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    This is the WORST of the worst! This was a fund raiser for something that benefits this entire community. A lot of volunteered hard work by many people for a couple hours of fun entertainment. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT CONTRIBUTED👌🌞
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    Oh, one might be surprised....! 😉
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    They will make house calls and some English is spoken. LOCKSMITH ARAGON Morelos # 172 - Chapala, Telephone: 766 3552
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    Before I made a decision on the house I would get a solar quote. You might be surprised how reasonable it might be. I've seen installations with a 3-5 year payback if one is in DAC....after that your electricity will almost be free. Don't compare to NOB solar pricing.
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    Likes: Weather, friendly people (both expat and Mexican), beautiful lake and mountains, gradually improving infrastructure, access to many wonderful colonial towns within 2-5 hours drive in any direction, still reasonable cost of living. Dislikes: Ever-increasing traffic, parking problems, getting anything done without excessive complications, too many rumors/too little accurate up-to-date info, costs of rentals and house purchases pricing out many people (both expat and Mexican).
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    Pot. Kettle. Black. For the past 20 years, until my retirement 10 years ago, my stated occupation on my Canadian income tax forms was "professional artist and mason" A professional artist is someone who has fine artist skills, but chooses to sell those skills to the highest bidder. That is all that I am recommending here. Simple. I have worked alongside with some of the best fine artists in the world, a very tough game to get recognition. On wood working, I owned a golf tee factory, into which investors poured in enough to purchase five automatic hollow chuck lathes, a chain driven circular saw, dust collection, two heavy duty router tables, automatic pad printer. The wood we used was B.C. interior Birch which was inexpensive because it was often gray water stained. In short, I have been through truck loads of birch, yellow cedar, maple and alder. All that time you were running around to flea markets, as some sort of grifter, trying to hoodwink people into thinking these extremely ugly articles were actually highly valuable works of art. I always remember when you asked if I could connect you with a famous architect. You sent a picture of all these firewood logs dressed up in old clothes. You claimed he was a famous folk artist, yet when he died, there was not a single word about this in his lengthy obituary. Out of my ken, really? I double dog dare you to send in a picture of the firewood people which I believe you wanted $20,000 cdn for.
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    iLox was able to get into Lakeside because almost 500 people paid UP FRONT for the service, because they were so pissed off with TelMex over the years. That's a lot of people who have not experienced what you are talking about. I still deal every single day with TelMex customers who get anywhere between -2 and 5 Mbps. That's no improvement.
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    We have had a pool here for over 11 years. They are money pits, plain and simple. Replacing pool solar panels, replace decking, pool lights, turbo-cells for salt water, new control box for chlorinator, on and on. I am ok with it as I had a much larger pool NOB for over 16 years. Stuff wears out faster here, especially those that have exposure to electricity and how it varies in voltage here.
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    Those excellent health care systems in some European countries took decades to build and this president thinks that he can do it within 2 years, with a budget that is only 5 % of those European counterparts !? ( he likes to compare to Denmark )....with the same infrastructure, highly skilled staff, newest equipment, less corruption ???..... Keep on dreaming, Mr President
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    ...But where is it in relation to the Oxxo?
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    Get x-rays and an MRI and see an orthopedic surgeon! Don't let a chiropractor fiddle with your back! Been there, done that.
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    Don‘t believe it. See an oftomologo. Cataract lens replacement is a piece of cake.
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    Elisabeth- Carla from the Legion here- Don't delay, contact Ron from Go Solar ASAP. We have a small house and no pool, but a simple and not very costly solar installation by STI is saving us an average of $3,000/mo. Other companies wanted to install twice the equipment at twice the cost, taking twice as long to recoup our installation costs! Ron is great to deal with, extremely knowledgeable, his crew was the best. Look at solar hot water, too. We love ours and again, the savings in gas start immediately and are substantial.
