and CHANGING a quiet, small and beautiful little village into a mini metropoli just like the one the left, they whine and complain. The Mexicans bear the brunt of it all, losing their ability to have their family and friends live in the pueblo where they all have long family histories. Ajijic = Gringolandia
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    I bet I can guess your favorite color Punkin’. 🤠
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    I just read something I have to share: Stop feeling so entitled! All you deserve is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. NOT Free tuition, free healthcare, free abortions, free housing, blah, blah, blah. There is no such thing as free, my little snowflake. Someone is always paying for it and it sure isn't a politician. You deserve Life (enjoy it) Liberty (preserve it) Pursuit of Happiness (WORK for it)
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    Nope. Sometimes it is good to see ourselves through the eyes of a newcomer. Some of you just can't seem to resist getting personal with people on a web board.
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    Agreed. I was more hoping that a full year under the belt would lead to cease and desist or a decision to move elsewhere
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    We don't need people here who try to change things.
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    I would recommend Chopa over Tolsa as Chopa is clean, modern, staff is friendly and have english speakers and was several thousand pesos cheaper for an MRI on my shoulder in spring last year.
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    Based on your previous complaining posts and the fact that you arrived here about 3 weeks ago with a Residente Temporal, perhaps you should have researched the area a bit more thoroughly before committing to a move here. What happened to Ajijic Mijo posted a topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara Compared to the other towns along the lake Ajijic is in desperate need of maintenance. The plaza is looking filthy and so is the malecon. Isn’t this village supposed to be the gem of the lake. It has seen better days. Maybe some of us... Ajijic citizen takes cleaning streets into his own hands Mijo replied to Taaffe's topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara Thanks forI’ve been here 3 weeks. I’m staying in Ajijic for now. What happened here? Jocotepec is tidy. Streets are neat. Malecon is beautiful. So is Chapalas. But Ajijic. A little disappointed. A little maintenance goes a long way. Smells like dog poop Mijo posted a topic in Lake Chapala Society Went to LCS to check it out. Saw some lady led her dog poop right in front of me and walked away without picking it up. Actually most of the grounds smelled like dog poop. I walked into one of the buildings and noticed that the... When is my temp Visa card ready?? Mijo posted a topic in Customs and Immigration Took the pics of me today to Chapala for my visa temporal and was fingerprinted. The gal said to return in 2-3 weeks. Don’t they send me an email telling me to return to pick up final card??
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    I'm 100 percent wrong while the government cleans your streets (go out there and look) while here some valiant soul took a wheelbarrow and broom and started cleaning up the unswept mess. There isn't a single municipal employee doing this here on a regular basis. Last time I was in Chapala I counted a half dozen guys working just around the corner of Madero and Hildalgo. I do visit your town and shop there and see new streets all over the place including a rebuild of your tianquis street while ours is full of yawning dangerous potholes along with the rest of the streets here. I see volunteers here raising money to fix our neglected Malecon and fill potholes while yours is repaired by municipal employees and tax dollars. Sorry you Chapala residents don't like to be reminded of this but there it is. We just think we should have at least some minimal cleaning and repair services and not be constantly having to take care of our own while yours is taken care of with everyone's tax dollars. Maybe some of you need to visit here too because you really don't have a clue how neglected this town has become.
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    If I could interrupt the penile measurements for a moment to get back to the original topic, i spoke with Community Liaison Hector and he will look in to the two phone number operations and get back to me . Info to follow upon receipt.
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    The cherries available right here are outstanding, No need to go to Costco for them.
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    Funny, after nearly 12 years here I don't know anyone who thinks that way. I know people who prefer closer proximity to most of the expat population correctly observe they are few and far between in Jocotepec and only slightly less so in Chapala. I know people who prefer the greater greenery in and around Ajijic. I know people who like the fact there are many more restaurants in Ajijic. I know some who prefer smaller weekend crowds than is typical of Chapala these days. But I don't know anyone who thinks as you describe. OTOH it sure seems to be characteristic of more than a few Chapala expats to knock Ajijic on this board. Including one who hasn't even lived here for some years. It almost give the impression that some feel jealous of us who chose to live in Ajijic. Actually I think the rest of the muncipio rather envies the fact most of our tax dollars go into your community. If anything you all should look down on us for our trashy, potholed streets and lack of the government services you enjoy at our expense. You should feel more magnanimous towards your more neglected country cousins.
