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  2. Maybe the owner could post menu, hours and days open?
  3. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
  4. These two cuddly critters are siblings of a litter of 7 – several already have homes. NOW is your chance! These darlings were rescued at 2 weeks old, now they are 3 months of age. Take your pick, girl or boy! No matter, they are all people luvin' lively or lazy (but only at nap time!) Breed: Purebred MSD (Mexican Streed Dog) - brown or tan variety. Judging by their size at this age, we expect they will be medium when full grown. So, feel free to indulge in a puppy homecoming... just for you! CONTACT US
  5. "a direction where most of us part company". Amazing! She speaks for the majority of the membership. And she's not the only one who exaggerates her station in life. As a parent aren't you pleased when your young children show signs of good healthy deductive reasoning? Add social action to that. You're in Heaven, or at least should be. Even if you're Fox News all the way and don't support their mission you should be able to admire the lil brats are socially and morally involved and passionate about it. Long Live The Brats!
  6. I have paid the first month only with my Bancomer debit card. Does this allow me the extra speed they promise with a credit card? Also is there an extra charge for the box and the set-up?
  7. It does to me also sound like maybe it has something to do with using a VPN.... throttling the down speeds and not affecting the up speeds. Others are reporting high download speeds with ILOX.
  8. In my several trips to Thailand I have found the people to be warm and friendly. The country is fast becoming a favorite to retire to. The Thai massage is a legitimate massage not like the Viet Nam War days.
  9. Let's take a closer look at these young devils and listen to what they have to say. I defy you, MC, to factually verify your claims that these particular young people are poorly educated, misinformed and being manipulated by adults.
  10. Is that with a VPN on? I went from 90 mps to 20 mps when I turned a VPN connecting to the US.
  11. As stated I'm getting 4-5mb down 12-15 up, so I'm pluggng in the Telmex router mostly until iLox gets it together to consistently deliver the advertised speed. I was a early adopter and I'm in Ajijic Centro, so after half a dozen installation calls/confirmation and no shows, the cable and modem showed up.
  12. What is your Speed test of iLox when the Nord VPN is turned off?
  13. As this OP is a bit dated, I don't know if anyone's looking at this anymore, BUT I'm in need of a driver making a "run" to the border for whatever, and interested in bring some herbal supplements back. This could be a monthly gig as I can't get the vendor to Ship to Mexico yet, or a least until my order increases to a four figure demand. PM me if there a "Transporter" out there.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I've had the service for a week, and so far Telmex has better Download speed, at least according to Speedtest.net. So what I'm experiencing with iLox, and yes I have talked with the Office staff at El Torito, is maybe 5mb Down and 12-15 Up. But, and here's the weird part, when I toggle on my NordVpn to Mexico @ Queretaro, the ilox blasts to 65mb Down and 14+Up, go figure. Anyway, yes the modem is basic and wiring is a thin optical fiber filament, but I'm porting/cascading CAT6 out to my Asus router for the entire house + extenders. Still got the Telmex as a backup, since it's good for 8-10mb Down in Centro. At this point I'm not going to attempt a Dual WAN set up unless iLox doesn't get the server fixed, I need that 60+mb Down for 1080p streaming and I don't want to even fantasize about 4K yet. LOL
  16. SAMSONITE ROLLER BAG, Expandable, 11"x21"x32" including wheels. 200 pesos, nicely constructed, Lots of compartments 766 4360
  17. We would dump the TelMex line as we have two. Maybe I can sell the number. We'd end up with one internet line and one land line. Our U.S. internet line has been quite reliable, only going out when TelMex internet does.
  18. VOIP telephones require power like ILOX's modems do whereas Telmex phones work when the power goes out.
  19. Does anyone feel brave enough to consider trading Telmex for a VOIP service? Then would you consider porting your existing number and cutting the cord with Telmex completely? Many people in the US did just that with Vonage and other VOIP services many years ago. A lot of my kids now in their 40's have given up land lines completely relying solely on cellular. I'd feel a little bit of schadenfreude should Telmex lose some gravy recurring income.
  20. I don't believe there is a bank at the airport to pay.
  21. And she pays the INM agent not in the bank? Thanks
  22. Your thread looks lonely. Maybe I can help. Yep, I remember DJs, the cheapest yet not the most fowl of Mexican ciggies. Then they disappeared from stores and showed up in tiangues'. Haven't seen them in many moons. She should try Shots. Not quite as cheap but more pleasure with every puff. I mean it's like Spring time.
  23. Since there is no designated handicap parking available along any of those streets od near any eateries in the downtown area, it is almost impossible for me to being my 89 yr old husband into town to eat...arrgh!!!! Harry???
  24. jajajaja, You want to know something about a man's moral character just ask him what goes on in a massage parlor. She who has less occupational skill in Asia is a bar girl. They sit at your table, laugh at your jokes and keep on asking for drinks. Warning, off topic: There's an area in Eastern Thailand called Issan, it's where the poorest of the poor come from. Once I was thumbing through some CIA government findings throughout the World, like social stats, life expectancy and such. In the population section I noticed in Issan, for gender, the ratio between men and women for ages 15-35 was something like 10:1. After 35 it gets back to normal. Jezz, what happened to all those girls? Is there a chance they've gone off to Bangkok for some reason?
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