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  2. They are closed on Sundays. Hopefully that was the reason for the closed sign.
  3. Gringal, foreigners can not hold title to land on the coast nor within many miles of the frontier. The property must be held in a Mexican bank trust. Mine had a $500+ annual fee. After paying it for many years, I believe the USA should have a reciprocal policy.
  4. Here is some information I've found on property near the beach. (I'll be moving there soon for health reasons, so have been doing "due diligence" on property rights.) This was written by one of the two major realtors in La Manzanilla, with many years of experience living and working with buyers there. All of the listings he shows which have "titles" include that information. Most listings aren't titled; even those with high asking prices. Many people moving to Mexico seem to operate on the "fingers crossed" principle. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________- "Most of the Costa Alegre (not all of it) is still Ejido land. There are titled properties in Boca de Iguanas and La Manzanilla. Separately all of Costa Alegre is in the restricted zone of Mexico and you should understand what that entails. For more information please read the information below. Ejido land and the Restricted Zone People often come to the office of Costa Alegre Properties seeking information on what the situation is regarding purchasing land or real estate in La Manzanilla. In this article I will attempt to duplicate what I tell them. This is a rough outline and should not be taken as end truth. I assume no responsibility for anything, I am just trying to help others and understand better myself. Brief explanation of La Manzanilla Ejido land The restricted zone is apox 30 miles from the water and 50 miles from the boarders all over Mexico. Mexican citizens (including foreigners who have become Mexican citizens) can hold properties in this area but foreigners must hold the land in bank trust (fideicomiso). In order to get bank trust the property must be titled. Here in La Manzanilla we are in the process of getting titles but they have not been issued on a mass basis yet. What the foreigners are doing is putting the property in the name of a presta nombre then going to the Notary and getting a power of attorney, a lease agreement and a promise to transfer title arrangement with that presta nombre. If that presta nombre is a member of the Ejido then from my understanding technically it would be a bit more secure. Presta nombre’s are illegal, if you are using a presta nombre to AVOID bank trust the Mexican government feels you are trying to cheat them and may take punitive action. Here in La Manz we are using presta nombre’s because bank trust is NOT available. The intent is not to cheat the government but to hold something until bank trust is available. That does not make presta nombre’s legal but the intent is certainly different. The risk comes in two areas, the space of time in-between "buying" the property and getting title and the integrity of the Ejido itself. In the gap of time between buying and title (bank trust) things could happen, international relations could be strained or several other situations could occur. Most articles I read on Ejido land fail to distinguish between the Ejido's themselves. Some are honest with good people and others are rotten to the core. The Ejido is not just the people in the office who run the daily business, it is the people of the Ejido itself. The people in the office can not implement a policy without it being approved by the assembly (all of the Ejido members) who meet on the first Sunday of the month every month. It is there that the consistency and integrity lies and it is there the trust (should you choose to trust) should be placed. The advantage to getting something now is having a better selection and lower cost. After titles are issued prices will soar as there are many more buyers once bank trust is available. The above word's are my understanding of things and are not to be taken as the Bible truth (not sure that exist in Mexico). Don't go crazy and leave your common sense at the border. Gather information, digest it and then come to your own conclusion."
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  6. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dengue-fever/symptoms-causes/syc-20353078 There are usually hundreds of case in the area every year, both the mild and serious kind. I suspect that the lake itself gets sprayed, but usually the water isn't very quiet. Standing water in pools, puddles or open other places are always suspect.
  7. I always enjoy alternative solutions, but having been involved in post quake clean-up, I'm phobic enough about those barrel vault ceilings resting on adobe brick walls. The idea of tens of thousands of gallons water with it would never let me sleep. lol
  8. It is funny that Eddie Izzard is not a transvestite, transgender, or even gay. He found that "dressing up" made him more comfortable and confident on stage. When the Frenchman in Paris asks if he is transvestite, he says "um er - more like an executive transvestite. He says there are no stand-up comedians in France.Is that true?
  9. Relax. This isn't paradise as many will say, but you may find it to your liking if you can just relax and find a way to turn off the hamster wheel in your head. No matter what you think, no matter how much planning you do, no matter how much you believe you "have all your ducks in a row" ( I HATE that saying!), Mexico has a way of teaching you that you just need to...relax and take life easy. Otherwise, you will find yourself wishing for something different, something that may no longer be attainable anywhere. This locale has changed so much in the years I've been here and it continues to change at such a rapid pace that answers to questions you ask today will no longer be true 6-months from now. Planning for the long term is, IMO, impossible at this point in world history and certainly in Mexico. You just have to relax and enjoy what you can day by day.
  10. Yes, I remember the Italian professor case, it was interesting. The professor was trying to foment a full blown Marxist rebellion. When they detained him, he was happy because he thought he could turn it into a full blown showtrial, impressing his Marxist activists back in Europe. The trouble was he had not checked his paperwork, he was two weeks passed his working visa date. So you are right, on the next plane out.