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    Schedule 40 PVC and plastic valves work just fine for salt water pools. The maintenance is a lot easier normally only needing to adjust pH and maybe small amounts of chlorine and shock if there is a lot of rain. A 220 volt variable speed pump such as one made by Pentair consumes very little electricity although the up front cost is pretty steep. Speeds can range from 1,300 RPM to 3,400 RPM with the low end consuming about 180 watts per hour. If you have solar electricity and want warm water, an electric heat pump is a good choice. It doesn't matter whether it's sunny or cloudy you can get the temp to whatever you want pretty quickly. A 140,000 BTU unit does consume about 8kWh per hour but after the pool is warm and covered after usage it only takes an hour or so to reheat in the morning.
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    If you want the pool, Bisbee Gal's suggestion is the best way. If you don't want the pool and can't imagine using it on a regular basis, then don't buy the house. They cost money to be maintained properly and, if you're not using it and enjoying it, you will come to resent it. imho.
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    MSG is an excitotoxin. Some people feel it very strongly and others are unaware. It makes everything taste good so the manufacturers use it so that they can use inferior ingredients and it still tastes great. I put a grain of it on my tongue once and it had to keep from chewing up my tongue until it wore off cuz it tasted like the best steak...
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    The name of the apartments is not "cow apartments" as it was pointed out, that the cow was merely a landmark at one time to find the lane where the apartments were is all.
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    If you can't remember and try to make a joke of it,I suggest that you don't give useless advice to people who might actually be looking for those apartments.
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    Spend a little time on the Chapala Crime groups of Facebook and the answer will be clear.
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    OK, you're free to do so. My problem was a congenital defect, impossible to fix w/o surgery. It was found via x-ray and MRI. Thorough diaganosics will tell if one needs surgery or can be dealt with via chiropractic. W/O good diagnostics any Chiro manipulation is just fiddling in the dark.
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    I have used chiropractic successfully for years for different problems. But I wouldn't see Dr. Birch because he doesn't hold a license in Mexico. He hasn't done his service to the community/country and won't get my support. I want someone who has done things legally and done his service period like an honest person.
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    Is it like hitting your head against the wall? It feels sooooo good when you quit.
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    i hardly believe there are any drops like this...
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    He charged me 200 pesos for the visit plus 100 pesos for an antiinflamitory shot and an antibiotic shot and 100 pesos for an antiseptic spray. Total 400 pesos. I felt that was reasonable
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    Did he check Mercadolibre, they have it? https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-632832784-locion-williams-lectric-shave-antes-de-afeitar-207ml-_JM?quantity=1#reco_item_pos=2&reco_backend=machinalis-seller-items&reco_backend_type=low_level&reco_client=vip-seller_items-above&reco_id=994a2941-fd7f-4ec6-846a-6628244dc4c6
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    ...and these aren't one-of stories
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    What I am curious about is WHY anyone is implying that there are no negative effects from MSG? Seems almost like a crusade. Those who experience the effects know the difference between facts and b.s. As it happens, I love Asian food and know full well what is going to follow...discomfort. I eat it anyway, though not often. I sure don't use MSG for my home cooking.
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    Electricity theft cost the CFE 3.65 billion pesos (US $187.6 million) between January and May, an amount that equates to a loss of approximately 16,690 pesos (US $860) per minute. ... Almost 11,600 cases of electricity theft were detected in México state, over 2,000 more than in Tabasco.Sep 23, 2019 mexiconewsdaily.com › cases-of-tampered-or-bypassed-electrical-meters CFE identifies 69,000 cases of tampered or bypassed ... Somehow I doubt this number includes many expats. Another source: https://www.naturalgasintel.com/articles/119821-mexico-steps-up-push-to-reduce-rampant-electricity-theft
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    Go to the locksmith on Madero in Chapala, by far the best guy in town.
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    And a general reco to go with a salt cloro pool system, vs chemicals. These units work well, automatically, and save a lot of both cost and hassle. And almost all users also like the small amount of salt in the water, as a bonus.
