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  2. If you are not using a VPN while you chat, then they know you are in Mexico. I would advise you to be careful.
  3. Sound like same old, same old. I`ll check in again in a few months. Do people remember when they had a LOT of thick cotton fabrics at the front end of the store, a lot of linen. Ah, those were the days.
  4. need volunteer to help with chocolate tasting Jan 21st at Maria Isabel restaurant at 1pm for Bingolago players see events for more info Fundraiser for Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking school
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a source for earthworms. Red wigglers are fine too. I'd like to acquire a pound of two. thanks
  6. one of the Oaxaca carpet? If it is you cannot replace the fringe but you could have it inserted in the weaving and have no fringe.
  7. Saw the matinee this aft, and it was wonderful. Bravo does great work and finds very interesting shows.
  8. Psychotherapists is an umbrella term for health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, or professional counselors.
  9. I have a carpet that needs the fringe on both ends replaced. any information, appreciated .
  10. Sorry WideSky .....hahaha i will try and do better in the future .......haaha Thanks Jeff
  11. Jeff Duffin, suggest you read before you type - the poster you are referring to is called Vista Lake NOT Saludos; Vista Lake uses saludos at the end of their posts; saludos = regards.
  12. Thank you very much Saludos, I researched and visited Guadalajara and Lake Chapala the 1st 2 weeks last November and am considering the area to retire in about 2 1/2 years. Your information is very helpful for me to consider relocating to Lake Chapala area. Jeff
  13. Everything has been and still is OK in upper West Ajijic. (both Telmex phone and internet)
  14. Amazing that I got off so lightly. They never looked at my dog or asked to see any papers or proof of rabies, etc. at Guadalajara. This was in December. They did want to see the papers for the dog when we checked in at Vancouver.
  15. My Telmex is still out. Their office was closed Saturday AM and I couldn't make heads or tails out of it when I called Mexico city. Going to the office here tomorrow. I am using my phone hot spot now - ATT. I will have two more Internets soon. Ilox and an ATT modem hot spot.
  16. Is 12x40m2. To get the permit anyone can get in the goverment office. But to make tha plan and the perito sing, need to be a architec or enginering whit jalisco state permit. If you need more info send me a PM. Saludos
  17. One does not need to invoke a VPN to do a manual "refresh" on the Shaw Website. VPN is only needed if "chatting". I belong to a Webboard that discusses Shaw. There is no "chaos".
  18. thanks much 4 the numbers Saludos, is the 12X40 m2 or sq ft.? do you need a Mexican Resident Architect or/and Engineer to get a building permit in Chapala? Can you contract as an owner/builder? thanks jeff
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  20. Well in 2 years ago, I tray to buy a comercial lot in Riveras del Pilar, the prices of the lot was $ 1 000 000pesos, like $52 000 usd sprox, and I ask a estimate for ar enginer in gdl to buid ware cost, and the prices was $750 000 pesos, like $40 000 usd, but not icluide septick tank and algibe, and the lot construction was 12x40. So the lot comercial is like $6 000 to $10 000 pesos, and $8 000 to $12 000 for construction. Saludos
  21. When you ask questions about banking, it's probably best to qualify what you're looking for. Cashing checks? Wiring money in? Getting cash? Debit or credit cards? ATM access> Bancomer, Banamex, Santander, HSBO and CI Banco would be classified as regular banks, or the closest to a commercial bank in the US. Actinver and Multiva are investment houses and could be considered quasi-banks. Intercam is it's own entity and serves specific purposes, some overlap the other 2 classes. The other question is if you want access to a physical location. Chapala has all of the banks listed, Ajijic has Multiva, Actinver and Intercam. Living in Ajijic I chose Bancomer for checking, debit and credit cards and Multiva for investments and a low limit/backup debit card.
  22. Exchange? Likely yes. Refund? Not likely, but if they agree it will not be a cash refund. They will put it on a gift card.
  23. I've been using Rodrigo Lopez for years. My hair is short, thin and spiky but while there for my color, I watch him cut and style other clients hair. I've been impressed with everything I've seen him do. His Salon, Inovation, is located on Marcos Castellanos just below the Carretera in Ajijic. If you're walking, just start down the hill and you'll see him on your right. He's closed on Sunday and Monday. He usually works 10-4 and 6-8 but just give him a call at 331-512-1214 or stop by and let him take a look at your hair and see what he can do to help you. If you're driving, be aware that M. Castellanos is an one way street heading up so you'd need to drive into Ajijic using Galeana or Colon and make a square to end up driving up to his Salon in the correct direction. Hope this helps. Val
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