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    It makes me very sad to continually read these posts. Everyone on our planet is under a great deal of stress. We, the retired ones are the lucky ones, we don't have to go to work, we don't have to deal with young children at home and wonder about their safety retuning to school this fall. Do you think everyone on this board could show a little love and concern for our fellow man instead of the constant insults, opinions etc. Come on people, time to grow up and try to comfort those amongst us who have serious health issues and may just be terrified for their lives. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. You have no idea who you may be hurting. Wear a mask, it won't kill you. It just might save somebody else's life.
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    Given the OP's history of maligning service providers, I would not recommend anyone to him, let alone a physician I like and respect.
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    I've been in every country in Central America and all of western South America. There is not another place that suits our needs quite like this area. We have lived in San Miguel de Allende and I lived in Patzcuaro. I have been in 26 different states of Mexico. Always with an eye out for potential living or retirement. The combination of elements that exist here does not exist anywhere else that I have ever been. If you feel like Ajijic is too much like "gringolandia" then consider places like San Nicolas or Santa Cruz or even Jocotepec. Same weather, proximity to Guad and airport, four hours from the best beaches in Mexico, and Ajijic amenities within a short drive. It can depend on your comfort with the language. There is crime and corruption in all of Latin America as well as in many places in the US. Some folks just love South Texas, Florida, or Arizona. Not our choice though. Half of the fun of expat living is exploring your options...something that much of the world just does not have the luxury of doing. Alan
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    If that little sweetie does not meet your requirements along with all the other "stipulations" you posted at the start, it's time you put on your big girl pants, get on MercadoLibre, and find a breeder in Jalisco who can meet your exacting needs.
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    masks are to protect others not you and if you can prevent one death it is worth it.. It is easy to look at statistic when you are not affected but just get it or hae one of your love one affected and let´s see what you say.
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    This was posted in the MC thread on "interesting data": The CDC says, in very plain language, that COVID-19 is one of the most damaging and dangerous viruses / diseases out there, to both young and old. Fewer young people die from it, this is true. However, the full extent of the significant and permanent damage done to their bodies, general health / stamina, brains, and cardio systems is still not fully understood - other than it can be life changing and life shortening. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/24/health/covid-19-symptoms-last-long-term-study-wellness/index.html
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    These people are $%&/()S! Why do you keep posting their crap? Do you get a cut of their action??? They post utter nonsense on youtube almost daily and get paid by the number of hits. They don't care what they post...don't care how vague, how inaccurate, how totally lacking in any value. All they want is more hits to up their payment from youtube. Stop enabling these dopes. While I didn't look at the video, I can see the static image where they have a listing for an expense labeled, "MADE." Seriously, you want people to watch a video where their lack of any semblance of editing skills allow MADE for MAID??? Gimme a break!
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    Yeah, don´t wear a seat belt, exceed the speed limits, run through the red lights, and ignore all those other things that the government forces you to do, or in your case doesn´t. Get real!!!
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    Dichosalocura- almost all of what you have said in your post above regarding the death rates and the efficacy of masks is incorrect. And saying you'll cease to wear a mask if the govt. mandates them makes about as much sense as Obrador saying he'll wear a mask when there is no more corruption. Masks are worn to safeguard public health and keep the infection rate down. They have nothing to do with politics and govt. power.
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    We have a choice not to shop at stores where the employees are not following the safety protocols. Don't bother talking to the customer service staff- they are usually just as clueless and uncaring as the rest of the staff. Ask to speak to the manager, let him know they are losing your business because of this. Go once more to see if that made any difference, and if not, boycott them. There are many places to go shopping. Let's reward the businesses who are being responsible and not put our $ in the pockets of those who aren't.
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    Could this be a case if "leading with your chin"? If you go into known cartel territory and buy a big ranch, it shows you have money . You might be "leading with your chin" the cartel is probably going to target you. Not saying the cartel has the right but it is just the way it is here. Just my opinion
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    Eric, if you are going to continue to give people updates on every aspect of your life, you have to expect people to tell you they don’t care. You are the one that’s being abusive here.
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    I feel the limiting of Tapatios should be reinstated. Ajijic village on weekends is being populated with tapatios who do not wear masks and gather in large groups. I feel the mayor needs to step in to stop tapatios who do not have homes here from coming in. No bringing all your friends for the weekend JMO
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    Who like to personally insult other posters, I think it is time we got beyond the crass insults and became much more erudite at it. Hence, when I saw this it occurred to me immediately this would be a great addition here. Enjoy! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your insults. Let's set to work on being impertinent motley-minded harpys!
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    This is not an airport so no need to announce your departure.
