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    it is cheaper to pay the fee than having problems later ..No?
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    I do not think Trip's are any good. Had one once, never again. His burgers are also overprice in my opinion.
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    Its gringolandia remember. Where the expats want it to be like up north, willing to pay up north prices, over tip, say how cheap things are here and willingly pay over the top for services . They are actually ruining the local economy for locals and other expats who are actually are aware of mexico,its cultures and foibles and general cost of living. I have lived in a few countries, without American u.s. expats and never ever experienced this nonsense before. In some countries the locals would not appreciate this interference. Here as well, but they arent going to cut off the hand that feeds them. My mexican partner is horrified at the prices lakeside, and the attitude by expats. She isnt from here and sees things from an outsiders point of view. By all means support your favorite charity, pay a sensible wage and give a christmas bonus but do it with common sense, but as cg states thats sorely missing. Its mexico, fit in!
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    I saw these signs and had a totally different interpretation because I thought I had read that many of the units had been pre-sold. Thus, there are only a few left. . . the last apartments available.
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    That thing is so ugly it wouldn't surprise me if the residents died from sheer sensory degradation.
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    No argument there. But look, as an aside? Anyone making burgers out of Angus beef is nuts. First of all, the cost. Second, there is not nearly enough fat for a burger. Third, when I can get a full shrimp dinner for $139, why would I pee away $220 on a damn burger? But maybe that's just me... In any case, $180p for a mushroom burger is what I pointed out, independent of beef prices. That is just nutz.
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    The bomberos looked for him but quit searching at around 4:00 Saturday afternoon. I had a gut feeling I would find him so I went to the pier with my binoculars. There was noone there except an Uncle and Aunt. She was singing him in. We shared the binoculars and after about half an hour spotted him about a block east of the pier and about 1/2 a block from shore. The Uncle whistled and hollered that we found him. The family was on the malecon and they came running. They looked through the binoculars to see him. Then the police came and later the bomberos. A local fisherman rowed out to him and confirmed it was him. The police told him not to lift him out because that was supposed to be done by the bomberos. Later the bomberos came with 2 kayaks and a blowup boat and went out and got him. Such a sad day for so many locals to lose one of their own. A 34 year old man with a 9 year old son.
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    You can quote the law all you want we have found many places, banks and government offices who will NOT accept a Mexican Notary. My wife was an attorney, real estate broker and a mobile notary and for the vast majority of US notaries they cannot sign and stamp in any state but the state they are licensed in. A few exceptions in a few places exist relating to corp law and international signings but the vast majority of notaries cannot sign in Mexico. Also be aware when you sign you write the place of signing and I bet no one writes down Mexico. Go to the Consulate and pay the money and remember it is per signature and many documents have many places to sign. Yes it is expensive but it is legal.
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    Water from your well should be clean since the level of your well should be way below the lake level, but check your bacteria level of the water. The lake water e. coli level is way below the Mexican or US standard. You surely don't need purified water for your laundry or garden. I would image only your drinking water is of concern. You can buy bottled water for way cheaper or have a filter put on your kitchen sink.
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    Her follow-on blog messages on this remind me of the time in the brunch buffet line at the Real Chapala Hotel; and showing off my new Spanish skills by asking the young lady serving: "Tiene huevos"? She kept a straight face, unlike my fluent Spanish speaking buddy next to me in line, who just about collapsed laughing / smirking.
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    No, that is an hour on Mexican time.
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    They remind of the "public housing" built under the Erich Honecker administration in the former East Germany. Talk about depressing.............
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    I just don't "get" the high pricing of burgers at some restaurants. If in the mood for a burger, I can go to Cocinart in Ajijic and get a "sirloin burger" for around 80 pesos. Large and delicious. It's on their regular menu.
