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    This guy showed up around here for a few weeks and became an instant expert. And he isn't just maligning Lakeside, he's attacking Mexico as well. He is extremely negative to the point of going right over the top. He was ignored here which pissed him off. From time to time we get some "burps" of criminal activity. The local population knows where their bread is buttered so they manage to tamp it down pretty quickly. Note that any place that brings relative affluence up against relative poverty is going to have its share of petty theft. This is the kind of stuff you can prevent with simple care, awareness and common sense. We've lived here 11 years and find it no less safe than many places we've lived in the U.S. Here, however, you are more responsible for your own personal and property safety. I don't know anyone who is leaving because of crime. The principal reason people leave is either medical or family too far away or both. That hasn't changed in the time we've been here.
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    Texas. It's very close by and you can live happily ever after fondling your weapon 24/7.
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    bontepar said: Have some foresight, Get IMSS when you are healthy, like I did, and you will not have any problems, It's apparent you don't KNOW Mexico. Do you really think it's that easy for many Mexicans to pay for IMSS? Do you understand that IMSS requires the entire family to be registered, each at a cost per person depending on age, and perhaps that is more than the family can afford? Do you understand that if a worker is registered in his employment, monthly payments come off their paycheck end the employer pays the premiums, but if a private family registers they have to pay annually like we do and that can be WAY out of their budget? ( In this case the family has IMSS but as Jackie says, there are still many outside costs involved) Do you know that SP requires payment for many medications AND many services if outside the ordinary range of circumstances, so while it is "free" and provides for essentials, it is not "free" in the sense you intimate. A Mexican friend recently needed surgery to repair severe knee injury and was quoted $4,000 pesos over and above the "free" part of SP even though he was a member! So I'm sorry bontepar, but your arrogant attitude towards this situation is unwarranted and does not bode well for your integration into Mexico.
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    It is a shame some "entitled" expat's are forcing restaurant's to make business decision's about breaking the law and allowing dog's in their restaurants. I think maybe if we print signs and distribute to restaurants saying this is a pet free premise or zone the expats will take the hint. Otherwise the restaurant could simply point to the sign. If a majority of restaurants do this the dog owners cannot discriminate against one. I think most restaurant owners are afraid to confront the dog owners and they should not have this burden put on them. I know their have been many posts on this forum about the dog problem but it is getting worse. Anyone else have a good idea?
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    Ladies and Gentlemen - The purpose of this post was to ask for help for a Mexican family, without posting a whole lot of personal information about the situation. As a FYI the person is in an IMMS hospital. However , there are always expenses involved for families when a person is ill, is hospitalized and needing surgery, with needed follow up aftercare and those associated expenses.. Alan, thank you for the specific coverage information. Bontepar, I am happy for your wonderful foresight and financial situation to take advantage of the Mexican health care system to take care of your health needs. Not all Mexican Nationals are as fortunate as you financially . Reading the post, your options were to help or not help or by pass the posting, and avoid a back and forth [ snarky ] exchange about who is right or wrong about the health care system, which ultimately dilutes the purpose of the initial post., . . Help if you like, or ………………...
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    It is with great pleasure I tell you of ANOTHER outstanding Mexican . Last Thursday at Multiva bank ATM I placed my wallet on top of the ATM while completing my transaction and it fell behind the ATM where I could not reach it due to the wooden cover .After the panic subsided I realized that not only could I not reach the wallet , no one else could either except someone from the bank . I knew the bank was closed until Monday so I figured I would just wait until then ,go to the bank and get my wallet back. This didn't keep me from worrying about it .Today at 1:30 my phone rang and it was a man from the security company that services the ATM's .He said to his surprise when he removed the cover to fill the ATM he saw my wallet on the floor .He went thru the wallet, found my phone number and called me .I met him at Multiva in about 30 minutes and he returned my wallet .He asked me to look thru it to make sure everything was there .It was, including 1000 pesos that I keep well hidden for emergencies. I thanked him several times and offered him a reward and he refused , said he was doing his job .He seemed very proud that he was able to return it and save me much grief .Again I offered the reward and again he refused .Finally I had to almost put it in his pocket to get him to take it and even then he seemed uncomfortable . I will not give his name in case he violated some company policy by taking the reward but tomorrow I will tell his company (COMETRA SECURIDAD ) what a great employee they have and I will also go to Multiva and let them know. If you've ever lost a wallet you know how stressful that can be .I know a lot of you would have expected him to keep the money , throw the wallet away and go on his way. Not every person is like that .Right is right no matter the country or nationality. Thank you again my new friend.
