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    I guess I don’t see the value in demeaning people... no matter what mistakes they make. Just me I guess.
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    I give no quarter to the concept that restaurants should be allowed to "get up to speed". Soft openings are for ironing out unforeseen problems, not for learning how to cook and serve. I would certainly not want my mechanic to get up to speed, or my tailor, or my construction contractor.
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    As a person who walks with a cane, I hear you loud and clear and am sick and tired of hearing excuses about the dog's need to get exercise. Even where there is no dog park, there is plenty of open country in this area where people can take their dog. They don't need to take it to a public park that has the kind of paved walkway providing the only surface that is safe for the less abled and the elderly. (Newsflash: If you stick around long enough, you'll get old, too !) Why not make life a little easier for one's fellow humans by obeying the law?
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    I have been reading this web board for over 2 years. I have learned a tremendous amount about lakeside. The people I have learned from, Ferret, Computer Guy, Angus Mactavish & others have all expressed a love of this beautiful place and people. A place that I also have come to love. There is crime anywhere. When I think of Chapala, Riberas, SAT, and Ajijic I think of the great people I have met, local and expats. I think of the older lady walking with her heavy bags who's smile could light light up the neighborhood when told Buenos Dias. I think of Michael Eager who took time to give me advice about living lakeside. There is so much goodness here. I am proud to call Riberas my home. I am not an expat. I am an immigrant. There is no place I would rather be. Will it be the same in 20 years? No. But no place will be the same in 20 years. I will still be here. Thanks to all the friends I have not yet met.
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    Jakes , you have no right to walk with 5 dogs off leash in public parks or on the street. I have 5 dogs and I do not do that. If a person felt threaten by your dogs , you should apologized and keep your dogs on a leash. Go up the mountain with them off leash if you like but not on the street or n public places. A bite can easily get infected . These dogs should be under control . Period.
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    The poster who believes he has the right to walk with five unleashed dogs has the kind of attitude that makes it difficult for all of us to occupy the same space in comfort. It's possible that the man "waving his arms" has had a previous encounter with dogs where he was hurt and has been in fear of them since.
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    I have been fighting city hall since I was 24 and blocked a 2000 condo development. Yes, win some lose some. But, to not fight means lose all. I have dedicated 18 years to this village and will continue to win some and lose some. The more you win the less you have to fight.
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    Nothing as serious as what happened to the OP, but a group of them were headed for me when their gringa owner pointed to my walking stick (which I do need) and in an accusatory voice said "they think it's a weapon", which was supposed to make it okay to attack me. This was on the Ajijic Malecon, where there is a leash law. I wish the dog owners would consider that among their fellow humans enjoying the lakeside walkway are people with physical problems, old folks and little kids. I think their right to walk unmolested trumps the pet owners' right to break the leash law.
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    Today's Guadalajara Reporter has an article on the meeting that the Urban Planning committee had last Friday. (deleted by mod2 copyright issue) The pressure from the Chialli Axixic group (and most probably the requests for exact details on the zoning change from their lawyer on January 15-18) made for an interesting session of this group made up of the President and two ex-presidents (the Degollado brothers), one of whom was involved in the original zoning change last March. The video can be see on the Gobierno de Chapala facebook page, watch minutes 38-45 for the part on Chapala where the body language, of the ex and current Presidents tell the whole story. The current head of Urban Planning, Arq. Rivas, was very clear about the illegality of the attempted project (which Moy Anaya had oringinally denied existed, but now admits), and although it looks like a win, the Chimalli Axixic group will continue to monitor the situation, as well as the other iffy development plans in the area. The fact is, that all of us stand to lose if there is unchecked building and there is a lot of it. The committee and the current government are willing to legalize many of the projects (La Pueblita, a 4 story building in El Bajío, the high rise in La Floresta, and many more). Having stopped or delayed the tower project near El Tepalo is an example how the will of the people, and a good lawyer, can move, or in this case stop the moving, of mountains.
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    Just because. Two things about the weather make me happy: winter, which is not winter at all compared to the cold hell I come from, and days like today: 15 degrees, which by my non-scientific approach is the warmest 7:30 am we've had in months.
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    The sounds of some motorcycles makes me want to mace the rider so I empathize with the dogs.
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    Whataboutism (also known as whataboutery) is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument, which in the United States is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda. When criticisms were leveled at the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Soviet response would often be "What about..." followed by an event in the Western world .
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    We know bdmowers and he is a calm and intelligent person. Your remarks are typical of someone trying to rationalize behavior that is nasty. Any one of us would be flinging arms and legs if confronted with 5 dogs circling them and barking and to suggest that the bite wasn't that bad and he was acting like a big baby is ridiculous. You should be apologizing all over the place and looking at your own behavior. Don't believe for a moment that he threatened your dogs with a knife, but if it was me your dogs would have received a shocking....
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    The hotel property is residential and will need a zoning change. The public must demand to be heard and the proper procedures followed. It can be blocked if the public is adamant.
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    It was such a retro statement. The use of gay was uncalled for. So was underground. Could just as easily and accurately have said an after hours bar.
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    Funny. I was waking slowly this morning, listening to the birds singing and happy not to have a pile of heavy blankets on me. Thought about how I was leaving the bedroom window cracked open at night and that our two-month “winter” appeared over. I smiled as I thought how much I love living here. The climate suits me so well. Seems several of us woke up feeling spring today. Aren’t we lucky.
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    Yes, I think it's mine. If you tell me what it is and what color it is I'll tell you if it's mine or not. Waiting ......
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    There is much chatter on social media these days about safety issues at lakeside. For a frame of reference, or to just compare similar sized communities in the US, I checked out some crime stats from three typical towns from across the country: Altoona, PA, Auburn AL, and Farmington NM. These numbers represent the average for one year of the three towns. Some were better and some worse in certain categories. violent crime 260 murder 3 forcible rape 42 armed robbery 33 aggravated assault 274 property crime 1,572 burglary 320 larceny theft 1,180 car theft 193 I know that much crime goes unreported here at lakeside but that is also true NOB especially crimes like rape, assault, and theft. But these three towns, for which I found stats, are considered normal and quite safe communities. Their populations are about the same as our expat numbers here and are much smaller than our total lakeside population if you include locals. So just try to do your best to both prevent crimes and report them if they happen and follow through with denuncios when applicable. In the meantime, try to relax a little and grasp the fact that this area is still relatively safe and understand that there are not only local but also international political and financial elements in play concerning reporting on this issue. Alan
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    Based on the writer's 4 weeks in the area - it must have seemed a lifetime to him.
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    Thems fighting words. I enjoy a box wine now and then.
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    One day I witnessed a large dog lunge at the motorcycle cop doing a tour of the park. The cop did a U turn back to the owner and calmly said, “Next time I see that dog off leash in the park, I will shoot it.” Hope the women with the unleashed dog packs one day run into this cop.
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    The Chimalli Axixic group through protests and legal representation has successfully changed the zoning fir El Tepalo back to a protected area permanently . Signed and certified. They had plans to build tower blocks on this site. There is still a lot to do and there are so many capable and dedicated people here lakeside I think we have a good chance of containing these crazy projects driven by greed alone.
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    And if you've never been poor enough and uneducated enough to truly comprehend the risks, then I guess you should be thanking your lucky stars instead of coming down on those who are. Well said Rick S
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    Potatoes are the new butter.