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  2. You added that after I quoted you and you realized how dumb your comment sounded. You added that in a vain attempt to try and make your comment appear to have some relevance. It didn’t work since the OP has asked that this thread be used for posting of official information about the virus. If you want to start an argument or share your thoughts start your own thread. The people just dying to be enlightened by your wisdom will seek you out and you can all chat together while this thread can be used as the OP requested.
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  4. I did also say, "How many small businesses and local workers are out of business??? let's get back to reality here!". I think that this is a serious situation but here, so far we are OK. Do you dispute this?
  5. I am not concerned about going grocery shopping and being infected with anybody’s heart attack, cancer, or skin cancer. Are you?
  6. So far nada...How many heart attacks??? How many cancer diagnoses??? How many skin cancers??? How many small businesses and local workers out of business??? let's get back to reality here!
  7. And the chair is nice, too (sorry, I just couldn't resist)
  8. I kindly ask that you only post official information in this thread. Thank you. Note: prior active shown for Chapala removed because was reported in error May 31 reports
  9. Nice to see that the government up north is handing out masks to the rioters and looters who need them or otherwise just ignore them all and let them violate social distancing rules
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ok,, so posthole beetles, apparently , judging from the pile of super-fine powder in the rather poor photos I took, but I can't actually see any holes! Who can I call, locally, to help me with this? I don't know where to start, especially since I'm high-risk for covid and have hardly left the house for over 2 months! But now I'm terrified of having a real infestation that spreads to my other furniture! Hope someone has suggestions, and quickly. In the meantime, guess I'll move the chair out onto my terrace and cover so the birds don't trash it. I love this piece of furniture and I'm just sick about what's happening.
  12. Mostlylost......no husband was a U.S. citizen, born n raised in Seattle....passed away a month ago but SS hasn't get taken back the payment received for May...sigh.
  13. So sorry for being late in responding. Car is registered in Mexico City and was bought in a Guadalajara car dealership.
  14. Question answered, problem solved and the snark has begun. Closed.
  15. Are you auditioning for Substitute Moderator In Charge of Everything?
  16. Having owned a furniture store and several antique stores I am not exactly illiterate on the subject. If applied to the bottom of the furniture the kerosene does not really show and will evaporate in a week or two. The kerosene gets the poison deep where the larva is and will kill it when it eats the wood. The preferred way to kill the larva is in a kiln as they cannot survive when the temperature gets above 120 degrees F' In Oklahoma when the temperature got over 100 degrees outside, I would put the furniture in my car with all the windows rolled up and parked in the sun. 30 minutes is supposed to take care of the problem but I always left for several hours. If a person can figure how to get the temperature over 120 degrees on the furniture for a sustained time the problem will be taken care of.
  17. In Ajijic, 8:00 AM. People get there early and line up.
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