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    Thanks ComputerGuy for your thoughts. Actually there ARE several luxurious homes because I've been at parties and events at some. A few of my friends have really nice properties there but I don't want a private house as I think security is much better in a building vs. a home. I'm not talking "Disneyland type" properties. This property looks tastefully done and materials all are pretty high end. I heard from a developer friend that the Radisson Blu is going to be developed there. I'm not sure what the time frame is but it seems like a Penthouse property there would be more desirable vs. a nice house there. I realize that the locals that are retired there might not like it but it seems like there ARE going to be some projects coming on board.
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    Hi everyone, I've visited the Chapala area several times and enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a higher end hotel. I rented a room at La Reserva which was ok and the room was nice but no AC at all and the mattresses were not that great. I bought a high rise apartment in Zapopan (GDL) that is 3 bedrooms and 2,400 sq. feet and spent a small fortune furnishing it but it's been very successful renting it out on short-term rentals. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this project - http://www.altolagomx.com A penthouse unit with 4 bedrooms (all in-suite bathrooms) and 338 sq. meters with a plunge pool and amazing view of the Lake. The building looks like it's going to be higher end and the building will have concierge, restaurant and bar. It's 9,150,000 pesos (about $481,500 US dollars at current exchange rate) for the bigger penthouse unit which is a special pre-construction price. They said it's going to start being built January 2019 and take around 18 months. The developer seems like a well respected one with offices in Miami and Guadalajara and has designed several hotels and won a few awards and Sotheby's (which typically specializes in luxurious properties) is the exclusive broker. I'm positive I can rent it out on the weekends as there is a lot of wealthy people from Guadalajara that visit and there is no 5 star properties. I'd go very high end furnishing it. But I'm not sure how rentals are mid-week. I'd be curious to hear the opinion of all of you that live there and know that area. Thanks in advance.
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    So... you say you speak Spanish, have "purchased hundreds and hundreds of properties around the world", you have many rich Tapatios for friends, and, based on your posts, a lot of money... Then why are you asking a bunch of ex-pat strangers of indeterminate means on a public webboard about real estate investing advice in Mexico? Based on your posts, one would think you would have many wealthy friends in Guadalajara (as you claim) that would give you the skinny on what's hot out here, and probably the inside track as well. Sorry, you seem personable, but something here doesn't add up. Just my two pesos.
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    Not sure the baggers are stealing from people. I've noticed many times the cashier will start scanning items of the next customer before the bagger is finished with the customer in front of them. My guess... the customer that was behind you or in front of you are enjoying your items.
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    This is a sales advertisement. No one who does what this persons says they do is on here asking opinions on anything.
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    It's B.S. The facts will come out soon enough. Fools? I think not. The deal is almost exactly the same between Canada and the U.S.
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    "...it was stated..." "...it was reported..." "...it was also reported..." "...it was common knowledge..." Could you please provide links to these reports and and names of actual sources? Who stated? Who reported? While what you wrote might well be true, it also might be a government coverup of the truth. In my experience, government officials will say just about anything to protect their--umm--interests.
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    Yeah, pretty much anywhere in Latin America there is risk on new constructions. I've purchased many high rises in South America where it was as late as 2 years to when they said it will be done. So there is always risk even if they finish. I've NEVER seen anything finish on time except the property that I just purchased in Guadalajara but my friend was the developer and my unit was finished on time. It was interesting that they even had a penalty clause in the contract that they would pay me if it wasn't finished on time. I still have to go here and see the actual site. But what I liked about this project was that there were so many reputable names behind the project. I've developed buildings before and what I appreciated about this particular project was that it seems to sit adjacent to the side of the cliff so it's not obstructing anyone else's view either. It looks to be neatly tucked into the hill side. I don't see any problems with flooding/foundation as it seems to be sitting on an elevated platform of rock. I will go here in a few weeks and visit it. And I wasn't trying to imply that La Reserva was some luxury property. I was just saying that someone else told me that it was nice and one of the best places in the area to rent plus it was near their house. It was ok but far from luxurious property, IMHO. But the location didn't get any better right in front of the lake. Sure, the risk is less the closer you get to being done but also the price is always much higher. I've never ever invested in a project early on where the value wasn't significantly more when it was finished. But I guess the argument some of you are trying to make is that the project will never finish. It's hard to imagine a scenario where you have this calibre of developer that doesn't finish as there would be too much risk to their reputation if they didn't finish. Same thing with Sotheby's which is a premium luxury realtor that has a great reputation. In my experience, when you have both of these scenarios the projects finish. The location while not in the heart of the best area, seems to me to be close enough to things yet while having privacy as well. In all the times I've been to Chapala I've had to have a car anyway. Nothing is within walking distance and I've always had to have a car.
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    If you're looking for luxury, you will have to go somewhere else. This is a small set of villages, and there have been a dozen high-concept, absolute BS projects in the last ten years... everything from private Disneyland-type theme parks to mountain top hotels, to municipal government-sponsored local park improvement projects. Every single one failed before the first spade hit the earth. I'm amazed the Alto Lago slice of baloney still has a Web page. Be that as it may, no one here wants any of this Northern America crap ruining the beauty of the land.
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    God this dog has been beaten to death. If you have a permanente visa, the mexican constitution GUARANTEES you all the rights of a mexican except voting. You may not get involved in a political campaign. Issues relating to your quality of life are not political campaigns. Besides, I'm suggesting representative groups issue the petitions.
