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  2. Let's blame it on the Spanish for lower the lakes water exit. But like I was originally going to say, WE ARE DOOOOOMED !!!!!! Maybe the bickering about climate change and cancel culture is due to the original cancel culture of ban Californians culture they keep spreading. Anyway the weather always changes but in an effort to gleam money the most natural thing on earth which is the weather changing gets a name of climate change / global warming and such so up pop the tax free organizations loaded with freaks sucking up donations and grants from the government as pay. I think the US doesn't want to suggest cloud seeding because most of the southern US states get their weather from Mexico. If Mexico seeds clouds the south doesn't get as much rain so eh. Seed the clouds with fireworks rockets Just don't make any duds and use parachutes for recoverable rockets I did catch the AJ story about the other lake. It didn't sound good for them. A little time and there's always a solution hint hint.
  3. I have a great mexican friend who would like to cook or clean 2 or 3 times a week or however often you need. She also would bathe a woman or care give for few hours while a spouse runs errands. She is Mexican and speaks only Spanish but a great cook and cleaner loving and compassionate. She cares for my mother in law. She lives in Chapala. You can call me for referral: 332 055 6255 or email: boswelltb@yahoo.com
  4. We once hired an expert painter. He could definitely paint with a steady hand, between the lines, no masking tape ( which seems little used in Mexico, low tack or blue). Any ways, he was an expert at looking busy.Too many years as a contractor. Spotted it, and watched him go,did an inventory. Half a bottle of lacquer thinner! Nothing on this job we would ever use. He was " Huffing" lacquer thinner, that is why he was brain dead. Probably many years.
  5. Maybe try adding a birdbath They have to stay cool with the super high metabolism they have.
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  7. Typical. Sure, you'll wear it, but not as recommended over the WHOLE ear.
  8. Great photos mostlylost. My Mexico hummer photos were on a portable harddrive that was liberated during a recent move. Here is a favorite from our house in the Colorado high country:
  9. Home Depot over here has a contractor check out cashier off to the side. Maybe a place like that would have the answer to who buys the most and has the most tools and jobs. I'm sure after the flood damages to the east a bunch of repairmen are going to be over there. Then there's always youtube do it yourself videos with what products work the best.
  10. Brigitte, is this the Criollo avocado? My gardener says they taste great. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avocado
  11. I'd like to second Bokko's comment about Chuy. He and his sons did a thoroughly professional job painting the house. They were neat, efficient, and easy to talk to and made sure everything looked as good as new (or better) when they were done. They fixed roof leaks as needed too.
  12. True story...Save the Lake was the group and lots of ferners contributed lots of pesos to "save the lake", lol. Couple of years later the "dying lake" inundated the Ajijic park and they had a do-over there.
  13. ...AND it works equally well to guard against folks here and otherwise who insist they and only they know what somehow science has missed. Works really well in the US South where 85-90% of the current hospitalizations from Covid are the.... UNVACCINATED!
  14. When I was going to university in the 1960s Greenpeace and many others were saying we have to control the earth's population. It was 6 billion then and now it is 9 billion. All is quiet now on the over population front. China had restricted families to have only one child-now they are thinking of raising it to 3. You can imagine whre we will end up.
  15. There are a number of very shallow lakes west of Lake Chapala that go dry yearly. If there is a good wind we get a dust storm here.
  16. Pedro. If your wife is insulted, please ask here to accept my apology. I'm sure she wishes you were banned, yet again, stay away from your poison spewing keyboard. My wife is the same way,but more something about " fighting in your own weight class" Still, you should be the one embarassed, that she thought you were incapable of defending them from a bald, chemo emaciated, and dying victim of cancer. That is the core of my "beef". Plus you very wrongly implied that the son WAS a babykiller and coward. Jim was very generous to his son and his son 's family. He left them a beautifully restored 1960's car, and got them enrolled into a program which builds housing for handicapped veterans. They got a new house. His ex wife got nothing, that is the way with some men. Ask Angus.
  17. Available now at your local tienda: New masks used to avoid having to listen to endless covid fear mongering and BS from the media and this board. Only sold in quantities of 100 or more due to unprecedented high level of need.
  18. Mexico is no stranger to drought. Lake Cuitzeo has an even worse shallow water situation than Chapala. It is like a giant evaporating pan over much of its area. Only one of the causes listed is due to nature, the rest due to too many people engaging in too much wasteful irrigation, pollution and other bad management. Pretty typical of people. From the time I was 20 to now the population on earth has doubled. They may still be eating for the most part but the collateral damage is piling up. In the end, that is what will cause a great die off IMO. Just too damn many people. Individually we may be intelligent to varying degrees but collectively we are no better than that old test tube experiment where you put a few bacteria in a test tube full of rich broth (resources) and they breed until they exhaust their environment and completely die off.
  19. Thanks for providing the link. The Y axis appears to show the level in meters and my translator says Cota = level or height. But 90 meters does not seem correct. The lake is quite shallow. So what does Cota(m) ranging from 90-99 mean? Is it volume? If so, the graph indicates the lake does not change much in volume: a low of 90.8 in 1955 and high of 99.4 in 1935.
  20. That's what they decided to do. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
  21. Tell us when you are going to bless our Malecon. I will cut 20 or so bamboo poles for your welcoming parade. So you an anti vaxer, visiting us from a city, which has more Covid infections than Guadalara, Mexico's second largest city. Why don't just leave us alone. Save yourself some bruises and possibly save some lives. The Sheriff.
  22. In Oklahoma we cover the French fries with chili and cheese. Guaranteed not to prolong your life!
  23. I would be in two minds. One is the convenience to you, the host, the other is a lovely daytime trip from Guadalajara, everything is so green and fresh. The highway is in great shape. They have really cracked down on loose animals, so there are unlikely to be any roadside carcasses.
  24. I stay at a Hilton property when I have a very early morning flight. Hampton Inn by Hilton - Guadalajara Aeropuerto. About 15 minutes from th airport towards Guadalajara, and there is a Chili's next door. It's my preference. While I wouldn't consider it "upscale," it isn't a budget Inn by any means. I think it has a brakfast with the room, but I always leave too early to eat it. I will say that the coffee packets they give you for that little coffeemaker is NASTY ! I travel with my own coffee. The hotel is clean and comfortable, typical amenities, great beds, airport shuttle, breakfast.
  25. Brian, they are experiencing similar conditions at the little lake in Ixtahalacan de Membrillos which you pass on the highway into Chapala. Our gardener from there says the soil has become too dry, it soaks up the rain but not enough to raise the water table. That takes stream from the mountains. It has dried before, nature takes it course, and the government restocks with live fish. Droughts are common all over Mexico. It was my fear moving to Chapala. We moved where the water is sweet and abundant but we still filter drinking water. We still try to practise conservation, especially since our fracc is thinking of starting to charge for water. The previous condo we used to live in, the fracc wants 10,000 pesos to refill their repaired pool. Water used to be silver, but now it is gold.
  26. The lake goes up and down. Since Chapala is a natural lake controlled by nature as opposed to a reservoir with a dam controlled by man, it should continue to do as is has for possibly millions of years. https://www.ceajalisco.gob.mx/contenido/chapala/chapala/niveles.html
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