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    I am an RN in the U.S. and have worked with a lot of plastic surgeons. The difference is simply that the more same type procedures a physician does the better he/she gets at it. The eyes need special care to not change the shape or make them look smaller. It doesn't make a general plastics physician bad, it is just the better of two options. My first question to a plastics doctor is how many eye lid surgeries do you do a week/month/year. Does that help. I'd do the same for any plastics person regardless of the body part to be amended.
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    The OP was trying to re-new an existing coverage. Refusal to renew is a violation of more than one federal law. Filing a demand against any government employee who violates federal law would receive quick action based on my experience.
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    I do not know that there are " the best" pet charities. There are two dog shelters: The Ranch and Lucky Dog. There is one cat shelter run by LFA with an associated pet food store, There are two spay / neuter organizations - one at each end of the lake, due to two different municipalities they must engage in their work . The purpose of these two organizations is to provide free spay/neuter services for those Mexican Nationals who may not have the financial means for this and/ or have physical access to a Vet for these services. They also do education at these clinics about respect for animals, and also do vaccinations. They are staffed by volunteers, and have fund raisers and accept donations as the surgical supplies are not inexpensive. Due to their on-going work at lakeside there really is less unwanted puppies and kittens as to compared to years ago - I know this from my 13 years of fostering kittens and puppies that were found tossed in the garbage, or worse, etc.. . And through education there has actually been an increase of male dogs and cats being brought to the clinics by their owners - that is also an improvement. Many Mexicans really do love their pets, but due to economics, have to make decisions about their human family's financial needs or sterlization for their pets. These two organizations do take this burden off the 'bread-winner' in the family , and in general it helps the community at lakeside . As soon as I can get the current /accurate contact information for these two groups, I will add it to this posting. I will not engage in a 'debate' as to who is more deserving of these spay / neutering services.. an ex-pat living on a pension or a Mexican family whose bread-winner is earning 50 - 75 pesos / an hour, 5 and 1/2 days/week, and supporting their family. The programs were set up for Mexican Nationals. The belief is, if there is less unwanted kittens / puppies being born, it is a benefit to all involved who care about the pet over-population, including the local shelters . Many of the volunteers who give their time to these s/p groups, volunteer at both organizations when they have a sterlization clinic,, as well volunteering at the two dog shelters. I am not naive to think this will deal with the 'dumping' of dogs in particular, but it will slow down the unwanted births / pet over-pupulation. These two group although seperated by official municipality lines, they help each other with the same goal. Chapala, East end of the Lake - Operacion Amor : Cameron Peters<zo-onna@hotmail.com>, Jocotopec, West end of the lake: Tails of Mexico - Susan Watkins : <susan_watkins@outlook.com> or tailsofmexico@hotmail.com
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    You have established quite clearly on numerous occasions a contra reputation.
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    I'm sorry, it wasn't intended to be a taunt or personal attack. What I meant by absurd is that if someone posts a completely unrelated question on an existing thread that has nothing to do with the topic they are inquiring about, they may not get any or very few responses to their question, because no one would think to look at a thread called "Mazatlan information" if they were interested in being helpful regarding a question concerning Shaw satellite TV.
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    Because we are the brightest and best with lots of greenbacks burning holes in our pockets 🤣🤣🤣
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    Being a brit, ian and carnivore are both correct. Mushy peas tend to be more popular in the Midlands upwards to the border. Those peas in the photos are fresh peas, but no doubt frozen. Cod, Those fisn n chips in the photos look great. Hard to find these days from an authentic chippy and restaurants and pubs seem to be best plaice for them. We used to haddock it all way back when. Newspaper wrapping, scraps, fishcakes ,patties. dandelion and burdock to flush it down and in scotland fried mars bar , a bread roll,and irn brew.plus a picked egg.
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    ...Just be aware their fees may be the same as in the Consulate or sometimes more. They usually charge "per signature" so depending on how many you need... They are perfectly legal as RV says whereas a US Notary outside of their jurisdiction is definitely not legal.
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    A. Look, I did not post on any thread on purpose...my first time. I need info! I am in Mazatlan and am gathering facts. Need help, not taunts!
