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  2. 27 were shot just last weekend in chicago....while a 6pm curfew was in place for underage kids.
  3. https://www.dailywire.com/news/nobody-wants-them-moderna-throwing-out-30-million-vaccine-doses-ceo-says
  4. That shows you just do not travel much.. How do you stay out of cartel areas when you travel and really do not know where cartels are. When we got stopped by cartel guys, actually the head of one of them we were in 2 cars travelling back to town from buying toys in one of the communities near San Cristobal. I missed the short cut to town but figured that San Cristobal was down hill in the valley so went down the mountain road.. and that when we got stopped..Turns out ,there was some kind of conflict between cartels in that area which I did not know about because I had never heard of the area.You do not always have autopistas mot do you know everything about areas you go through. If you talk to people who haul stuff all over the country , you will hear that the roads are getting mor dangerous, this is not a secret.
  5. https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/faucis-researchers-find-better-antibody-response-natural-immunity
  6. Good for you. Now you need the Constancia document to be able to use your RFC number.
  7. Cedros this is a nonsense post. A lady you dealt with for WHAT? And, what is odd to you may not be odd to the rest of for a name. Give us more information to go on, please.
  8. There was a lady I dealt with 10years ago. She worked alone in lower Ajijic. She had an odd name. Does anyone know who I am referring to?
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  10. Unrealized income is what your saying. And just like how the income tax was sold only on the rich but ended up making down to the middle class ( half the country does not pay federal income tax so don't give me the poor pay too much taxes the middle class does the poor pay none and get a huge unearned credit for free so they don't pay fed income tax they get paid by us tax payers every year) so if they put in a Unrealized income tax you can bet it will get down to the middle class and again the middle class will take it up the rear while the rich and "poor" just glide along. You realize the "poor" get 10 to 15k now in unearned income? Wife did collections at a buy here pay here auto sales and they would walk in with 10 to 15k of cash to buy cars after they got there fed income tax done! add in free housing, food stamps, free school lunches, weekend backpacks of food, discounts on utilities now that include high speed internet! Not a bad life when everything is paid for by the hard work of the middle class who have a hard time affording kids or anything else. But yeah those poor poor Americans need more help which the middle class will end up paying for. While they cut coupons and watch Mary welfare pull out her food stamp card and buy all the food she needs.... from the taxes of that poor lady coupon shopping....
  11. USA imported 8% of its oil and related products from Russia but yet the price of gasoline has almost doubled. This is an example of corporations not letting a crisis go to waste. Let the president take the blame while petroleum companies have record profits. There’s always bozos like Gringohombre blindly setting his own agenda.
  12. Sales tax is the most regressive tax. When everyone is charged x% on purchases, it hurts lower income persons more. There are some limited "luxury" taxes on yachts, etc. but they have proven to be ineffective given low and isolated sales. Higher income tax rates at higher brackets is a better way to tax the rich, though there are many ultra-wealthy persons who have little or no taxable income due to owning businesses that have advantageous write-offs and other means of sheltering taxable income to the individual. This has been borne out by the zero federal income taxes paid by a former president. Hence the discussion of a wealth tax on those who are not paying income taxes.
  13. I have had an RFC number for 12 years.
  14. I think that I have done too much reading. I have seen the information in that link.
  15. You have to wonder how corect his informatiom is.
  16. 250k are being caught crossing the usa southern boarder a month! Not counting the ones they don't catch! That is a million we catch every 4 months! Don't you watch or read any us news out side of CNN and msnbc which never tell the boarder crisis numbers?
  17. I guesed it might be that but wasn't certain.
  18. You need to do some reading, Cedros. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/tax-reform-requires-expat-taxpayer-registration/
  19. Assuming you mean what is required to renew my insurance, please read the title of the post.
  20. Not over my head but certainly off topic.
  21. Tha sounds like BS. He is promoting his own business.
  22. They aren't trying to. Top 10 Countries Hosting the Highest Number of International Refugees (mid-2021 data): Turkey — 3,696,831 Jordan — 3,027,729 Uganda — 1,475,311 Pakistan — 1,438,523 Lebanon — 1,338,197 Germany — 1,235,160 Sudan — 1,068,339 Bangladesh — 889,775 Iran — 800,025 Ethiopia — 782,896
  23. They were on the Chapala-Mezcala road next to oh shirt. I heard they moved to riberas. Anyone know where or have contact?
  24. OK, I will revise my comment to TRAVELLING in México. If you keep to the toll roads and out of the cartel areas I would feel safer here than is some parts of LA, Chicago or many other urban areas in the US where car jackings have increased prolifically in the past few years!!!
  25. That is not the USA problem to fix. Every person who doesn't feel safe can't all cram into the USA. In the late 1800s you had to have $25 to immigrate legally into the usa and not have any diseases. 1 country cannot afford to cate for all the world's problem people. I was lucky to be born in the usa my grandfather wasn't. And that was why at 18 I gave up full paid college to join the military during a war because I felt that I owed the country something.
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