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    And they were all on the Carretera yesterday.
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    You know, I have had over 20 rescue dogs here since living here. I know all about dogs. All I am saying is "if I wanted to have a dental procedure done in a doggie environment, I'd have had it done at my vet's office and payed alot less!!
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    The law, much like other people's opinions, obviously means nothing to some people. So here's a guy who demands proof, is given proof, and calls it fake news. Sounds like someone else we know...
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    1. If you are stopped, ask for the reason. The officer has to have his ID displayed. If he doesn't, he is probably planning to shake you down. Ask for the ID and photo it if you can. Don't try to photo him. A representative from State Transito was given the available letters, pictures from Facebook and statements presented at the meeting. Ask for the "folio" and NEVER pay a bribe. 2. If you are harassed in any way , you can call the police to come and protect you. An english speaking officer will answer 332 161 5903. Municipal Transito also can be called 331 566 3440. 3. Have you paperwork in order. CURRENT licence, CURRENT registration, CURRENT insurance, your emissions sticker if due. If an imported car, your CURRENT visa. If you are missing one of these you can be ticketed. If you are missing two, your car can be impounded. 4. Municipal Transito will begin enforcing laws December 6. We alerted them to motorcycle drivers and the intersection in La Floresta at the monument. 5. they will have definitive answers about golf carts in January.
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    In my humble opinion i think the OP is way overreacting. First, if this lady is so attached to her dog it probably is bathed and cared for better than some humans. I happen to have two adopted "street dogs" who sleep at the bottom of my bed every night and I am as healthy as a horse. All this hysteria about dogs in restaurants, aircraft or wherever is blown way out of proportion. Millions of dogs live and interact with people all over the world and I have seen no research or evidence of dogs transmitting anything to humans except unrequited love. Maybe in a medical situation there should be some caution but she was told "We always disinfect after each patient." I happen to be a longtime patient of Dr.Candy and have had nothing but positive experiences even under some difficult circumstances. I take her at her word and know that she, as a caring medical profesional, was trying to do the best she could for a harried patient. I think that dogs sometimes get a bad rap.
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    Before they banned pets at the Tuesday market, it was amazing how many people brought their dogs into that crowded environment. It made getting around more difficult than it already was. Even after they banned them, some people got those phony "service dog" outfits and brought them in, anyway. I guess the airlines finally drew the lines on what species could be a "service animal", since it was getting bizarre to the max. As for sanitation issues, the question is: "would it be okay for humans without pants to sit down in medical offices or in restaurants?" 🙄😁 It's PEOPLE who are the problem.
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    For a very seldom time....I agree with your opinion. I would also add that the MODS should try to remain neutral and voice their personal feelings with their alternate names or real ones if they can. Fred Habacht
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    I am going to take a vow of silence on this matter from hence forth. Now, all I have to do is remember I took it. 🤐
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    Gringal, There is nothing “technical” about the definition. I think the problem is it does not fit with what you decided it means to you. That does not change reality. I know the difference between Chapala.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are different from each other, but they are all social media. You are incorrect when you say you are not on any social media. But if you need to be right you can continue to say that here on this computer-mediated technology that facilitates you sharing information, ideas, and other forms of expression via this virtual community.
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    I will look behind the emotionalism if you look behind the motives for the ginned up anti-immigrant hysteria. Why are the troops in TX when there are already refugees at the CA border? Even if there are some “criminals and gang members” in the caravan they are not an invading army.
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    I thought I'd say something here, since I am an offender who takes his 'wannabe' service dog with him everywhere. You may have seen me at some outdoor restaurants on my mobility scooter with my Jack Russell. I had a JR as a service dog for 14 years but she died in 2016. She pulled my socks off (can't reach my feet) fetched the remote or phone if dropped, picked up anything dropped not too big, gathered my laundry, helped empty the dryer, dug my keys out of the snow several times, went and knocked the phone off the cradle and brought it to me twice when I broke my hip and kept me company. She lay at my feet in restaurants and on long airline flights. I trained her myself. I picked up my present dog at 4 months in New York on my way to Florida in my (wheelchair lift equipped) motorhome. My plan was to train her while in Florida before coming here. Fate altered that when my friend back in Canada died suddenly, meaning having to fly back to settle his affairs. I had to arrange for another friend to fly down to accompany me back (can't fly alone, except Alaska Air) and thank goodness the airline allowed the pup. I did take her in a carrier. All of this plus a loud truck here in Ajijic (for some strange reason) has set back her training but admittedly she is still quite hyper at 17 months. Despite this she will pick up some items and jumps on a chair to get her harness on. She helps with this process. She has a wild side which we are working on. She sometimes screeches at other dogs and dashes out the door of our new house given half a chance. She did learn to ride up the wheelchair lift with me at 4 months and knows how to ride it on her own. So that some of you can see what many service dogs are about I'll post a link to a tribute video I made for my last Dori. It is long so you might fast forward parts.
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    It will affect the entire planet. The news talks about the effects upon the economy, but that is short-sighted. The effects will include die-off of forests, crop losses and resultant food shortages, distribution upset, and even famine. Precipitation pattern shifts will add to the problem with droughts in unexpected places, and floods in others. Hurricanes will be more frequent and more severe, as is already evident, and ice cap and glacial melting will continue to raise sea level and inundate areas where the majority of the world's populations now live. These upsets will lead to rather ugly population shifts, as well as wars and even genocide. The Earth's sixth known mass extinction period has already begun. It is not "Fake News". If we act now, in a very serious and concerted manner, we may be able to slow down the process a bit, and see some results in about 100 years. Therein lies the crux of the problem! Nobody really gives a damn about future generations, do they?