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    Second the motion for Timothy G. Ruff Welch. He's s superlative musician, director of Los Cantantes choral group, and an all-around wonderful guy. We've been friends for a long time and you'll like him a LOT. Another good contact is Jayme Littlejohn, at the new BRAVO theatre. Tell them both Cristina Potters sent you!
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    Not positive if this is the same location but...more than 15 years ago there was a restaurant there or very close by that seemed to also be deserted with waiters just standing around. Several local (Mexican) business owners told us it was a money laundering operation for an owner who had "business ties" NOB. So contrary to the OP's opinion it was a failure, we were told it was very successful at doing what it was intended to do. "Customers" were not needed...or wanted.
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    Cesar is the Treasurer of the Lake Chapala Shrine Club. You can also take a cheque and turn it over to the club at their monthly meeting at the Real de Chapala at 1 PM tomorrow (Tuesday). Ask at the desk where the meeting is held. I'm a member but still in Canada, but I can almost guarantee you a free lunch and and a big show of gratitude. Thanks "klm".... your generosity will help Mexican kids to receive medical treatment at our Mexico City Shrine Hospital for Children. .Shriners Hospitals for Children - Mexico
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    You never will. They don`t like purposelessly jumping into mudholes. They are too busy enjoying life. What a concept.
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    Either the ophthalmologist at Dermika which I started out with or the ophthamologist Dra. Claudia Camacho who is above the Immigration office just before entering Chapala. They both have the equipment and knowledge to check your retinas AND for glaucoma AND for cataracts. Old eyes need special care.
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    Happy Hour started early?
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    https://www.fvap.gov/arizona That is the site we used to register to vote. We haven't lived in the U.S. for 22 years. Used our last address in the U.S. when required, but, we are registered as living in MX. No need to have a current U.S. address to VoteFromAbroad absentee.
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    Yes they do, and will again. You can also register online at VoteFromAbroad.org. The site is easy to use and steps you through the process using the address where you last voted. It is a good idea to resubmit the form requesting an absentee ballot just so you stay on the voter lists. https://www.votefromabroad.org/ I vote using an address where I rented before moving here 11 years ago. I have no current connection to that address but imagine the current renters get lots of campaign mail for me.
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    That is simply a stupid and rude thing to say. It shows no depth, just vitriol. Not at all welcome here. Not in any way.
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    Yes i Know Alfredo of sun quest good company
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    Was at El Sombrero last night and had the grilled fish and chips. The fish pieces were absolutely disgusting - dry, over-cooked and burnt on the bottom. I left the fish after trying to eat a piece and pointed out to the waiter how bad it was. They did ask me if I wanted anything else, but after the terrible fish I was not inclined to try anything else from the kitchen. Of course they hit me with the full bill for the meal upon leaving, not even the courtesy to offer a reduction. A restaurant to avoid in my opinion.
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    What about the large apartment construction behind these? Where are the cars going to? That area is already a terrible bottleneck. I cannot wait when more cars are trying to enter traffic at this area.
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    I get the impression they are like some of the restaurants around here, very inconsistent.
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    There are many things food-wise we will never see eye-to-eye on. For one thing, I don't believe Trip's claim. For another, those burgers are a pretty sad excuse for beef of any variety... so if it's the truth, what poor Angus.