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    Seems to me lakeside 7 you read it...somewhat thought about it ? then replied...probably took you longer than the poster with less purpose.This is surely the type of information actually relevant to our daily lives here at Lakeside...rather than the usual back and forth bull....t between the same perpetual posters . Water supply should be one of the most important topics .
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    The title of this webboard may give Mr. Trouble a little clue as to why this site focuses on lakeside??? Most people read this site to find information about living/moving to the Lake Chapala area. There are many forums on this webboard but obviously the majority of posts are regarding living here. His interests seem to not be directed in the same way and one wonders why he spends so much time on this site? Why Mr. Trouble does it bother you so? I certainly do not find every post interesting but it is a good spot to find out information and ask questions that are pertinent to a variety of people. I agree that the majority of posts are focused on the elderly and that might not garner all the excitement Mr. Trouble is looking for but he has choices. One would be to find a more appropriate site to his interests instead of frequently posting about why this site does not meet his "standards" or personal needs. The fact is that Lake Chapala is a very popular retirement area and of all the chat sites that I have found about retiring SOB, this one has a lot of dialogue and posts. Many others only have occasional posts and because of that not the best or most pertinent information for those seeking it. Perhaps Mr. Trouble might be better served in starting his own thread for those younger of heart and body? Perhaps Mr. Troubles often demeaning posts contribute to threads being closed or deleted? I do not understand the need to disparage other peoples posts so often or why trying to negate the value this webboard gives him or anyone else any pleasure:/
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    And maybe the kids like it covered in what some of you call 'graffiti'. To them, it may be a beautiful piece of art. If it keeps the kids off the street corners causing trouble and possibly doing drugs, then I say, let them paint it any way they like. It doesn't bother me at all!
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    Nothing here but ramblings and personal comments. Closed.
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    Do a search of that topic on this board. You will find many suggestions. Your question, though you don't realize it, is kinda like asking which house should I buy or which car, etc. Different strokes for different folks and everyone has a different medical history, tolerance for risk, and financial ability to pay the premium. Good luck (and be sure to think twice about declining Medicare Part B if you are American).
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    Mr. Dhal didn't like how crowded it was here and is trying to thin out the place for his return.
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    For the poster who's opinion on Chapala/Ajijic is based on the comments of tired old musicians, who only see the night time here, and are lucky to see 200 pesos for a nights work here. For the poster who thinks he would not be accepted here because he is "bi-racial". Firstly people are very accepting here - bi-racial, bi-sexual, bi-polar, bi-cultural, bi-pedal whatever you've got. Secondly, "gringos" are definitely the minority here, I would say 10%, even in what they call the "high" season here (which I have never understood, lots of chilly, cloudy, days and nights). Yes, many of them are retired, or semi-retired, and they evolve into a completely different mindset - from a world where time is money, to a world where time is just time. Much of Mexico is stuck in the second category, which is one reason it is so fascinating. There is a sort of feeling of rebellion here, that they doing something different than hanging around the U.S.A. and Canada retirement hotspots, bragging about their family's various accomplishments. I have noticed this among the Tapatios too, dragging their patrons and mama grandes out here for a happy family weekend. And the common thread here, from everyone who falls in love with Lakeside, is nature. The hillside residential areas are spectacularly beautiful right now, birds, flowers, trees, all an explosion of color. The breezes are clean, full of oxygen. All you want to do is to take a deep breath of fresh air and then flop into the swimming pool. Bliss. The grand lake, the gorgeous sunrises. This place just beams with life, and it seems to seep deep into your soul. Unfortunately, like all states of mind, or "scenes" - they are very fragile. Things can change radically within one generation. We are seeing already with the profusion of giant, multi-story condo developments, each buyer choosing to be encased in sterile, glass living spaces. Nature is something to be viewed from afar.
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    I stand by my assessment of your comments. This thread was solely about current NOB border crossing timing for people who are facing that task. I posted valuable web links, I think, that should help them. You immediately brought in the political aspect to the thread telling us that we should not be surprised and making sure we know who you think caused all of this. Planting smiley faces into the comments don't make them less cutting.