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    Agree. One of the highest number of complaints in Mexico City is in regards to noise. Here is the law which my husband presented to the mayor's assistant, a lawyer, in SMA and he had immediately results. A phone call was made while he was still in her office. The city did not know the law existed. http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle_popup.php?codigo=5324105 Noise equivalency http://www.noisehelp.com/noise-level-chart.html ACUERDO por el que se modifica el numeral 5.4 de la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición. Al margen un sello con el Escudo Nacional, que dice: Estados Unidos Mexicanos.- Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales. CUAUHTÉMOC OCHOA FERNÁNDEZ, Subsecretario de Fomento y Normatividad Ambiental, con fundamento en lo dispuesto por los artículos 32 Bis de la Ley Orgánica de la Administración Pública Federal; 51, segundo párrafo, de la Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización; 5o. fracciones V y XV; 15, fracciones III, XII y XVI, 36, fracción II y último párrafo, 37 TER y 155 de la Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y la Protección al Ambiente; 8, fracciones III y IV del Reglamento Interior de la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, y CONSIDERANDO Que la contaminación acústica es un problema ambiental importante con cada vez mayor presencia en la sociedad moderna, debido al desarrollo de actividades industriales, comerciales y de servicios que constituyen fuentes tanto fijas como móviles que generan diferentes tipos de ruido que, de acuerdo a su intensidad, frecuencia y tiempo de exposición, repercuten no sólo en los seres humanos sino en los seres vivos que conforman los ecosistemas en los que se encuentra inmersa la población humana. Que el artículo 4o. de la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, establece el derecho de toda persona a un medio ambiente sano para su desarrollo y bienestar, mandato constitucional que implica la protección del conjunto de elementos naturales y artificiales o inducidos por el hombre que hacen posible la existencia y desarrollo de los seres humanos y demás organismos vivos que interactúan en un espacio y tiempo determinados. Que el artículo 155 de la Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y la Protección al Ambiente, prohíbe las emisiones de ruido en cuanto se rebasen los límites máximos establecidos en las normas oficiales mexicanas expedidas por la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, considerando los valores de concentración máxima permisibles para el ser humano de contaminantes en el ambiente que determine la Secretaría de Salud. Que el trece de enero de mil novecientos noventa y cinco, se publicó en el Diario Oficial de la Federación, la norma oficial mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición, tema normativo cuya modificación se reiteró en el Programa Nacional de Normalización publicado en el mismo medio de difusión oficial el veintinueve de abril de dos mil trece. Que no obstante la existencia de la regulación normativa señalada en el párrafo anterior, nuestro país, a nivel internacional, sigue señalándose como ejemplo de naciones en las que se han incrementado los problemas generados por la contaminación acústica. Por ejemplo, la Organización Mundial de la Salud ha estimado que, al menos, 120 millones de personas en el mundo presentan problemas auditivos a consecuencia del ruido excesivo al que están sometidos, sobre todo en las grandes urbes. Que por su parte, la Organización para la Cooperación y Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), ha informado que trece millones de habitantes de sus países miembros, entre ellos México, se encuentran expuestos a un nivel sonoro superior a 65 decibeles. Al respecto, recientemente, en el año dos mil doce, la Fonoteca Nacional realizó la medición de los niveles sonoros en cinco puntos diferentes de la capital de la República Mexicana, reportando que en la Ciudad de México se excede el límite superior deseable que recomienda la Organización Mundial de la Salud. Que lo anterior, impele a adoptar medidas concretas de protección para la salud humana, en aplicación del principio precautorio de acuerdo con el cual, la falta de certeza científica no constituye un obstáculo para adoptar medidas de protección al medio ambiente y a la salud humana, sin que por ello se demerite el proceso de modificación de la regulación existente en la materia. Que el artículo 51 de la Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización establece que cuando no subsistan las causas que motivaron la expedición de una norma oficial mexicana, el Comité Consultivo Nacional de Normalización correspondiente, podrá modificar la norma de que se trate sin seguir el procedimiento para su elaboración, salvo que se pretendan crear nuevos requisitos o procedimientos o especificaciones más estrictas. Que en el presente caso, si bien es cierto que subsisten las causas que motivaron la expedición de la norma oficial mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición, también es cierto que dichas causas han sido superadas ampliamente por la realidad actual de la incidencia perjudicial del ruido en los seres humanos, lo cual se ha descrito en párrafos anteriores. Que del análisis de la regulación vigente, se deduce que los niveles máximos permisibles del nivel sonoro en ponderación "A", contenidos en la Tabla 1 de la citada norma oficial mexicana, conllevan a que todas las fuentes emisoras de ruido deben cumplir con los mismos valores, lo cual no es un criterio adecuado; dado que las diversas actividades humanas que se desarrollan dentro de cualquier instalación, no se pueden equiparar, por lo que en opinión de la Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios de la Secretaría de Salud y de la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, es conveniente establecer los niveles de ruido y la zonificación que recomienda la Organización Mundial de la Salud. Que existen diferencias sustanciales entre los niveles de ruido de una zona residencial, industrial, comercial o de servicios, por lo que la determinación de los niveles máximos permisibles de ruido para cada una de ellas, no genera obligaciones innecesarias a aquellas zonas en las cuales se desarrollan actividades menos ruidosas, ello sin perjuicio de que dicha zonificación represente mayores beneficios en la salud de las personas que se encuentran expuestas a altos niveles de emisión de