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    Contact Antonio ... https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741094024&ref=content_filter
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    In Canada where immigration has always been (and will always be) significant factor in the development of the country, the availability of products from the United Kingdom, the original home for many Canadian citizens today, the availability of boxes of dried Marrowfat Peas was expected and not difficult to find.. We've never had a problem in obtaining the product and have, in years since, found the easily identifiable boxes in Florida, New York State and Arizona. We have not actually looked lately, but on Thursday when we visit La Casita on Terranova in Providencia/Guadalajara, we'll take a look. Unless you have the "real deal" there is no other true way of obtaining anything close to a true dish of "Mushy Peas" at least that we know of. Many Canadian grocery stores always had the product. If you have Canadian friends who'll arrive here soon and ask if they can bring you something worthwhile, then forget about asking for: a Shaw t.v. receiver or more "accommodating bed mate" and simply ask them to pick up a couple (or more) boxes of dried Marrowfat peas. Could change your life and initiate a more meaningful appreciation of all that you've been missing! Oh, and before I forget....Canada would be at a sorrowful loss without the contributions of their Polish immigrants. Who on earth could really enjoy life without Polish Sausage, Perogi (Polish Dumplings), Rosói (Broth/Chicken broth), Golgbki (Cabbage Roll) or Polskie nalésniki (Polish Pancakes). As a matter of fact, why do we see so many posts by those who are concerned about why they can't get a certain food item here in Mexico from elsewhere easily? Why, because it's Mexico with it's abundance of offerings from a whole new and exciting world of food............food that has a far more developed history than in many other countries. We who live here are incredibly blessed and lucky!
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    We've been advised our hosting service will be updating the software beginning at 9PM on Friday. There may be outages and/or slowdowns. When posting a thread or response PLEASE do not hit the enter bar more than once. Here are the details: In an effort to improve uptime and stability, we will be upgrading your web hosting server's hardware! Here are some of the benefits of the upgrade: All solid-state drive(SSD) backed storage. This means much faster access and write times for data. Moving to Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5 processors vs existing AMD. The scheduled maintenance will begin on Fri, Oct 18 and your server may experience intermittent downtime starting at 9 PM CDT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Never even heard let alone seen mushy peas with fish and chips but then again I am not the second coming of Anthony Bourdain. nor have I been to jolly old. I'll ask my son who has lived in London for years and even worked in a pub or two.
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    Real traditional mushy peas are made using dried marrowfat peas that require an overnight soaking and long slow cooking. ... Bicarbonate or baking soda is added to the peas during cooking; this causes the peas to explode and create the required mush.Sep 9, 2019 The Spruce Eats › traditional-mushy-peas-recipe-435950
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    One: most Brits I know don't even like mushy peas (my own lady being one). Two: Peas pictured by Halfglass are not "mushy". I think it's one of those weird cross-cultural things, like they don't really celebrate St. Patrick's day in Ireland, and Mexico doesn't really care about cinqo de Mayo.
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    Tabarka…….maybe…...used to have Spanish tapas. I suppose they have wine.
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    Antonio Regolado can help you too...knowledgeable, fair and honest guy in Ajijic selling used vehicles...reach out to him on Facebook. Suerte!
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    You might try a pump on the water line from your tinaco to the house. I had one about 1/8 or 1/4 hp and it made a difference. You might need a slightly bigger one if your water is trickling.
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    You see, I do know something about Canada, as i was just leg pulling. It was even on the Mexican sports news as being such news worthy start.
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    Sally, not to sure who that might been directed to, but you have responded to a 3-year old Post so don't expect much response from your question. In another thread here I did see that there were 2 Honda CR-Vs for sale by a guy who also runs a car wash at Lakeside. His cars are usually very good. Also, there is a place called S&S Auto who is very reputable. He has both used vehicles and can/does act as a 'dealer agent' for car dealerships in Guadalajara.
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    You don't owe taxes to Mexico. You aren't working for anyone in Mexico, you are working for a US company online. You have to file your US taxes and state taxes just as you did when you lived up north.
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    Dr. Evelyn Rodriguez comes to Chapala Med on Saturdays by appointment as well as my Guadalajara office during the week, also by appointment. She is a top anesthesiologist and pain management physicians who is on staff at CENTRO MEDICO de OCCIDENTE in Guadalajara. She has helped me manage my patients @ Lakeside and when they have been hospitalized in Guadalajara. Being an anesthesiologist she is on top of all the new and multi-modal therapies available here in Mexico for pain management.
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