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  2. There is a Facebook group concerning pets in the Lakeside area. I don't do Facebook so I can't be of more help, but it would be a good place to post this information. Also make a poster for DanVet's and any other local Vets you know. He always has a bunch of dogs looking for homes posters.
  3. In Ireland, in Irish pubs and chippers, fish and chips means fish and chips. Plenty of mushy peas too, but they are served with other meals, not fish and chips.
  4. Tabarka…….maybe…...used to have Spanish tapas. I suppose they have wine.
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  6. Check this link and reach out to the contact info there (or send me a PM, we are a sponsor) http://festivaldefebrero.com/ Super people, great event, great contacts and networking opportunities for you both, both lakeside and in Guad.
  7. Her sister's husband is ALSO working there. Dr.Miguel Angel Torres Pacheco I saw him 2 weeks ago...he is excellent!
  8. The two Telmex modems that I bought were Huawei HG658d modem and the Technicolor TG788vn v2
  9. it is cheaper to pay the fee than having problems later ..No?
  10. Hotel Monte Carlo, closer to Chapala than Riberas.
  11. LFA does post life planning We have made individual arrangements on a one to one with people to care for their pets .
  12. You can get a notary from the American Consulate in Guadalajara or there is someone here locally that is a notary from another US state if you are comfortable with that. Some people will give all types of warnings that it is not a good idea to use the US Notary here. We can discuss via PM if you wish. I personally won't use the Consulate notary because the fee is ridiculous for notarizing signatures.
  13. Shaw has changed a lot of their channel numbers. Here is a Shaw Direct web page that may help you find where your channels went: Shaw Direct
  14. To complete this post...... I have arranged to have our current President, David ECCLES contact "KLM" to arrange to receive the donation.
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  16. I have made an appointment with the sister in 2 weeks time, thanks for the info
  17. Mainecoons, when driving south into Cd Victoria there’s a route on the west side going to SLP and a route going on the east side to SLP. Which one do you take?
  18. I am closing on a house in Arkansas. I've been asked to get documents notarized. I assume I need an American notarization. How can I do that here? Ideas? Thanks
  19. RickS, RVGRINGO and Fred Habacht reacted to this I couldn't agree more. What we have experienced here wi h Ilox has really been sad!
  20. A. Look, I did not post on any thread on purpose...my first time. I need info! I am in Mazatlan and am gathering facts. Need help, not taunts!
  21. Correct, she will return in January. However, her sister who I understand is also an Ophthamologist (seems to run in the family) is currently holding down the fort until her return.
  22. Dra Claudia Camacho is currently on maternity leave. We are all waiting patiently for her return to practice.
  23. Please tell me what is happening with Shaw satellite TV in Mexico. I have had it for years and am losing channels daily. Is it just going to be over? I cannot get any info and am being pressured to pay up, while getting less and less. Can someone offer any help or advice?
  24. The clothes should not be a problem especially if you take the tags off of them and put them in an old suitcase. The upholstery fabric will probably depend on 'how much'.
  25. Antonio Regolado can help you too...knowledgeable, fair and honest guy in Ajijic selling used vehicles...reach out to him on Facebook. Suerte!
  26. We want to make some arrangements for our pets (two cats and two small dogs) should they outlive us. Really don't know of anyone that could take them. I was wondering if some of the shelter type organizations would so if we left funds for their care. What are others doing?
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