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    That's an underestimate. Seems every time someone makes a observation he/she gets trumped. For someone who has purchased 100s of properties I am confused as to why he keeps posting if not for some one who is a narcissistic
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    Eric, anyone who knows anything about dogs and cats, and cancer (and is being straightforward) will tell you that when an older dog has one cancer tumor, there are often more. Without some sort of scan, they won't be found. Operating on multiple tumors in an older animal is so hard on the animal as to be of questionable value. Blame is a part of the grief process. Libeling a fine veterinarian on a public forum is really not necessary.
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    Seems that the taxes from Ajijic are used to improve the sidewalks and other infrastructure in Chapala. I suspect we are little more than a milk cow.
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    I've found with earplugs that I could sleep thru an atomic explosion but this tradition is one that I would enjoy being awake to see . Don't take Mexican heritage as a personal affront because these traditions were happening long before you arrived and will continue long after you are gone. Complaining about the noise in the early morning will only antagonize the locals and make you look like an arrogant whiner, not to mention in the long run will turn local Mexican residents against the ex-pats.
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    I, like many of us, am fairly certain where the money went. There's no good excuse why our streets are so full of potholes, or why the garbage piled up, or why the benches on the Ajijic Malecon are missing boards, or why the wooden bridges there are decrepit and dangerous and the playground equipment is in disrepair, to just name a few things that are substandard in what some had the effrontery to propose as a "Puebla Magica". The "magic" was in disappearing the money other towns find to keep up their substructure. There was a good reason why the people voted as they did.🤑
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    It depends what type of repair. Perhaps Illumina y Decora in San Antonio by Sunrise Restaurant.
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    Why would a big time investor with hundreds of properties all over the world post pictures of a floor plan and stacks of money on a local web board?
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    Gosh and you will never see me carry around more than a couple of thousand pesos. You would ever find me with a back pack full of $100 dollar bills. And then to write about it on line, makes me think there is something wrong here.
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    ER, Don't feel the need to answer all the complaints. So far, you've been accused of being an advertisement, a phony border promotion, and a greedy, environmentally despoiling developer (my phrasing). Bienvenidos a Lakeside! There is a cadre of folks here who wish it would stay like it was 20 (or more) years ago. There is nothing wrong with that; I knew plenty of small town folks back in the States who were the same way! But it won't stay that way, and most of us have no control over how it will change. There are some professional skeptics here who deride any new project: they are often right , because so many groups in Mexico announce new initiatives without actually doing all the background work which much be done. But after a while, the skeptics become cynics, deriding everything that gets announced, and refusing to admit some new projects do get completed. Some folks lakeside have recently noticed a growing tide of newcomers. The Gringos are more obvious, but if you look closely, you'll notice an increasing number of Tapatios willing to commute or escape for the weekend. While I appreciate the very correct comments about lacking infrastructure, what some of the comments miss is the eventual clout of Tapatios (especially wealthy ones) will inevitably lead to better infrastructure. That's how it works, everywhere. The bad news is that those making a decision will NOT be expats living on a budget, so we might not like how the government decides to fix the infrastructure problem. Good luck with your investment.
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    I think what we are trying to tell you is there really is nothing that fits this criteria locally at this time. The closest thing that comes to it, and the construction has been stopped by legal action that will drag on for years, is that partially completed project on the shores of the lake in La Floresta. I'm a real estate investor as well and I wouldn't touch that San Juan project with a ten foot pole given the poor location. Frankly, Radisson Blu or the building next door aren't much better IMO. Anyone who lives in either is going to get to listen to the trucks without mufflers using their jake brakes quite regularly. You may or may not be aware Zapopan has the fastest rate of real estate appreciation in Mexico, as much as 15 percent in the good areas. We recently bought an apartment there both as a place to house students from Oaxaca we sponsor and also as a good investment. As you have invested there, I assume you are aware of this as well. However you should also be aware there is a serious glut of high end high rise property there, particularly in the Andares area. It is going to take some time to absorb that. Right now, a lot of those new buildings are empty or nearly so. Well located single family is the right investment for lakeside for now and into the foreseeable future. Lakeside's biggest problem as NewJersey alluded to is infrastructure and this is exacerbated by very bad, even by Mexico standards, local government. Let me assure you the trashiness, potholed streets and general lack of maintenance you see in Ajijic and everywhere in this municipio outside of Chapala is not normal for Mexico as you would see with even a modest level of travel in Jalisco and around the country. I tell people to visit Mazamitla and Tapalpa to see towns that cope well with heavy tourism and I could suggest a dozen more examples just in Jalisco. A reform party has taken control at both the state and local level and they seem aware of the failings, so we will see if there is any change for the better. NewJersey is right, this area is not coping well with the rapid growth and all of the infrastructure, particularly roads, has deteriorated badly in the last 10 years. It hasn't appeared to dampen the enthusiasm to live or visit here yet, but at some point without major improvement in the provision and maintenance of infrastructure I would expect it would. Retirement "paradises" are a very competitive part of the real estate market and when things reach the point the bad publicity starts and proliferates, the perception of attractiveness of an area can change overnight. Acapulco comes to mind as a good example.
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    Traveling east on the carretera, just before Mom's deli, this morning a friend hit a pothole in the asphalt and burst a tire. This one particularly deep and sharp so be careful.
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    the dog ordinance states a dog must have a collar or leash. It says nothing about anyone holding on to it. Yes the incoming regidors are past politicos including both degollado brothers. If you want something to happen, it looks like you, me, us will have to take an active interest in our own fates?
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    If you ask the Mexicans, there is only 1 clinica municipal in Chapala. " public " is not the exact translation of " municipal " Feeling a little bored ? Rony