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  2. One of our banks is USAA. They give us excellent rates, cash back on all purchases and no foreign transaction fees
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  4. Joyfull

    Taxis service

    We have lived here 10 years and have used the Miramontes the entire time. We travel at least 5-7 times a year and have used them as driver for medical procedures in Guadalajara. I have recommended them to many people. They have ALWAYS been reliable. From the many posts here it looks like artsnob is the only one who has had a problem. Perhaps it was a miscommunication since he didn’t give specifics.
  5. ComputerGuy

    SKYPE in Mexico

    Tiny asked the all-important question: cell phone or computer? The dial pad appears in different places, and is not obvious, because it is just a tiny, unmarked icon of 10 dots. Once you open the dial pad, you can pick the country and type your number... Skype will put in the proper country code automatically. And Natasha also makes a good point: long distance calls via TelMex are free to within Mexico, and to Canada and the U.S.
  6. I agree the west side has much to offer and we bought land near San Luis last year. Have a beautiful view of the lake at a fraction of the cost near Ajijic. Plan to build casa in 3 years. Expect costs to really escalate in the coming years. Probably will sell our place in Riberas or sell at this time.
  7. I thought it would be obvious, but I modified my post to indicate Ajijic and area.
  8. Colorado119

    88 Honda Accord 99k Miles

    Willing to take a little less, $1700 was the amount i have into the car. The only thing it needs is a brake bleeding, i let a few air bubbles into brakes when i changed the brake pads recently. Brakes fine though, so i havent done the work. Great little car, it has been a major blessing for me. 99k Original Miles, purchased it from the Original Owners grandson. All Highway Miles. Much more to say about the car too, lets talk 7013182199
  9. A mixture of vineegar, baking soda and boraxo will do it.
  10. Colorado119

    88 Honda Accord 99k Miles

    Runs Good, needs a bit of work, but runs nice. 40 MPG over the last 17,000 Miles. All new front suspension parts, many more new parts too, too many to list. New Tires. $1700, Clean Colorado Title.
  11. We have created a new dedicated lost and found pets Face Book group for the Lakeside area "Lost and Found pets - Lakeside area". Direct link is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/groups/329484064364793/
  12. mattoleriver

    Drive to Calexico border crossing?

    This might be a good question for the Baja Nomad board.
  13. Beatriz Socorro Castellanos. Fluent in Spanish, English, French, dogspeak and catspeak. Reliable and honest. beatrizsocorro2@gmail.com 331-887-4289
  14. Kyle

    Fabian's in Ajijic

    Oops! Sorry I miss read
  15. Did i miss the availability of fast internet or basic phone service...Auerea is a grubby store that sells terrible doughnuts... Home Depot and Costco is an hour drive away
  16. Probably a recommendation not appreciated by the owner of this forum.
  17. Natasha

    SKYPE in Mexico

    Go up to corner where the American flag is showing and change to Mexican flag. Do you have a Telmex landline here, or only a cell phone. Because you can call anywhere in Mexico for nothing with your landline.
  18. One of the great traditions on the Ajijic calendar is the Easter Passion Play - Pasión de Cristo. Lasting three days this spectacular is community driven and all volunteer. To raise funds, we are having the 18th annual art auction at the Nueva Posada at 3pm, March 8 (Friday). Traditional Mexican food and music and beautiful art from Ajijic's finest artists. Tickets available at LCS, Diane Pearls, Ajijic Real Estate, Centro Cultural, Bar el Roble, Fiaga boutique and Dario Marquez Studio. Only $200 pesos!
  19. bontepar


    how many kilometres do you have factura de origen, tenencias payed?
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  21. If you are interested in buying a place, I recommend DELETED It is against forum regulations to make Broker recommendations Mod 5
  22. thevalerieleigh

    Late Night Dining Options?

    Going to LLT's "Same Deep Water As Me" on Saturday, show starts at 7:30, out by 9:45 or so. Who is open at least until 10-10:30 for a sit-down meal? I know the taquerias but was hoping for something a little more elegant. As always, thanks in advance, Valerie
  23. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g15043031-d7854531-Reviews-Recinto_Maya_Kay-Chantepec_El_Chante_Jocotepec.html
  24. Where is the real dolphin and parrot show located? And is it a permanent feature?
  25. Xena

    Fabian's in Ajijic

    It opens at 4 or 5. Nothing was said about when it closes.
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