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  2. Doesn't matter. Just stay away for a month and wear a mask.
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  4. How did this work out? I have some metal items that I'd like to powder coat. Where's the Ironworks Shop in Ajijic? Thanks, Don
  5. There might be several 711's along the carretera but the only 711 in Chapala Centro that I know about is the one a block up from Coppel all others are Oxxo's. Yes Oxxo has won the war.
  6. How do you determine the difference between bars, clubs and restaurants?
  7. Exactly. So where is this other one to which you refer?
  8. Thanks for the correction! Duh!
  9. That's where we got all of ours but the entrance is west of T I believe.
  10. Oh, did they re-open one across from Garm Guad on the carretera?
  11. Any has very low effectivness on the predominant Delta varient.
  12. The Cantera store is now located just east of the Tobolandia entrance on the same lateral.
  13. Lo siento,I only know of 2 personally but google suggests that there are 7. Yup there is one Oxxo in every pot so it looks like they have won the store wars-eh! pedro kertesz
  14. Too much time and resources wasted on bureaucracy. I have neighbors that want to be vaccinated but don’t have the appropriate identification required for whatever reasons. It needs to made as easy as possible for those that want to be vaccinated.
  15. Need new spout from the drain on the roof. There used to be a cantera store on the Careterra in Ajijic. Still there? Any others around?
  16. Here we go again with these meaningless restrictions here. It would be productive if they open vaccination centers to everyone, of all ages over 12, no registration required and regardless if they have proof of address or residency. Let’s just get it in people’s arms already.
  17. Not as long as people continue to deny that this is a hoax and admit it is very real!
  18. Cheap? Definitely! I'd pay that $90 in a heartbeat for the extension facilitation. And to have your Temporal and TIP renewed for 3 years for ~$425 is a bargain also IMO.
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