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  2. Also happy with STI since 2017; they are also responsive for post-installation service.
  3. Since you posted, I went down the rabbit hole a bit and discovered a number of apps offering similar services. I would prefer one which functions with the local cell network as well as WIFI. Looking at this as well https://www.sideline.com/
  4. Finally made it to the Burger Shack and it certainly lived up to expectations. Will be going again.
  5. We, too, had STI install both solar electric and hot water. Their service can't be beat and they won't sell you more than you need.
  6. My systems (solar electric and solar hot water) were done by STI Solar Technology, top quality at great pricing and superb support. Many mentions over the years on this board. I believe they have installed the systems for the Cruz Roja and the Chapala Country Club and many others. Contact: ron(at) solartechnology.com.mx
  7. That's my plan. ALmost never have cell phone on, and certainly not first thing in a.m. when I read my first mail of the day. So yes, I'll be turning it OFF. (Bad enough I have to use cell to get into MercadoLibre to purchase things.... but at least there $$ involved so I get the reason)
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  9. You mean December 2022, it is nowhere near occupancy for months...
  10. I've searched for posts on solar installation recommendations but only found a post from 2016. Has anyone recently had solar panels installed for electricity and if so who did you use lakeside? Thank you
  11. We are very fortunate to have two excellent ophthalmologists available Lakeside. Not having to travel to Guad and being able to access the office are serious considerations for me. Also finding a doctor who understood my condition and how to treat it was a huge plus.
  12. Giving Tuesday please partner with HHWT special day of matching donations. matching 130% up to firsts $2500 us dollars you donate $100 gets matched with $130 total for HHWT $230 dollars end of the day.
  13. My Canadian friend was vaccinated while he spent the winter in California. After he returned to Canada he tried to register his vaccinations on the California registry and was refused due to being in Canada. For California, anyway, they care about where you are domiciled and not where you were when vaccinated. I would think that you might work around that problem with a VPN. Does My State Have A Vaccine App?
  14. Ditto what Bisbee said. For instance California maintains a registry, easy to access and get the QR code - https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/
  15. I have been using Fongo for years; great app; audio quality is excellent.
  16. Both apps are free. Free versions display small ads, but they do not bother me as these are inconspicuous. You can pay a nominal fee to remove ads. Outgoing and receiving calls on fongo are free to / from any Canadian number (landline and cell), and international rates are very low (compared to cellular provider fees); fongo charges for outgoing texting, something like $1/month unlimited to canadian numbers, or $2/month worldwide. Receiving texts is always free. Calls on textnow are free to any US / Canadian numbers, and international rates are very low too; texting is free to US and Canadian phone numbers. Visit corresponding websites for rates to worldwide locations. You can make / receive calls and send / receive text messages using wifi or a cellular network connection. Call quality is excellent on our android phones. Texting is real-time. We are happy with the setup. Works for us wherever we travel overseas, with no roaming fees. There is a regulatory fee to port a phone number, as I recall it was $25, and took several days to complete. You own the number, and if you get tired of either app you can port a number from them elsewhere, including back to a cellular operator. You can port a cell number, or a landline number. PS: You do not need to port an existing number, you can test both apps by applying for a new number through either app, but these numbers will be considered virtual numbers, and come with certain limitations, they may not work with some services (ie short-code texting, etc).
  17. Jose, puedes darme tu numero de telefono. Me gusta la mesa.
  18. My experience is that if a Poster leaves a phone #, best to just call as they don't look back at their Post much/any!
  19. Google did recently switch the default to 2-factor verification (which I hate), but it's fairly easy to go into your account settings and turn it off again.
  20. That isn't what the OP is asking about. He wants to know how to get proof of vaccine that he will get or has gotten in the US. He's not asking what he needs for boarding a plane.
  21. Great options. Do you pay for the service? With either app? If so to what company? And how much?
  22. There is no national registry for covid vacs. Your official card is what you need. That is the only evidence over 200 million Americans have.
  23. Someone did not do their homework.
  24. Is this you front left? Where's your helmet dude??? or maybe you subscribe to the Mexican dicho "We don't need no stinkin' helmets!!!"
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