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    The body shop just beyond Casa de Waffle--Lake Auto Body or something. Best in town.
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    I see that you joined this this board in April of this year so I am assuming that you might be a newbe. I myself joined in April of 2008 when I moved here full time after travelling this country for about 10 years prior to that doing business as I continue to do to this day. During all this time I discovered that many times getting correct, up to date, consistent and reliable information in a timely manner here is spotty at best. This is true especially as it relates to the 2 business entities we are discussing. There are many folks posting here that have even more experience than me in this country and I would opine that they would agree to this. My understanding is that this board was initially set up to help expats and folks who have moved here or are visiting from distant locations to understand local customs and idiosyncrasies and ways to better live and operate within this environment. Over all these years I have seen this board operate in exactly this way, helping many with the wisdom and experience of those who have first hand experience and gone through all the ups and downs inherent this unique situation we all find ourselves. My initial post is a perfect example. It took a few corrections but in the end I got the information that I was looking for as well as some unexpected technical advise since I am not a tech guy. I applaud this valuable resource within our community and despite some flaws, inherent in such a venture, consider it a great resource of knowledge in all things relating to our living environment here. Welcome aboard!
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    If you left it at Juniors, I recommend you remove it asap.
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    I only adopt senior pets. My cat is 8 and my 4 dogs range in age from 9-15 years old. Older pets deserve a loving home in which to live until they die peacefully.
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    "They" have. It's called Medicare for All. Read about it and realize how totally messed up our current system has become.
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    More of MC’s BS. Adelita’s changed their schedule to accommodate the church’s Schedule.. The music does not start until 8pm or later any night of the week now....
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    Yes I come from Paris and try that cost of living.. just forget it.. after that I lived in San Francisco and the Napa Valley , forget that too.. I am totally happy here and as the years went by used less and less imported good and life is good.
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    Agree agree. When we moved here 11 yrs ago, we had no idea what we were getting into. The truth is we didn't think it through. The thing that helped the most were expats who answered our questions and guided us along. There were even some Mexicans who helped us and very patient with the language barrier, So we grew to understand and participate here at the north shore. So I can see why some people hesitate to go to the south shore. At this point, I don't know if I really want a different life style. ( I admit, I don't know what that means) Now for those complaining and sometimes down right nasty (expats) poor victims! They may not have the finances to move back north where things are SOOO much better. So the frustration gets projected on to people and places here. I try not to associate with these people and will ignore them unless I am witnessing an inappropriate confrontation. On a few occasions, I have returned and apologized to the one unjustly attacked. And yes I have addressed this with the offender.
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    Well, I suppose dumping the whole barrel of apples because one of them might go bad someday, and then dumping the barrel too, is one way to do it. There are many alternatives to IE.
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    Why indeed? I was trained NOB many years ago and my Mexican trained therapist is better by far than I ever was and better than the majority of the instructors I studied under.
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    I have 3 xoloitzcuintli and can see why they ate them , they are less problem dead than alive...not a breed for everyone...
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    That’s absolutely ridiculous... all Thai food is NOT spicy... and if spicy like curries and larbs they vary and may or may not be really spicy. Pad Thai is a bland dish that one adds spices to. There are always condiments on the table in Thai restaurants.... chiles inc fresh or in vinegar, sauce, fish sauce, etc. This is exactly the way it is done in Thailand. Thais will ask for their level of spice. I have Thai friends who can’t take spicy hot. Perhaps you are talking about eating at a friend’s home in Thailand where they love 🥵?
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    The same tests were done at each lab. Care Diagnostics $882 Chopo $443.38 Dilabim $311 Wish I had known or price shopped. Hopefully, this will help someone else.