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    I hope Moises has already asked the Alfaro administration to fully investigate every aspect of the Degollado administration including under the table deals like apparently what has happened with Tepalo. It is long past the time for a thorough house cleaning of the Chapala municipal government. There has been something seriously wrong with this government for quite some time. Remember the parking meter "deal?" How about that Bridge to Jesus? How about that totally inappropriate hotel at the end of Independencia? It just goes on and on. It is no secret among the developers and real estate speculators locally that the game here is play for pay. I do think the focus should be on stopping development on the mountain sides, a clear hazard to the community, as opposed to the flat area cited above. Like it or not, people keep coming here and buying. If we are able to stop just the very worst of it like this Tepalo deal, that is something to strive for.
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    Well bless your little heart. I guess all these other people who have had bad results are just like me then. Only one of you. You can have him and the shop all to yourself. Good luck!
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    While in many European countries thousands, if not millions of people, are dying in the streets of all kinds of diseases, caused by dogs in restaurants and on trains there, I also have to assume that you dont eat at your houses, with your dogs living there. And let us not even mention, (talking about the law) dozens of restaurants in colonia Americana in Guadalajara and La Condesa in DF, with huge signs "dogs welcome " and even dog food bowls. They must have an ambulance ready to take sick customers to the hospital .... You are over focussing on the wrong enemy, when eating out. During the night all kinds of "wildlife" turn empty restaurants into a feast and leave body secrements all over the place, but oh no.....there is a little dog under the table. You "think" you have seen it all" ..... It is a lot worse, mein Schatz. Rony
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    It is a closely held secret dog threads are used by this board to boost the post count!
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    I have no objection to service dogs being with people who need them but i venture to say 99% of the dogs I see in restaurants are not serving as a service dog. My wife who is Mexican says if the gringos need to take someone to lunch why isn't it a needy nino.
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    Sure, I’ll step in the hornets’ nest. This anxiety “service” dog charade has gone on long enough. How many people do you believe absolutely can not go out in public without a dog with them vs how many spoiled, entitled people want to prove how very special they are by inflicting their untrained, pampered pooch on the rest of us? It is the latest gimmick to prove specialness. Dogs very much can help people feel more calm and secure in general. The number of people who can’t get their teeth cleaned without their dog in their lap is minuscule. Guiness has every right to not want a medical procedure done in a room just occupied by a dog. If a dentist wishes to indulge her patients’ quirks she would be wise to schedule them last and not have other patients coming in after. What if the next patient has a dog phobia or is allergic to them?
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    Bla, bla, bla..You are more likely to get many life threatening conditions from a bad buffet or salad at your local restaurant then a simple everyday interaction with a dog.
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    3000 people accepted Mexico offer for asylum and several hundreds may be in the thousand now went back while still n CHiapas. People who took the asylum offer have to stay in CHiapas for 45 days while the paperwork is processed and there are lots of women and kids .. There were very few that were criminals and some of those were shipped back to Honduras. That was on the first caravan, of course now there are 4 and each caravan is different there is one from Guatemala as well. By the way 40 000 farmers from Guatemala enter Honduras every year to harvest coffee and then go back to Guatemala.. the borders down there are way more fluid that we think.. The Mexican border is also very open.. the press concentrate on the entry ponts but when I spent time in the jungle last year I can tell you that I saw zip lines , that get chopped down and rebuilt pretty quickly and coyotes on the Mexican side are every few hundred yards waiting for groups to cross the river. When I went to Guatemala via the river via Bethel I waited 2 or 3 hours in the middle of nowhere to get a ride to Flores and there were about 30 gang members with wives and kids waiting for the coyote.. They do not need to get caught in the caravan, those guys have the network to cross without any help from the caravan. Maincoon I have lots of contacts down there and the damge was minimal and the criminals were also minimal in the first 2 caravans,, As I said the criminals are not stupid they have their own network and know that the people from the caravan are being checked.
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    Hurricanes are neither more frequent nor more powerful than they were historically. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/09/14/hurricane-florence-climate-change-global-warming-weather-greenhouse-flood-column/1289272002/ Yes, the climate is changing and it always has and will continue to change. The earth has been both warmer and cooler than it is today.
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    If I were a dog, I'd wonder why my owners tortured me by bringing me to a restaurant where I could smell all these delicious food odors but wasn't allowed to eat. (oh, right, I forgot, these people take food off their plate and feed it to the dog under the table) You're right, Islander, the dogs would actually be happier to stay home if they weren't forced to constantly accompany their owners everywhere (and yes, they are dog owners, not the dogs' Mommy or Daddy, who I'm sure had 4 legs and a tail) due to the owners' need to have Fifi with them 24/7, as if the dog was a human infant. I've heard so many of these types of dog owners talk about their dog's "separation anxiety". It's the owners who have the separation anxiety and they then instill it in the dog. I'm a dog owner myself, and I certainly love my dog. I take my dog with me to places which are appropriate- the beach, a walk up the river bed, to friend's homes where I know she's welcome. Not to anyone's home, unless I ask first if it's okay, not to restaurants, not to parties. She lays on the floor, on her mat, on the grass in the yard, not on the sofa or the bed. And she gets fed in her bowl, not off the table. Because she's a DOG, not a human.
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    I've noticed you have a stalker - not too hard to identify even without the ID. Sad display of passive aggression. I am in favor of no icons, buttons or other gizmos, just civilized (well, usually) conversation, information and advice.