ruido. Que en este sentido, la Dirección General de Industria, previa valoración técnica, sometió a mi consideración el presente instrumento, mismo que tiene como finalidad precisar los límites máximos permisibles del nivel sonoro en ponderación "A" emitidos por las fuentes fijas, atendiendo a la actividad generadora del mismo, las zonas en las cuales puede producirse y los horarios en los cuales puede generarse; modificaciones que no crean nuevos requisitos o procedimientos, sino que únicamente precisa e individualiza aspectos técnicos importantes para la determinación de niveles aceptables de ruido y, por lo que he tenido a bien expedir el siguiente: "ACUERDO POR EL QUE SE MODIFICA EL NUMERAL 5.4 DE LA NORMA OFICIAL MEXICANA NOM- 081-SEMARNAT-1994, QUE ESTABLECE LOS LÍMITES MÁXIMOS PERMISIBLES DE EMISIÓN DE RUIDO DE LAS FUENTES FIJAS Y SU MÉTODO DE MEDICIÓN" ARTICULO ÚNICO. Se modifica el numeral 5.4 de la norma oficial mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, Que establece los límites máximos permisibles de emisión de ruido de las fuentes fijas y su método de medición, para establecer lo siguiente: "5.4 Los límites máximos permisibles del nivel sonoro en ponderación "A" emitidos por fuentes fijas, son los establecidos en la Tabla 1. TABLA 1. LÍMITES MÁXIMOS PERMISIBLES. ZONA HORARIO LÍMITE MÁXIMO PERMISIBLE dB (A) Residencial1 (exteriores) 6:00 a 22:00 22:00 a 6:00 55 50 Industriales y comerciales 6:00 a 22:00 22:00 a 6:00 68 65 Escuelas (áreas exteriores de juego) Durante el juego 55 Ceremonias, festivales y eventos de entretenimiento. 4 horas 100 1 Entendida por: vivienda habitacional unifamiliar y plurifamiliar; vivienda habitacional con comercio en planta baja; vivienda habitacional mixta; vivienda habitacional con oficinas; centros de barrio y zonas de servicios educativos. TRANSITORIO ÚNICO. El presente Acuerdo entrará en vigor al día siguiente de su publicación en el Diario Oficial de la Federación. México, Distrito Federal, a los seis días del mes de noviembre de dos mil trece.- El Subsecretario de Fomento y Normatividad Ambiental, Cuauhtémoc Ochoa Fernández.- Rúbrica.
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    Thank you! You shoulda seen 'em full of the best fried chicken on the planet!
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    Keep in mind that, to fly out of the country, you will first need to go to the immigration window. Sometimes there may be a dozen or more people ahead of you. It helps to have a copy of the form in hand, already filled out, when you show up. If you haven't filled the form in advance, make sure you have your own pen. They won't provide one and other people may or may not be willing to share. Once you get a pen, you'll have to fumble with the forms and your documents in line or even step out of line and lose your place. I usually ask for extra forms when I go to the window so I have them for future flights. Also keep in mind that if you show up at the airline baggage check-in less than 1 hour in advance, the airline staff may have left already. This happened to me with US airlines a couple of different times at Guad airport. I was screwed and had to take a cab home and fly the next day. Take it from me, you certainly don't want to get tied up in the immigration line and end up with no one at the check-in desk when you finally get there, 55 minutes before your flight leaves. Also remember that you still have to get through security before you go to your gate. There may be a big line and you can count on it that your gate will always be in the the most distant part of the airport. If you cut it too fine, the airline may give your seat away to a standby. This also has happened to me.Too bad, so sad, next! It's a drag to have to get to the airport 3 hours before a flight that leaves early in the morning, but it's even more of a drag to miss your flight and have to go later or even the next day. Bring a book or your iPad, and get a cup of coffee. Happy flying!
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    Web boards are not the real world,I've been here in part of the Municipio of Chapala, which Ajijic is a small part of, about as long as you and I don't see change as you suggest in the real world,in the persons I choose to interact with.
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    Well that is one of the advantages here, there are a diversity of life styles to be had. You have to wonder about folks who feel the need to "disparage" choices made by others.
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    This is true but let's remember at least here in Jalisco and also at the national level the noise laws were written and passed by Mexicans, not expats, and if you follow the GDL news you know the agitation against the noise has come from the Mexican community. It is safe to say there is a serious constituency for noise control in the Mexican community quite apart from expats. As for the Chapala government one should not be surprised it doesn't enforce this law either, along with zoning, environmental, building or anything else where pay for play rules. Nothing has changed except the new "Presidente" is more adept at promoting himself and slick PR.
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    In general the explosion in the use of throw away plastic packaging is a post WWII thing so it did largely originate with the late pre boomers and the baby boomers. The problem is the stuff doesn't degrade in the environment and the sheer volume of it has exploded as well. It is very difficult to get around it as virtually everything you buy now is packaged to death. Before plastic bags we put our far lower volume of waste in the brown paper bags we got at the grocery store. Most of the stuff in the bag and the bag itself would degrade readily in a landfill. This stuff won't. It needs to go. We lived without it before and we can do so again without any real compromise in living standard.
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    That's what I call a wide acquaintance ! I don't know nearly that many people, period.😉
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    We don't live in Chapala and moved from Ajijic 3 years ago because of what I see on this thread plus the noise, lack of parking and the general vibe so in my case, it's not defensiveness. The "better than thou" attitude is just stupid in senior citizens. One would think by this age some would know better but I guess not.
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