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    I have lived for over 13 years in lower SAT about 3 blocks from Adelitas. I have seen this place grow from a small hole in the wall sandwich/coffee shop to the first class, large classy establishment that it is now. About 10 years ago the mother of Jason, the current owner/operator, bought the place and I saw the gradual improvements through the subsequent years and about 4 years ago, a major 3 - 4 month renovation and enlargement including the large covered patio area in the back. Jason, being a musician himself improved the entertainment to the point that now the music is considered among the very best Lakeside with a mix of Latin and my favorite, Old Time Rock n' Roll from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Someone stated wrongly here that there is music nightly...not so...only on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights. Someone else stated wrongly that the customers are mostly expats and not Mexican. Also wrong. The Tapatios and Mexican locals have discovered the great food and entertainment and there is usually a great mix of folks there. I used to hear the music somewhat at my house depending on how the wind was blowing, but now not. Recently, enjoying the music there I ran into Jason's mother and mentioned that I was not hearing it at my house anymore. She pointed to a digital meter devise on the wall facing the musicians and it was reading between 80 and 90. She told me that the bandleaders were instructed to keep it below 100 since it was hooked up to some type of decibel meter outside and anything under 100 on the wall meter inside was legal. I know nothing about the Evento but Alelitas has been nothing but a very good restaurant and music/dance club and a very positive attraction to our wonderful little pueblo.
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    Just an update, a home was found for Calle.
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    I thought I would post an update. After phoning 6 different phone numbers and leaving voicemails, sending 4 emails to 3 different addresses starting on Nov. 11th. I received an email from Banjercito this morning saying they changed the name on my TIP to reflect my name as on my passport. They also said it had been sent by UPS. This afternoon my TIP arrived with all the correct information on it. I guess the small amount of hope I wished for worked !!! I went today and bought a lottery ticket.
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    Sorry, you just made the water clearer……..that´s not allowed here. . Another question…...Is it gluten free? s
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    This topic has been covered extensively on this board. Use the search function and get good answers. The short one is: don't worry: Windows 7 is not going away, it will still work fine, and you can use it for years to come. Support is a non-issue.
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    johs, I tried to private message you, but you are not set up for it. I am using Spencer Law Firm currently. Started on October 9, still waiting patiently for my card. Cost $7950 pesos. Learned more info while waiting at the immigration office. Contact me if you want more info. The Mexican lady at the immigration office speaks excellent English, in case you don't. She is a jewel of a person, and goes beyond the normal expectations of being helpful.
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    Junior's in Riberas. Best price and work I've found in five years.
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    This is an extremely worthwhile project with terrific results fulfilling a need for both the graduates and the need for carpenters in various capacities. It's my understanding that the students are both boys and girls. If you have a project,why not contact the school first and see if they can do it for you?
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    If you went back to Telmex and just had phone service, no need for a modem. You would just plug the phone into the old phone jack.
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    Really?? This is how these silly board arguments get started that take these threads down the rabbit hole.
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    It is a danza Yaqui from Sonora and Sinaloa.. It is a great one.. By the way there is no good translation for Danza.. Danza is a ritual dance usually connected to the old religions and representing legends, worshipping old Gods etc... I love this Danza
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    Kyle, when Mexico's current president took office on December 1, 2018, one of the very first things he did was raise the minimum wage, which at the end of 2018, was 80 pesos per day, everywhere in Mexico. Up until AMLO took office, annual raises in the minimum wage had been approximately 4 pesos. In the area near the USA border, AMLO doubled the minimum wage, to 176 pesos. In other parts of the country, the raise was about 25 pesos.
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    Wow! Judging the character of people about whom one knows literally nothing. Interesting to say the least.
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    That's happened to me a couple of times. Both times it was the battery- needed to be replaced.
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    Sounds like you have a an old battery that won’t hold a charge overnight. Replace it.
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    Dra. Daniela at Quality Care is very professional and thorough.
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    I go to Dermika - just next to Bugambilla Plaza where El Torito and the movie theater are. http://www.dermika.com.mx/#/
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    Chopo does. They don't even ask me for my card. They just do it and then tell me. Guess one look is all it takes.
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    I'll bet slainte, being Mexican, can easily hire all the workers he wants at normal rates. It's just the immigrants who have to pay inflated prices because they haven't learned the language and hang with mostly other immigrants. You probably won't find a "good deal" at the LCS and I bet locals like slainte don't go there looking for good deals. Same is true NOB when immigrants don't learn the language and hang with fellow immigrants they end up working for the lowest wages and in reverse ruin it for the other workers. Nothing new here.
