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  2. I think you don't understand the law too well. The 100 db standard is for occasional ceremonies and events, not the routine daily or weekly bar entertainment. And it is limited to 4 hours. Also the law requires the municipio to provide 24 hour per day response and monitoring for compliance, which Chapala is not doing. Basically, as one writer noted in this week's GDL Reporter, Chapala isn't enforcing the law. For example, the time limit is being grossly violated by the Charro concerts at the bull ring and complaints regarding same have been ignored. Lots of good references to get you up to speed easily found using Sr. Google. It doesn't matter what the db level is inside the venue with the exception the law does have specific protections for employees. The primary standard is outside the business and immediately adjacent. That is being interpreted by the municipios who are actually enforcing the law to be the sidewalk or street out front. Be glad you are 3 blocks away. Too bad you don't have a little more sympathy for those a lot closer. Whether you like the music or the establishment that does not give you or them the right to enroll the neighbors into being an involuntary audience. The sound levels outside their property are in serious violation of the law as confirmed by direct measurement. When it is so loud it interferes with mass through the thick walls of the adjacent iglesia that ought to tell you something. BTW, 100db is ear damaging after 15 minutes. But, hey, its your ears. I think most of the old gringos who hang out in these places and think they can dance are deaf anyway.
  3. 5 of us had a great Thanksgiving lunch at Sunrise in SAT...great turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potato, peas and corn and a very nice piece of pumpkin pie...all for $195. Everyone was very satisfied and happy with both the food and excellent service. Over the years I have seen that many restaurants here try to take advantage of the expat holidays and raise prices to exorbitant rates just because they think we will have no choice. Well maybe if we avoid those and patronize only who offer us fair prices for good authentic offerings will things change
  4. I have lived for over 13 years in lower SAT about 3 blocks from Adelitas. I have seen this place grow from a small hole in the wall sandwich/coffee shop to the first class, large classy establishment that it is now. About 10 years ago the mother of Jason, the current owner/operator, bought the place and I saw the gradual improvements through the subsequent years and about 4 years ago, a major 3 - 4 month renovation and enlargement including the large covered patio area in the back. Jason, being a musician himself improved the entertainment to the point that now the music is considered among the very best Lakeside with a mix of Latin and my favorite, Old Time Rock n' Roll from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Someone stated wrongly here that there is music nightly...not so...only on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights. Someone else stated wrongly that the customers are mostly expats and not Mexican. Also wrong. The Tapatios and Mexican locals have discovered the great food and entertainment and there is usually a great mix of folks there. I used to hear the music somewhat at my house depending on how the wind was blowing, but now not. Recently, enjoying the music there I ran into Jason's mother and mentioned that I was not hearing it at my house anymore. She pointed to a digital meter devise on the wall facing the musicians and it was reading between 80 and 90. She told me that the bandleaders were instructed to keep it below 100 since it was hooked up to some type of decibel meter outside and anything under 100 on the wall meter inside was legal. I know nothing about the Evento but Alelitas has been nothing but a very good restaurant and music/dance club and a very positive attraction to our wonderful little pueblo.
  5. Come join us for your last great dinner of 2019. Starts at 7:30pm, December 31st, 2019 - By Reservations Only
  6. I once found a baby rattlesnake curled up under the dog bowl on the terrace.
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  8. Some people just are happier with Macs. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. I was looking for an excuse to get a iMac, plus my old HP I was tired of changing spark plugs and vacuum tubes.
  10. DoesDoes anyone have any updates on the new vaccine's availability in Guadalajara???
  11. Keep in mind that bugs of all types love to crawl beneath rugs, dog beds and anything else that provides what they perceive to be a safe, dark home. While roaches may just startle you, the sting of a scorpion will wake you right up.
  12. I know of one. What are you looking for Multiple dwelling or single
  13. Can nay ne recommend an excellent, reliable manager?
  14. Does anyone know where they can be brought locally?
  15. So sorry for the loss of this lovely and kind lady. Thank you for the news that Calle has found a loving home. Thinking of her family and friends. Val
  16. Although I use a different massage therapist now, I did have Lupe for many years and also recall that each Saturday he went to GDL to further his education. He is a wonderful therapist and has many skills. Cheers, Val Jones
  17. I am one of his patients from time to time and therapeutic massage is only one of the things he does. In Spain he was a trainer for a pro soccer team.