  11. Sounds great. I wasn't really interested in sinking a well, but good to know. Regarding the pool vs. pond scenario, are you aware of why they're seen or treated differently? Seems the lake itself would provide all of the habitat necessary to keep a healthy population of skeeters thriving. Certainly covered tanks or cisterns don't pose any issues (assuming that they're properly constructed), but how serious is the mosquito borne illness reality there?
  12. If you choose to get involved your input will be listened to politely and whatever was going to happen will happen anyway. It has nothing to do with which country you are a citizen of and everything to do with how much money and power you have and how connected you are.
  13. Fraccs here, HOAs there, same old politics. Avoided both here and there. Glad I did.
  14. Sounds like a business opportunity for someone with a grout pump. Once had a realtor try to sell me a waterfront property that was half on shore and half over the water. The water had a bacteria with an affinity for wood pilings, and they had caused the far end of the three story building to settle over a foot relative to the front door on shore. Speaking of bowling, if you had let go of a bowling ball at the front door it would have easily crashed through the patio doors facing the water and kept on flying. None of the windows could close, but the realtor still had the nerve to blather on about what a great bargain was to be had and fast it was going to sell. We passed. lol Like politicians and preachers, some people can say almost anything with a straight face.
  15. Looking for a referral to a quarry to choose the perfect stone top for my dining room table. im not going with granite, so it may be more difficult. In reading posts from several years. ago, I was very impressed with “Wide Sky”. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and I’d love to be in contact . Any feedback is appreciated. Peace & Love; Sara C
  16. Jreboll, a bit O.T., but I have several good friends here in the States who are originally from the Guadalajara area, and I am constantly shamed by the crap that they silently endure. Getting back to the O.P., interesting dynamic being described here. We had a vacation place at the beach here, where we had zero input on issues that effected our property rights, use and enjoyment, even though our taxes supported the local gov't and infrastructure. I'm wondering how being a permanent resident of Mexico, who is still a citizen of another country, would be much different?
  17. Another solution, in a seasonal drought area, the homeowner basically built a swimming pool on top of his house, and they filtered the water to drink. A definitely no peeing in the pool house!
  18. If a neighbor were to build a pond, he might get an uproar from those nearby. Away from standing water, in the Chapala area, mosquitoes are not a problem. However, they are a problem closer to the lake, and wherever there is a forgotten container of water outside. The uproar would certainly result in a visit from the health authorities. By the way, a well requires a permit, and the federal government retains ownership of the water. Using a large aljibe, or a series of them, with solar power and gravity feed from rooftop 'tinacos', is the most practical and accepted approach in Mexico. Replenishment from roofs, or by local "pipas de agua" trucks makes it even more practical.
  19. I am a nationalized Mexcan citizen and would not take on a powerful local.. Things can happen. Was your friend a witer or the girlfriend of a writer? I met a woman who was helping her friend who was a writer in Puerto Escondido and she was walking a thin line in my opinion.. Chiapas and Oaxaca have their share of Marxist, anarchists and all kinds of other colors and sometimes the local get fed up with them and kck them out.. It happened to an Italian professoor in Tuxtla a few years ago. He found himself on the first place out of Mexico and back to Italy..
  20. This is a form we used in 2016. There are some phone numbers on it, but not sure if they are the ones you need. But it's a start, perhaps. https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/fe6.pdf
  21. Dra. Daniela Quality Care. 766 1870. They are close for lunch between two and three.
  22. el blanco ypu do not have to do it in a stealthy manner.. you just do it and if they tell you , you could not, you apoogize profusely , pay the fee and go on.. Spoken like a Mexican! Logic does not always prevail and money talks.
  23. Not knowing the situation or having been at the meeting noone can take sides.. Board meetngs can be really nasty whether here or in the STates and that is why we will never by in a fracc or a condominium after having that experience in the US.. Add to this the cultural gaps and language gap for many and you have a nasty mix.. The woman who said she was a gues was a permanent as well? agree permanent are immigrant and immigrants are never looked at as a full citizen, actually am a citizen and in some cases I have been referred to as the foreigner.. We do the same thing in France.. Years ago I got sick in a village where I spent a lot of my vacations and so did my father as a kid and my grand-fater. I understand the dialect there and the woman who was running the hotel who by her accent happened to be an ex colonist from Algeria referredto me as the foreigner because I spoke English with my husband. SHe did not mean anything by it but the us and them and alive and well everywhere so get used to it.
  24. That will probably work, unless your hobbies include marbles, or a bowling alley. Our last home once had level ground, but when we bought it the back yard and part of a garage had gained about ten inches, relative to the main house. Garden walls had developed a bit of a tilt toward the street, but neighbors parked there anyway. In ten years, the back yard gained another inch or two. We placed a rock garden along the major fault. However, we wish we could still be occupying that home. Minor cracks are easy to fix. Tilting: not so easy.
  25. Dharma info (Google is your pal) https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g499405-d15365044-Reviews-Dharma-Ajijic.html
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