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    No one said anything about top tier, or all of Mexico, either. But you've seen the results yourself here. We live in a financial bubble, and it has gotten deleterious over the years I've been here. Blue collar workers expecting and extracting ridiculous sums for tiny bits of work. Go to any small town away from here and you won't find that.
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    I would speak with the municipio they are strict in sat about this also very helpful. Plus it seems yet again theres a special number to call as and when it starts. I can recall 2 or 3 places being closed down or forced to really limit the noise. Place in laguna mall, place near adelititas, i think adelitas as well, and an other last year. However i would double check the facts.
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    I think it was 10% of the total cost of the meal(s) I ordered and maybe a $30 peso basic fee. It seemed minimal so I didn't pay much attention to it. Then, I did tip the delivery guy as well. Val
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    I prefer the Mascota route, same time bur much cheaper, no tolls, less gasoline. Save about 700 pesos each way.
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    Nahhhh...…….we are in total agreement (that´s good)……….to disagree. Leave at that for now. The landed gentry, ,mainly the Anglo.Irish, owned the land and controlled the food production, shipping to England for cash. The tenant farmers were given small plots to grow potatoes and that was it. Listen again to "The Fields of Athenry", a famine era topic.....Michael is being sent to the Australian Penal Colony for stealing Trevelyan´s corn. Anybody with an oz. of Irish blood knows how worthless Trevelyan and his corn was.
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    Maybe you should change 'legal eagles'.... just talked to Spencer this morning and he says he can get me one right now!
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    For me, I have found the perfect solution. I had no US residential address. I researched and chose this service: www.travelingmailbox.com This is what I like about it: 1. It provides me with a US address. 2. The price is very reasonable. 3. When each piece of mail arrives, I am notified via e-mail. I enlarge the view to see who the sender is. I then decide what I want done with it and select that from a simple drop down menu. This allows me to have mail that does not interest me to be shredded and deleted at no cost. I instruct which items are to be opened and scanned. That's all done from that drop down menu. I get a notification once scanning is complete. It is usually within just a few hours. I then view it and print only the pages I actually want on my printer. Occasionally, someone might send me a refund check or something similar. I then select Deposit from the menu and they make that deposit for me. I can see its status easily. 4. I very seldom have items forwarded as I print whatever is necessary. There is a small extra charge for forwarding items. I can accumulate several items to be sent in one mailing. I have a friend who is frequently in the US and I have her bring me those items. I do this to avoid getting anything sent here and that way, it costs me nothing extra. 5. I am happy with the customer service (I am usually quite critical of most customer services) which is always available through chat on their site, should I have a question.
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    Only Dr. Valenzuela can tell you, after his diagnosis & treatment plan. You can have full faith in him as an excellent surgeion and a really nice guy. I speak from experience with him as my surgeon for a major procedure. excellent outcome!
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    I wasn't referring to their value to society, but to their position on the wage scale. I worked several seasons as a fruit picker in Canada, which included crawling around in the hot sun picking tomatoes. It's not just a job for Mexicans. It's hard work, and greatly undervalued.
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    Contrary to popular belief,it is less costly to buy an existing house and renovate than building from scratch even if the reno is major. Yes, Jimi Hendrix,I am experienced.
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    I would go to LTH on the caratera in Riberas de Pilar. They can quickly determine if battery & alternator are OK. IF they are good, then one does need an auto electric technician. Examining the car, when it is dark, to see if a light is draining the battery is logical.
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    Semantics - getting your INE card is registering to vote.
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    Although that's generally true Angus, one does not need a referral here for anything. You want a skin Doctor, go make an appointment with a skin Doctor. Why prolong a situation when there's no need.
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    Tramadol does nothing for me. The best I've found here is the generic Lyrica. It is great for most pain.
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    I didn't have to say anything....as his mother, I could have said a lot more. He's handsome and witty and nice! I'm proud that he went out on his own, he deserves it, he has the experience and he really loves solar! It's his "thing."
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