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    What doctors say that??? My mother had quintuple bypass after a heart attack at age 80. She lived to be 92 when she suffered her last heart attack packing for her winter fling to FL. My aunt had quadruple bypass after a heart attack at age 81; she also lived an active life until age 91 (did not die of heart disease). While I am a strong believer in healthy diets and especially weight management, it is silly to say doctors do not think heart surgery prolongs life. Makes your entire post questionable.
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    With respect that is a very irresponsible statement..and sadly if you're in the middle of having a heart attack you do not have time to read books
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    We have yet to try, but do have a nice central AC in our little house. I don't get out much now, anyway, but the truck also has AC, as does everyplace else.....Besides; we are out in the country, or it wouldn't be called a 55+ Country Club, would it? I must register a complaint about being called, "prune juicers", since we are both still quite capable of eating our prunes whole; even spitting out the pits, when we fail to buy the pitted ones, due to misreading the label.
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    The servers at a restaurant are not "petting" the soles of shoes. The soles of my shoes are not resting on the seats of chairs like some dog's asses. I am not stroking the soles of my shoes and sticking my hands into my food plate unlike owners of dogs who are feeding their pets. The soles of my shoes remain firmly on the ground where they belong. I've seen servers pet animals and then continue on to serve food without washing their hands first. If dog owners want to practice low levels of hygiene in their own homes, that is their prerogative. But they do not have a right to impose their habits in a restaurant open to the public.
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    Can we not just be supportive of someone doing a good thing. Recycling is good for the planet thus good for all of us
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    Thanks, Since I don't eat with dogs. I will go somewhere else.
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    I would phrase it this way..... assuming that you are the ‘type’ who would migrate to a foreign country to begin with (and not doing this because you need to land in a place where your meager savings can be stretched), your bigger concern should probably be placed not on the ‘safety’ of living here but your ability to be comfortable with the differences in the day to day culture from wherever you might live at this time. This (and all of Mexico) is not a good place for a Type A to settle down. Also adhere to the old saying “don’t leave your brains north of the border’.... As to the lake being ‘toxic’... it’s not the cleanest and most of us don’t swim or boat in it but the Nationals surely do... and eat the fish that come out of it. I can’t imagine what ‘children are dying’ was meant to portray. If this were the case it would be all over the news, even the news that most of us read, and it’s just NOT. “Crime is rampant” is overkill... petty crime exists and probably to a larger extent (in Mexico in general) than where we most all came from. But if it were so ‘rampant’ there would not still be 1,000s of expats living here and having a great time doing so!
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    Of course no politics until it suits one person who will give a final comment and then close the thread. So for those ranting, please educate yourselves. A lot of those travelling from Central American could be discouraged if their country was given aid and means to fight the corruption and violence. The cost would be likely no more than the cost to process and manage all the asylum seekers. https://medium.com/s/story/timeline-us-intervention-central-america-a9bea9ebc148 https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/dec/19/central-america-migrants-us-foreign-policy https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qvnyzq/central-america-atrocities-caused-immigration-crisis https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-migrant-caravan-where-mexico-honduras-guatemala-central-america-a8597741.html Asylee vs. Refugee Though the terms are sometimes used interchangeable, asylum status is not the same as refugee status. The difference is procedural in nature. Refugee status is only available to persons applying from outside of the United States. Someone seeking refugee status must apply for it to a USCIS overseas office. An asylum seeker is one who is physically present in the United States or is at a port of entry. https://www.rescue.org/article/it-legal-cross-us-border-seek-asylum Is seeking asylum legal? Yes, seeking asylum is legal. Asylum seekers must be in the U.S. or at a port of entry (an airport or an official land crossing) to apply for, or request the opportunity to apply for, asylum. "There’s no way to ask for a visa or any type of authorization in advance for the purpose of seeking asylum,” says the International Rescue Committee’s director of immigration, Olga Byrne. “You just have to show up." "While the administration is saying people should come here legally and follow a legal process, it's making it impossible to do so,” says Byrne. “So many individuals and families have been trying to follow a legal process, but instead they’ve been stranded in Tijuana or other northern Mexico towns because they have been denied access to any U.S. official.” Yes those seeking asylum need to be discouraged from the long trek, the dangers in doing so and the endless process of asylum but there are ways to help their countries especially after the root cause of what they are fleeing was a result of foreign intervention. Happy Easter Sonia
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    And I would not have a colonoscopy which wasn't in a hospital within close proximity of a hospital OR and an anesthesiologist.