  18. correct happyjillin physiotherapist study for 4 years after graduatung from hghschool s specialized school and are part of the approved medecine/ treatments in Europe when therapeutic massage are not paid for.
  19. ...and then one must check and see when "open enrollment" dates are. Yes, it would be much simpler if people could avoid signing up and paying a premium when they are not (or think they're not) sick and just be able to sign up online the day before they see a doctor or enter the hospital. And don't get me going about how they changed everything after we moved to Mexico. It was all simple to understand before we moved away from Medicare coverage and then somehow, some way, they changed everything. What, you mean they didn't? Are you saying I should have paid attention beforehand? I'm not a dumb person, it can't be my fault.
  20. It's ciudadanía por naturalización, Snowyco. La naturaleza is nature--the beach, the trees, the mountains, etc.
  21. Two iPhones, three iPads, one Apple TV and now a MacBook Pro. I’m not sure when Apple installed the implant but am pretty sure it is working. My other half told me to get rid of the win 10 laptop but I hid it in an upstairs room he never goes in. Its a security blanket until I get used to the MacBook.
  22. Good luck with an uneventful crossing which it should be as long as you aren't trying to skirt any laws. It goes without saying that not having any arrest warrants is a good idea.
  23. As long as I've known and used Lupe [3 times/week] he has not worked Saturdays because he goes into Guadalajara for classes to learn more. He does me lala at my request and therapeutic when I need that which is right now and thanks to him after a couple of sessions I am walking much better again. So Yo1,I suggest that you know very little about the good Mexican MT's to make such broad negative statements about them.
  24. Brand New Hampton Bay ceiling fan. The box has not even been opened. We bought three and ended up only needing two. The model is called Glendale and it is a brushed bronze look. In San Antonio and available for pick up. Price is $1,900 Pesos
  25. Thanks for the link, very helpful. Sorry but that IS how I feel about the USA, especially Post 911. I just wish more people would recognize it!
  26. US Consulate Checklist ***NO FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED*** There are no cash/personal check/card transactions December, 2019 Exchange Rate: $ 19.50 MXP per 1 USD Further information: pifernr@gmail.com or 331 469 6360 Passports 1. Proper form completed and signed 2. 2 photos 2”x2” or 5 x 5 cm. (No glasses) 3. Your old passport and one photo copy of your passport 4. Mexican bank checks payable to “United States Disbursing Officer on behalf” in Mexican pesos. Bank cashier checks in pesos only from: Banamex, Bancomer, HSBC, Banorte, Santander, ScotiaBank Please do not write anything on the check! 5. US dollar cashier checks payable to “United States Consulate” There must be no spelling or printing error : Bancomer, Banamex, Santander, Intercam, Order Express, USPS, or any U.S. Bank within 90 days of purchase. Please do not write anything on the check! Notaries: Applicant must present an OFFICIAL AND CURRENT IDENTIFICATION, such as: US or Mexican Passport/US or Mexican Driver’s License/Mexican Voter ID Card (IFE/INE) Type Form(s) Book Only Card Only Book & Card Adult renewal (Previously had a 10 year passport) DS-82 $110 USD $2145.00 MXP $30 USD $585.00MXP $140 USD $2730.00 MXP Child renewal DS-11 $115 USD $2242.50 MXP $50 USD $975.00 MXP $130 USD $ 2535.00MXP First time adult renewal (Previously had a 5 year passport, and is 16 years of age or older) DS-11 $145 USD $2,827.50 MXP $65 USD $1267.50 MXP $175 USD $3412.5 MXP Lost or Stolen Passport DS-64 and DS-11 $145 USD $2,827.50 MXP Under 16- $50 USD $975.00 MXP 16 and over-$65 USD $1,267.50 MXP Under 16- $130 USD $2,535.00 MXP 16 and over-$175 USD $3412.50 MXP Notary Service $50 USD per seal/ $975.00 MXP
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