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  2. https://www.fvap.gov/arizona That is the site we used to register to vote. We haven't lived in the U.S. for 22 years. Used our last address in the U.S. when required, but, we are registered as living in MX. No need to have a current U.S. address to VoteFromAbroad absentee.
  3. Yes they do, and will again. You can also register online at VoteFromAbroad.org. The site is easy to use and steps you through the process using the address where you last voted. It is a good idea to resubmit the form requesting an absentee ballot just so you stay on the voter lists. https://www.votefromabroad.org/ I vote using an address where I rented before moving here 11 years ago. I have no current connection to that address but imagine the current renters get lots of campaign mail for me.
  4. They're probably not almost all sold. It's a marketing technique to make you hurry up and put down a deposit. And Barcelonaman is right, it happens just like this all over the world. Would it make you run right over to plop down your hard-earned $$$? It wouldn't make ME run to do it.
  5. That is simply a stupid and rude thing to say. It shows no depth, just vitriol. Not at all welcome here. Not in any way.
  6. It is a hidden place. So different from the other malecons.
  7. You seem like you'd be happier in a place that isn't Mexico. Eat at a fucking taco stand, my friend.
  8. what was I thinking...moderator lock this thread
  9. Please keep this a secret. I fish from the embankment and wouldn't want to hook anyone inadvertently or have anyone spot the six pound large mouth Bass. SunFan
  10. RickS...I actually HAVE read a number of threads on this, but they can be spread out and when I try to pull up on the "search function", I get an odd assortment of responses. I travel with a nifty D-link extender, a TP Link one, and have an older Cisco single-band router I brought with me, so I will fiddle. I knew enough about routers to tell my friend who signed up with Telecable to request an Arris router when her crappy Hitron failed, and the difference was amazing. The wifi signal was about 3x more than the Hitron, by my phone app. Of course, now they have retired the Arris ones, and gone to all Hitron. Go figure. Thx for your response.
  11. Another name for it is the bird sanctuary, when i kayak in that area, it where the birds make their nests
  12. Yes i Know Alfredo of sun quest good company
  13. As a 'newbie' I suspect that you have not been looking at this Forum in the past. For the last year there have been tons of Posts talking about/complaining that their modem was.... as your suggest.... crap w/respect to wifi signal strength. Decidedly worse than the Telmex. Many folks have installed routers and/or wifi signal extenders behind their iLOX modem to help. BTW, the speed/rate of any provider's service is referencing that which is achievable with an ethernet cable AT the modem and NOT the rate that might be achievable using wifi even if it is pretty close to the modem. And recall also that ALL rates are marketed as 'up to'..... hasta.... some speed.
  14. A couple of things: regular readers here know that the WiFi capability of the iLox devices is dismal. A third-party router with WiFi is recommended. It must be plugged in to the iLox modem directly via ethernet. Now, that customer I mentioned earlier. iLox did finally get a man out today and the customer is now getting about 66 on all devices. I believe she purchased the lowest tier.
  15. Was at El Sombrero last night and had the grilled fish and chips. The fish pieces were absolutely disgusting - dry, over-cooked and burnt on the bottom. I left the fish after trying to eat a piece and pointed out to the waiter how bad it was. They did ask me if I wanted anything else, but after the terrible fish I was not inclined to try anything else from the kitchen. Of course they hit me with the full bill for the meal upon leaving, not even the courtesy to offer a reduction. A restaurant to avoid in my opinion.
  16. I had Ilox installed last week, and even the tech said that right next to the modem, I was only getting 43 down, far less than the 75-100 I pre-purchased. He said it would get better over the next few hours. It didn't. In my BR, only15 feet away (but partially through a wall), I am getting 12-19, and on and off. My Telecable gave me much better signal from twice as far away, much better Modem (Arris). I certainly paid for better, and expect better. I DO, however, show I am getting 100 mps through the Cat5 cable. Odd, unless the Ilox modem is crap. Hhmmm.
  17. We were among her first patients lakeside. Never a problem. My husband has had extensive dental work and very happy with her.
  18. I always use my poorest Spanish Something like Tengo casa renta Chapala regreso en seis mes con todo. Todo usado. Works every time with an SUV stuffed to the brim at Laredo no. 2 bridge. I usually cross about 7AM
  19. If you haven't ever been there, you are missing out on a little gem of a spot. Gorgeous there now especially around sunset . I was going to post pictures, but better to be surprised no ?
  20. Yesterday
  21. ยก DE ACUERDO ! That construction is top of line and really well built, if not overbuilt.
  22. 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander - 141,000 miles - $80,000 pesos Black with dark grey interior - Luggage rack. Mechanically good and in working order. Sun Roof not functioning. Interior in very good condition. I am the second owner. Have all documents. Exterior looks faded. Tires about one year old. Photos below. Contact Number 332.495.5564
  23. Wookie

    Great Burgers

    Barcelona Woman I agree with you on some levels. However, food prices have gone up for everyone and those prices have to be reflected as well when eating out. As to the person that thinks I was responsible for all of our housekeeper's good fortune, I was not. However, paying $100 pesos for a day of work was not a living wage even for here. She now makes $60 pesos an hour. She was offered $1500.00 pesos for 6 hours from a newbie to leave us but thank goodness she's loyal. It's those kind of unreasonable prices that aggravate me. The newbies are ruining the economy, I agree.
  24. I thought Democrates abroad helped with it during the last election at LCS
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