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    A lot of people don´t care where you stand either, so I guess the question is…...who cares the less? You post your opinion as if it is fact, but if i want facts, i would be inclined to go elsewhere
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    No matter what subject comes up you can always count on some to bring up their warped sense of politics. Are you on some political party payroll. Do you feel compelled to espouse your point of view? We are not supposed to be talking of politics here.
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    Carry on in Mexico,you are dreaming. I have a police commandante friend who was finally allowed carry on his off duty because he was being threatened and chased on occasion. Want to carry,go to some of the states in the USA for that pleasure. Shoot somebody here, be prepared to go to jail and more than likely never get out alive. I recommend that you stop reading that Facebook Chapala Crime Group for your mental well being.
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    You guys make me laugh. With most restaurants here overnight invaded by cockroaches, most basic hygiene rules not respected by employees and dirty menus, you all get obsessed and upset by a dog in a restaurant. And ofcourse, in Europe, everybody is dying in the street because of food poisonings in restaurants. What cuts my appetite a lot more is a dirty Walmart type, without manners, eating next to me. I guess we all have our priorities. Have a buenos dias....and whereevever I am allowed to, I will gladly take my well behaved little Schnauzer with me. Only one solution: basic behaviour rules for people and doggies Rony
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    Not only is Jonny in trouble but looks like he can't read either.
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    First of all, there is no point in answering questions like this publicly with technical detail that 99% of people don't understand, because it just begs for retaliatory shots from people who think they understand, or worse. Second of all, see First of all.
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    I didn’t PM you..... 😲
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    large flock of snowbirds returning home. It's that time of year.
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    You pulled out the oldest non-sequitur in the book of old comebacks on this board: "go somewhere else". Perhaps I wasn't clear, because some things have to be spelled out: I don't go to restaurants with dogs allowed. Clear now? And I wasn't talking about your classes. I was talking about your food. That's okay: hang around here a bit longer, newb. You'll get it eventually.
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    We ate lunch there today. Grilled fish tacos with salad, fried shrimp tacos with french fries, shared guacamole, lemonada natural and they brought salsa and chips. The food was delicious. We will not be going anywhere else for fish tacos for sure. Quality ingredients, great service by young women that really take pride in their work. Comfortable and clean with fans to keep cool. Did not see a dog ... but I will say this ... there are not many restaurants we have been to lately where there wasn't at least one dog. You don't always see them as sometimes they are kept under the table but if we made the decision not to eat at a restaurant that didn't allow dogs we would not be eating out very much. These young women deserve better than what is going on right now with people taking over this thread with rather disgusting commentary. Trying to make a go of a restaurant or any business is hard enough. Some might stop to think that these young women are doing everything they know to do to make a go of this endeavor and allowing the Ex-pats to bring their dog is a concession on their part as they probably think it is necessary in order to get our business which they will need. Many of us think dogs should not be allowed in restaurants and it is the law for them not to be but there are plenty Ex-pats that get in the faces of restaurant owners or simply just walk in with their dog and dare the workers to say something to them. In our experience the Mexicans will bend over backward not to have a confrontation so they are put in a really bad spot. Then others have a hay day trashing them for it.
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    I have lived here for 11 years. Every year people start saying they have heard rain birds, very early, and rainy season must be going to start early. It doesn’t start until June no matter who hears what when.
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    I agree with all of the above answers and I've lived full time in Mexico for 23 years come May 1st. How Bill Dahl became such an expert in a two week visit is amazing. There is an underbelly of crime in every city in the world and most people go about their lives totally unaware of it. It is no different here.
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    Kitty is FOUND, safe and sound and not the least apologetic for causing his family a lot of grief.
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    You have to be over 65 to qualify for Medicare? My Mother had her knee replaced when she was in her early 80's. She didn't have to pay a thing, but of course that was in Canada, and there are no age limitations. Thats the benefit of having a robust universal health care system.
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    Here, for those of you that may yet be saved... http://www.crispian.net/PTIR/Nonsense.html Please note that for all it's elements, this table is not exhaustive. Prolotherapy isn't on the table, but it should be. "Gibbering Godshite." What a great phrase!
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    Since JIT took over the board, I have noted the uptick in requests for information on how to get a gun. Could he be .........