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    So you wear seatbelts, have insurance on your car, generally observe speed limits, and do not drive under the influence but draw the line at wearing a piece of cloth over the lower part of your face because freedom? 🙄
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    He also drove a lot of customers away by sitting around with pals laughing at their racist, misogynistic comments and “jokes.” Some people were just not comfortable there especially as more beer was consumed. I remember fondly eating at his original location. He was friendly and the atmosphere pleasant as he served his delicious pizza (and it was delicious). Perhaps he became a victim of his own success.
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    Eric.. , you call someone on sunday morning and you are surprised , he did not call you back by monday morning?.. Anyone who calls me on sunday mornning gets put on the black list and they never hear from me again...If it is business call him on business hours..
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    Yet you have never offered anyone any requested advice on this forum, as far as I'm aware, never been helpful, engaged in any topic in any meaningful way or even been conversational in any way. You bring nothing to the table. Your entire motivation for posting seems to consist of giving your opinion on the appropriateness of other's posts. You're like some "church lady" who's set herself up as arbiter of "niceness" and "nastiness", as if you think there was some job opening for that position here that needed to be filled.
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    I am going to Chicago Monday to escort a new resident down but, I have been taking HCQ as a preventive. BTW I feel great and my sciatica is better. I bet this starts a fire storm.
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    I'm not sure the US has a lot of room to suggest that any other country is not doing a good job fighting the virus. The US has approx. 4.7% of the world's population and approx. 26% of confirmed Covid19 cases and 22% of deaths. I'm sure these numbers are not exact because of the numerous ways they have been played to reflect political reality instead of actual reality. Not just in the US either. I'm pretty sure Mexico is playing the same games now. In any case, it sure doesn't look like traveling anywhere is going to be a good option anytime soon. Alan
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    Think long and hard before reporting this family. If you have expressed your concerns to them and then DIF shows up they will “know” it was you. If the baby is normal sick and crying a lot and the government shows up at their door they may view you most unkindly. I have a Mexican friend who I run such things past to get the cultural take on situations. He has several times saved me from missteps, mostly minor but a couple that would have been serious faux pas. A health and safety issue for the baby is serious. But if you are mistaken it could backfire on you. Even if the report is necessary there may be ways to handle it that will be easier for you.
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    Totally sexist heading and a lazy and stupid post. Just my opinion.
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    My problem with the location was it being across the street from the previous restaurant he sold to a couple whenhe was sick and needed money. Then he gets better and comes back and opens up across the street. “Ta-da! Bobby’s back! Forget that old Roberto’s place across the street.”
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    Call someone a bitch? I would wash your mouth with real soap and offer you a drink of soapy water to clean you inside and out. Please do many of us a favor to take a long leave of absence. Or please seek help, you're not well.
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    A little amplification - the article was not meant to downplay the need for masks in appropriate circumstances. The article was published on April 1, 2020. The authors followed up with an editorial comment on June 3, 2020 stressing that article's emphasis on "passing encounters in public spaces, not sustained interactions within closed environments". It begins with "We understand that some people are citing our Perspective article (published on April 1 at NEJM.org)1 as support for discrediting widespread masking. In truth, the intent of our article was to push for more masking, not less. " and concludes with "We therefore strongly support the calls of public health agencies for all people to wear masks when circumstances compel them to be within 6 ft of others for sustained periods." https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2020836.
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    There are plenty of "pros" who claim they can solve your salitre problem, but I've never found one who actually did. I have had much better luck dealing with it myself. There's nothing difficult about it- what it requires is patience. First, you have to ensure that there is no more source of moisture coming in anywhere.. If there is mold, as opposed to salitre, wash it down with a bleach solution. Then you just have to let the area dry out well. Put a fan on it if necessary. Doing any treatment before it is thoroughly dry is pointless. Best to wait until dry season. Scrape off any loose paint and plaster. Then paint the area with a 50% muriatic acid/water solution. Wait until you see more salitre emerging, which may take days or weeks, repeat the acid solution. Continue this until you see no more signs of salitre. This may take months. Then, if there is plaster that needs to be repaired, have that done. Wait a month for the cement to cure. If it's a really shallow repair, you can lessen this time. Now you can sponge off the area with water, and when dry apply a good quality Sin Salitre product. I've found the Sika brand, sold at Home Depot to be the best. Others were useless or left a high gloss finish. When that is dry, (like leave it for a day), you can now repaint the area. If you are impatient, can't bear to have an ugly, unpainted wall for months and not wait for all these steps and time, the salitre will just keep coming back and you will have to keep dealing with it, endlessly. Anytime I paid someone else to "fix" the salitre problem (and this has been the experience of friends, as well), they scraped the area down, replastered, painted on sin salitre and painted, all in the course of a couple of a days. That doesn't work. The salitre just comes back.