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    4 of us had dinner on Tues and it was delicious all around. Might be the best of the higher end restaurants.
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    If you ever wanted a pool and will actually use it, this is the place. Cost to maintain a pool here is less than half of Florida. I pay less than $50 USD per month including chemicals in Ajijic. My pool is actually used daily from Mid March to mid November after that pool is too cold to use unless you are Canadian. I do run my pump more than just filtering in order to get needed solar into the pool, 4 to 5 hours a day to keep the pool at 87°. In December Jan and Feb I can clean and filter with only 3.5 hours a day. I do not have a two speed pump which would be nice and more economical. I have 8 solar pool panels that cost me about $158 per panel 4'x8' with 1000 btu per sqft. But the cold nights drop it to 80° right now. Either swimming or exercising is the best exercise you will get. After back surgery they recommended walking in pool 30 min a day as it was impossible to fall and injure oneself. I have kept it up for 10 years. sent PM
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    Back to mesh. I saw a gardener video how he used organza gift bags which are typically given out at weddings, etc, and are certainly inexpensive on amazon.I think the actual material is nylon.
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    The argument that MSG is "natural" (and therefore shouldn't be demonized by the people who react badly to it) contains one serious flaw: Heavy duty drugs come "naturally" from poppies. Many poisons are "natural". Experience dictates personal decisions about use, not whether a substance is "natural" or not. A quick trip to the subject on the web will list the adverse side effects of MSG for some people. Enough? 😉
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    Hi there! Greetings from Tokio! I feel sorry that we can not come to Mexico this winter because I need to get dental procedures (12 teeth implants)😪. We may visit Guadalajara after the Olympic games are over. Chillin, I might give you a wrong idea on Umami and Koji which are different; Umami, as far as I understand, was recognized and introduced to the Western world as the 5th taste. Please refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umami Koji is used to make Sake, Soy sauce, Soy bean paste, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qū I will try to bring you some Koji-Kin with me when I come to Mexico next time. I hope I can pass la aduana sin problema because it is made from rice which is not allowed to import. If you have any ?'s, please let me know. Saludos
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    I add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar while cooking the broth and it helps dissolve the collagen making a gelatinous broth. It doesn't make the soup sour either....
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    I read differently than you it seems and would surely get competent advice beyond this forum before I would risk the instrument.
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    You don't recycle? It's been there more than 5 years. Maybe 8.
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    Shoot, come out tonight, Sunday's are great to hear mariachis.
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    He definitely is not sensitive to time. I have never had him make me anything as small as a wallet but I am satisfied with his work.
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    Pinned as an ongoing reference. Thanks Spencer!
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    Actually the RIV website states that NO vehicles from jurisdictions other than the US are currently admissible to be imported to Canada. Whether this is new or not, I don't know but it is the current rule. https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/road/importing-vehicle/countries-other-united-states.html
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    I keep a source with me all the time.
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    Looks like a baptismal by a fundamentalist group full of the holy spirit.
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    Following up on the discussion about treatment for sciatica, I saw my orthopedic surgeon last week. He says every case can be different, sometimes acupuncture helps, sometimes chiropractic treatment helps, often physio can be the solution. But, if it is chronic get an MRI & find the root of the problem. I would think most Drs. would say the same thing.
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    You might want to try Victor Youcha. He is a good chiropractor. He goes right to your problem areas and fixes you up. He is my only recommendation Lakeside.
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    Imagine a world where businesses add a fee to your bill so they can work less and make more. Brilliant.
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    Many years ago, Dr. Guillermo Avalos did my cataract surgeries after my collapsed retinas were repaired by a dedicated retinologist, Dr. Enrique Roig, who practices at Puerto de Hierro and also at Clinica Santa Lucia. The latter is an excellent choice with fine facilities and is a very specialized eye clinic near Plaza Terranova. I recommend them.
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