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    hahahahahaha If this board is liberal to you you must be to the right of the KKK.
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    Genetics, diet, microbiome, environment, etc. They all have something to do with our health but when you need a pacemaker and ask for costs the answer should be in dollar/peso terms. When you’re in complete heart block, sudden onset of a-fib or svt, your priorities become focused on tackling the symptoms and not on finding long term solutions.
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    That´s why France decided to slice off Belgium and let them be their own country, a place for all the, dogs in restaurants lovers, could have a colony of their own.
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    Black and white rabid-fox thinking.
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    Ian I believe you said you were a chef in Europe. If so you know under the Euro, people are allowed to bring dogs in restaurants unless the restaurant has restricted them. However, as a consideration to other diners Europeans do not bring dogs in restaurants except the odd service dog. In addition the dog must have a chip inplanted, must be vaccinated and vaccination's recorded. They must attend training and violet breeds must be muzzled in public. On top of this they must pay a fee each year for having the dog. Here it is against regulations to bring dogs in restaurants and these expats who have no consideration for other diners give truth to the saying the Ugly Gringo.
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    And neither have I. Had comida with the family today at El Italiano on Golfo de Cortez, place was packed and not a dog in sight, nor any of the other hundreds of times i have eaten in restaurants in GDL. This is a foreign import we can definitely do without. The only reason that i can see for a wall or closing the border. I have a large family of children and grandchildren that live GDL, and they cannot believe this business of old foreigners dragging their dogs into restaurants out here. It is appalling to them, especially on one occasion after I had taken them to comida here, when a dog had urinated in the baño at Cocinart, taken there by it's owner. The owner of the restaurant wasn´t responsible for that action, but had allowed the dog in the establishment.
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    Ï "learned" enough from artsnob that i will never go there. Just particular who i dine with in public places. To each his own choice.
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    If it has Mexico City (CDMX) plates then the vehicle is probably "chocolate" and unlikely to have an original factura or the customs import document. The price of the vehicle would be about half of what a vehicle should sell for with full documents. Be careful, there is a lot of fraud and forgery out there - including V.I.N numbers. You would therefore only be able to obtain liability insurance, limited accident medical coverage and legal service, but if the car its totalled or stolen you would not be insured. It would not be entered as stolen in the national database, but would be registered in the CDMX database. As far as I understand it CDMX issues plates, but if you do not produce factura and pedimento, then the registration goes into their own database as pending and is not forwarded to the national one until those documents are produced. CDMX plates also require an annual fee, around 600 pesos, if you do not pay it, you are heavily fined. If you are stopped by police, you should produce a proof paid CDMX receipt for the Tarifa Circular, to prove the plates are legal in Mexico. You do not have to go to CDMX to pay this, places like Walmart or banks will accept annual payments, and you staple the receipt to the document (printed from the internet). Aduana seems to be not interested in taking on the giant CDMX bureaucracy, or politically charged, so called paper plates. Police, other than Aduana police, who I have never seen, are equally not interested in taking on jurisdiction or expense over customs enforcement. They consider that Aduana should have done their job stopping these vehicles (estimated to be about 2 million vehicles) from coming in the first place. The local police may threaten impoundment, but they are skating on very thin ice if your insurance, plates, and drivers license are all in order. They are not allowed to ask your immigration status (except if you have a temporary import sticker), or for your original factura or pedimento. In fact the police themselves recommend that you do not carry them in the vehicle. Even if you do have original facctura and pediment, you are best to pay an attorney an annual retainer, and ask him or her to keep these documents, and other valuable documents, locked up in their office. If you have an extremely pushy policeman, the type most often looking for mordida, produce your attorney's card as ask them if you would like to make an appointment Jalisco has a reputation for the toughest registration requirements in Mexico. I truly believe that their integrity has vastly improved over the last couple of years. Many other States, not so much.
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    jonny - not so helpful - be kind, okay?
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    Just an FYI, Costco has changed their hours here in Mexico. They previously opened at 9am but now open at 10am. We often would go early on Sunday mornings. Yesterday we arrived there at 9 and there were quite a few people waiting in their cars because like us, they weren’t aware the hours had changed. One of the employees told me they changed the hours in order to have the same store hours as Canada & the US. Mon-Fri 10-8:30 Sat 9:30-9 Sun 10-8
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