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  2. No. Most of the time, it's just us grousing about minor inconveniences, but it's grousing because we can. This situation is inherently dangerous and it appears that squat won't be done until there's a serious accident...and I am afraid that it's a question of when, not if. I've written this before, but I nearly got wiped out because someone coming from Ajijic towards Riberas (sorry, I'm directionally challenged) didn't know about the double lights right by Wally's World and nearly plowed me down because he didn't stop until the very last second. All I heard was a loud "screeeeeeeeeech" and my
  3. We need a new thread as the rainy season has not started yet.
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  5. Start a new thread. We're off to an erratic start here. That was predicted due to lingering La Niña effects.
  6. Ragtopman, I could have used you before I took my test, LOL!!! Amazingly, it was only 10 questions, ALL were road signs and 6 of the 10 were NOT on the "official" study sheet. I learned 103 of the most insane/asinine laws, ever, LOL. But, that's OK. Good to know. Clearly the road signs on the "official" page were obvious. But.....there were several signs on the test today that I'd never seen before in the U.S., Europe, South nor Central America, LOL. Fortunately, my best guess did work and I did pass and obtain my license. I think this helpful sign diagram should be shared for ALL taking
  7. When does the guessing game for the date of the end of the "rainy season" begin, or should we start a new thread?
  8. Thanks for all your replies. I got a hold of the juice guy at Guad Farmacia today and he showed me that he is now in a little white bodega at the far east side of the strip where Multiva is located. Just a white metal doors by the side where the food trucks, etc. are. He tried to say bodega to me by Dona's Donuts but I could not comprehend what he was saying. So gracias to the juice man for clarifying it for me. Connected with Carlos at the bodega and hope to show him the chairs tomorrow.
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  10. The federal government says lots of things. Many are not true. Don't hold your breath on this one just like home vaccinations never materialized.
  11. IF (your) Mexican policy also covers Liability in the US for, say, a month that is a valuable addition. A month's Liability coverage just cost me $115.... and I'll have to cancel it before the month is up or get charged for another month. My Mexican policy did NOT cover it....
  12. I wonder if this situation falls under the natural customs of the country we have the benefits of living in.............. much like the noise maker's..so just suck it up and be thankful of the privilege of living in "paradise".
  13. Sometime next week Ajijic Electronics said they'll have the new addresses for the new locations: looks like Lexington (KY), Springfield (MO) and Cheyenne (WY-not sure if this is the right one, but it's somewhere out west). Those of us who lost local channels can then choose for the new ones. This was the first channel outage or major disruption we've had in four years, so seems like no big deal to me.
  14. The lights are back on and so are the traffic jam. These geniuses didn't learn a thing about how they are causing all the traffic problems around here with their lights.
  15. 22.3 cases per 100,000 travel days (2008-2014 stats) would be considered a high risk? Wonder what the incidence of illness in restaurants in Chapala is for 100,000 meals? Having cruised dozens of times in many parts of the world we have never been sick.
  16. My Qualitas Amplio policy has USA/Canada liability included. It is not listed as an extra charge. Others have posted in the past that other insurance companies include it as well. Póliza de Responsabilidad Civil en EUA y Canadá (Excepto Alaska y Hawái) para Vehículos Registrados en Mexico. People need to read their policy under RESPONSABILIDAD CIVIL POR DAÑOS A TERCEROS.
  17. I had understood it that US/Canada coverage can be added as a rider only at renewal time.
  18. Hannah, from Guadalajara, is producing some fantastic and affordable meat products. From what I have tasted so far, she must have had some training by European chefs. They must also have access to a quality meat farm. https://m.facebook.com/handcraftedcooks/posts/
  19. The people who have Cincinnati and Little Rock feeds have lost some networks. They are working to get feeds from other areas. I don’t know if the channels will be the same or not.
  20. Hi everybody!!….iPhone 6 for sale only for $3000 pesos, excellent conditions, bring headphones and charger, 64 gigabytes of storage and ready for any cell phone operator, If you are interested please contact me at joencoza2019@yahoo.com
  21. We have tried to contact segurosusa using Mexican and US system of calling and cannot get through to them at all.
  22. Sorry to hear about your signal problems. Luckily, Shaw Direct is working fine and all of the US network stations from both Seattle and Detroit are coming in fine.
  23. I call Ajijic Electronics and was told it’s a Dish network problem. Several people reported outage of the US networks. We can get higher channels but not lower number channels. Nothing can be done until Dish fixes the problem.
  24. I've rebooted several times, with no improvement.
  25. The feds have advised that they expect to have the mivacuna website updated with vaccination information by the end of the month (June). They you can go in, enter your CURP and print off a completed form. just relaying information.....
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