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  2. Years ago I hung out and danced at Club Hidalgo, with the 8-ball on the sign out front. So, who are you anyway, RCMan? We most definitely would have met more than once. I remember the records on the wall... so you'd be that singer/songwriter/musician dude, what was it, DeWayne or summit?
  3. By "net work cable" he means plugging in directly to the iLox box using an ethernet cable, as differentiated from his WiFi speed from the same iLox box. iLox is strictly fiber optic. The majority of Telmex is still not. In terms of who is getting what speeds, in different areas, only iLox can tell you for sure. And it is doubtful that they would.
  4. I am in Lourdes and my Telmex hardly ever goes down and when it does it doesn't last long enough to be a bother. We watch an Amazon movie most nights and have Vonage VOIP no problema.
  5. I just wanted to give a shout out for my friend Pablo ( owner of El Jardin restaurant) who has recently taken over, renovated and re-opened the former Caja Musical Bar in the Ajijic Plaza. The renovations are beautiful and the service was excellent tonight. I go back 18 years when I had Club Hidalgo and Pablo opened The Music Box. While we were competitors , both were very popular at the time and I’ve always respected his sense of customer service. It has a new name.. The Spot .. and I highly recommend it as a place to go. All furnishings are brand new including the outdoor patio.
  6. Or if your tank is accessible YOU can easily do the leak test.... just take some very soapy water and 'brush/drip' it on all the connections/threads/valve on the line that comes out of the tank top. If it bubbles the least bit you have a leak. The 'fix' is usually to just tighten the fitting where the bubbles are showing. Doesn't take much. Then re-test.
  7. As a tech geek (not) all I know that at my rate of about $600 a month I am getting a steady 80 - 90 download into my desktop computer (do not know upload since I do not use this much). Do not understand how you are getting better speeds for a lower price...what do you mean by "using a net work cable? And someone also questioned if this is fiber optic...I am assuming it is since I was getting 2 - 3 download with the Telmex phone line wire system.
  8. I had a root cana when I was about 21 without any sedation and believe the needles look really good after you have been through that once..
  9. Usually, the person who sells the gas can check that with a solution of soap and water, then perhaps can fix it.
  10. I can relate, I'm a serious needle-phobe. No matter where the needle goes in, but there's something about feeling helpless laying back in a dentist's chair that makes it even more awful. I always get them to use the numbing gel- I can still feel the needle, though, and it still makes me grip the arms of the chair, moan and feel faint. The dental work itself doesn't scare me at all- it's the needles.
  11. I keep getting little whiffs of gas in through the window over my tank, but it comes and goes. Still, nothing to mess with - who can I call to check on/fix this? Are there certified gasfitters here?
  12. Gringohombre, ilox speed is all over the place, for $340.00 I get 150 down and 67 upload using a net work cable. WiFi I run through a Linksys router and get 107 download and 45 upload.
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  14. Thanks dichosalocura. I may try that. I want to share that I googled telmex.com and i found an email address telmexsoluciona@telmex.com. I wrote to them in spanish. I will report back if I get a reply. I just read the fine fine print that says when you pay the 599.00 it permits you to enjoy the services and products of Telmex and gives you a line of credit to the telmex Tienda. Since they are not open, and then they start attaching these charges, many people will probably pay it because they fear losing the service which without the office being open poses a bigger nightmare. I was posting to
  15. Telmex usually has at least one English speaking rep available when you call the 800 number. Just ask for inglés porfavor, usually helps.
  16. I agree. I can see them limiting hours, but it is hard to get things straighted out. I'm very afraid if I dont pay the extra 200 pesos for "varios", whatever that refers to, then they may cut me off. Without any personal service, I may be in a much bigger mess. I cringe, thinking about calling the 800 number but suppose I must try it. What are people doing who need new setup service?
  17. I have iFibra, internet only, in the Lourdes area of West Chapala in addition to Telmex. Telmex goes down so often and I switch between them. A few months ago Telmex was out for a month and trying to get a tech out to check was beyond frustrating. IFibra goes down too, but usually one or the other is working. I have no problem streaming Netflix on iFibra.
  18. As Mudgirl has already noted, most of the really cold areas of Canada are the "stan" provinces - Albertistan, Manitobistan, Saskatchistan. Ontario is a separate, private hell under leadership of Doug Ford. Still flowers on the west coast. Time to plant next years bulbs. Still picking tropical fruits Lakeside.
  19. That is a massively huge question, and there are a thousand documentaries and TV series that cover just that, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of Websites (because who reads the 1,000s of books now). Basic answer? THE NEW WORLD.
  20. The question was is fiber available in Chapala. I don't know if iLox is. But I do know that iFibre is trying hard.
  21. Well, if I was still living there, I would definitely come to Ajijic. To avoid a winter there is good for the soul. I remember when my grandmother died, it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Now that was extremely cold.
  22. After some initial hiccups I am very happy with ILox here in lower SAT...about $600 a month and constant 80 - 90 download speed.
  23. But I wonder why the original settlers decide to stay.. What were they coming away ? What circumstances were they leaving?
  24. Anyone in Chapala proper (not Riberas) have fiber optics internet service? What internet speed are you getting? Problems with service? Cost? Thanks.
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