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  2. In the last 7,8 months we have seen several rentals sitting vacant because the owners were asking high rents. Several of these owners have since sold or still have the houses on the market. These were people who bought these properties as rental investments not realizing the rental market was becoming overpriced and it corrected.
  3. Happy, That looks like it was grilled over charcoal or wood?
  4. Many areas where prices are moving up. Look where the rich tapatios go for the weekend (not Lakeside) and homes are priced in pesos. Deals to be had. Realtors rarely used. You have to hit the streets . I have found some great properties. I never talk to the owners myself but use a Mexican to negotiate on my behalf.
  5. Cross your heart and hope to die. Speak up.
  6. Looks like all diners at that place, got a big bill!
  7. I coming down next month to my home I need my TV, What should I get before I get to my house in Ajijic in the states so I have USA channels I really like IPTV its just a service right, Where do I get the Receiver?
  8. Contact ETN or Primera Plus; generally if their website will make / take a reservation, they are running, or you can call their customer service lines. https://etn.com.mx/english/
  9. I'm really surprised this office has been closed with no explanation or indication when or if it will reopen. It was quite busy every time I've been there. We pay our bills on line so didn't need it for that but I always saw a lot of people in there paying bills or doing other business.
  10. Since some of us can't seem to discuss the topic instead of other posters we're done here.
  11. Saturday afternoon came back from the airport, at the checkpoints I and the cars in front of me were waved through.. the same thing when we passed through Ajijic on the way to SJC, they were not checking anybody...
  12. The borders are open.. always have been.. if you’re Canadian you can cross the US border.. and if you’re a temp or permanent resident of Mexico you can cross the Mexican border...
  13. Thanks for the info RCman. We don't want to drive the car back to Alberta; we want someone to purchase our car and drive it back to Canada. Our 4 year temporal visa is expiring early September. If we do have to drive it back to AB to sell it, we do have to fly back to our home in Ajijic.
  14. I am also curious about overpriced. Perhaps they haven't shopped similar properties in Guadalajara.
  15. Both borders ( mex-us and us-can ) remain closed except for essential services. However, when you are simply returning to your home country they have been just passing you through. We had friends Drive their RV back in the last month.
  16. I am intrigued by your observation that "properties are over priced. Do you have some measure. place etc that you are comparing them to?
  17. Truth isn’t the truth. I think I heard that somewhere. Can’t remember.
  18. I use a US Citi card for Telmex and ATT but can not with CFE, Maybe some day.
  19. The non resident filter by Chapala Hacienas is still in operation. Moy said after the first verified case he will be strengthening the filter. The Sanitary filter by the junction of hwy 35 is only functioning on weekends. Previously at the bus station they were putting non residents on the next bus back to GDL. Some people manage to get into Chapala but there is no guarantee.
  20. Does anyone know if the long distance buses within Mexico are running? I will need to travel from Chapala to a coastal area.
  21. My domestica, who lives in Guadalajara, hasn't been coming here since the lock-down started. I've been paying her regularly anyway, of course. Now I'm wondering if Tapatios are allowed to come here by bus so she could do some work in the garden while we practice social distancing.
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  23. No, just simply pointed out the truth. Accusing someone of being "blatantly dishonest" is a bit over the top and pretty personal. But maybe not for someone who labels difference of opinion as "uneducated fools." Why don't you address the topic instead of this constant personal nit picking? You do have something of substance to offer, don't you? Let's stick to debating the topic instead of each other. Thank you.
  24. LAREDO, TX (KGNS TV) - Some new restrictions have just been released for American citizens who frequently travel into Nuevo Laredo. According to the U.S. Consulate in our sister city, some of the measures are already in place.   For example, drivers can only travel into Nuevo Laredo on days that coincide with the last numbers on their license plate. Based on the schedule, license plates ending in 0 and 1 can travel into Nuevo Laredo on Mondays, Tuesdays are 2 and 3, Wednesdays are 4 and 5, Thursdays are 6 and 7, and Fridays are 8 and 9. There will also be health inspections alongside the international bridges, such as: - temperature checks, - no more than two people per vehicle can travel into Nuevo Laredo. - You must also wear a face mask at all times, - officials are only allowing essential travel, - no children or elderly people are allowed to travel into Nuevo Laredo. Seems to be aimed at people going south. Nothing mentioned about Saturday Sunday. From Nuevo Laredo Gov website By instruction of the State Government, a sanitary filter will apply new restrictive measures to vehicles that enter Nuevo Laredo by this international route By instruction of the State Government, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS), will install, starting this Tuesday, June 2, a sanitary filter at the exit of the Juarez- Lincoln International Bridge , which will reinforce the revision in the prevention of infections of Coronavirus in Nuevo Laredo. "At the direction of our Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and the Secretary of State Health, we are going to install, on the outskirts of International Bridge 2, a sanitary filter for vehicles, with the purpose of detecting those people who present symptoms of Covid- 19, in case of not complying with the indications, they will be returned ”, reported Adolfo Benavides Guerra, COEPRIS coordinator. The people in charge of the sanitary filter will deny entry to the city to children under 12 years of age, adults over 65, more than 2 people per vehicle and will require the mandatory and permanent use of mouth masks . With these new restrictions on Americans and residents of Laredo, Texas, who intend to enter Nuevo Laredo, the goal is to safeguard the physical integrity of Nuevo Laredo residents "People who do not have an essential trip to Nuevo Laredo will not be allowed to enter, we will ask for the permanent use of mouth masks , this is for an indefinite time and indefinite hours, it starts tomorrow Tuesday," added the state official. The filter will be installed in Bravo street corner with November 20 and elements of COEPRIS, State Police, Civil Protection and Traffic and Roads will participate. "If they do not comply with the order, they will be returned by the security forces, and if they do not have an essential trip to Nuevo Laredo, they will not do so to avoid being returned," concluded Benavides Guerra.
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