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    ...and then, there are the people who hold a grudge as though it were a cherished child. I ate at Janelle's when they first opened. Terrible lunch. Went back several years later and had a good lunch, so I continued to go there occasionally until this plague kept me home. Bobby's menu is completely different and the food is very good. There is room for both restaurants in this area. It's about the FOOD, not the personality of the owners. The recently closed Perry's is a case in point. As long as the Pizza was good, I ignored the owner. Then, the Pizza went downhill. Adios.
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    I have no idea why people would try and support this guy..theatrical Facebook posting and now this ad in the paper..the fat lady has sang good bye Bobby...plenty of other establishments who looking for business without being jerked around.
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    You've been invited, "nay, dare I say coaxed".....by a MOD, to freely insult others within the limits of this tool kit, as I read it! So.....🟢GREEN LIGHT, amigo (AKA, you fawning, idle-headed, vassal!) 😉 Cheerio!
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    Ja ja ja. Who would step foot in THAT cesspool right now?
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    If you don't want a very contentious relationship with your landlord, you might want to stay indoors during the party and let it go. There is no "Covid party police" and you might risk losing your happy home if you cause a stink. Just my 2 pesos worth.
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    Unless you are personally acquainted with the OP and his property, how could you possibly state how much a gardener should be paid for "the job"? The grass that needs mowing could be 10 square meters or 300. The plants that need trimming could be extensive or just a few. The job could take 2 hours or 10.
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    Eric, this doesn't apply to Mexico and certainly not to Jalisco or locally. Closed.
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    It's OK we have it covered and won't be needing your help. Thanks.
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    Sure it does, to the Left. You can't be a member of their "pack" if you are a "free" thinker. You either agree 100% with their narrative or you are a racist, etc. , etc,. etc. You have heard the drill a thousand times. If you ain't with them you are against them ! Either all, or none. They weed out and eat their own, sooner or later. They only use you while you benefit them. Lots of evidence of this everywhere. Keep thinking for your survival.
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    There are now many groups of survivors sharing with others their often debilitating, and yes, life changing conditions. To suggest that the only casualties are the dead shows a lack of study and further critical thinking. By the way, the virus is "assisted" by testotestosterone, the primary reason why men die in much greater numbers. They are just now learning that it attacks the testicles, leading to damage that may well affect reproduction. So, when you get talking about how it's really nothing to be concerned about, consider more than just the numbers of dead (as if that isn't horrifying enough!)🤔
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    The reason: They want to be able to stop. They do not intend to enter Walmart.
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    Your question reminds me of the old quote: "It's not the hours you put in at work, it's what you put in the hours." Ask for quotes based on doing the job once a week. If unhappy with the results, next...
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    Yes, she is a gem. Why did you do this to her?
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    Yes, there are people who have asked me who did my plumbing, my ironwork, my electricity, but I heard back from some of those tradespeople that some of the folks who asked for their numbers from me treated them so poorly, and tried to chisel them down on their quite reasonable prices, that I would never recommend anyone to those people again. Now if they ask, I'll just say "Oh, he must have changed his phone number or something- I haven't been able to get ahold of him for ages."
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    I do not see any difference between asking here which browser to use and which solar panel to use or which appliance, cigar, medicine. mask, butter (etc) why is research on one subject more valuable than other? Technology is important part of our lives wherever we live.
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    Edited by moderator to remove personal insult. Did you not learn from your last suspension? Your next one will be permanent!
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    I think a lot of people, Mexican and expats, feel that the gov't is so curupt that the 16% will just go into someone's pocket and the people will see no changes
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    The death rate isn't the way we should be looking at this, there are residual effects. It's like Polio, the death rate was 5-15% but about 66% of patients had permeant damage, and even now 60 years later some survivors are experiencing post polio complications. The vaccine has been around for 60 years, but there were still about 150 cases last year world wide (up from 19 in 2018).
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    Survival rate with, according to the latest studies, a majority showing mild to severe lung damage. No way to tell if it is temporary or permanent. This included asympotomatic persons as well. About 15-20 % overall need hospitalization, another 30% have mild to serious symptoms but don't need hospitalization. Unlike the flu, the illness lasts from a few days to 6-8+ weeks. Also unlike the flu, people who do recover often have an assortment of side effects including blood clots, lung scarring, heart or kidney damage, and neurological and mental health effects. This is a new virus and scientists are learning more every day. We do know it should not be taken lightly.
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    a new moderator in town. same as the old boss
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    Can’t you just skip over the thread if it is not of interest to you?
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