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  2. Flowing? I put the pod in the machine and out comes a great cup of coffee. I empty and refill the pod in about 30 seconds. Simple single cup.
  3. Thanks a bunch. Prasad had a couple of bottles. Yes. It is expensive, but a necessity for me.
  4. ‘This Is Evil at the Highest Level,’ Says HHS Whistleblower In a video released Monday by Project Veritas, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services insider, Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse, shares recorded conversations between herself and colleagues about the government’s failure to acknowledge COVID vaccine risks and lack of efficacy. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/project-veritas-jodi-omalley-hhs-whistleblower-covid-vaccine
  5. Zeb, I found it on Mercadolibre, but OOF! It's imported and expensive. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/olmo-resbaladizo#D[A:olmo resbaladizo]
  6. This should be in the Classified section.
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  8. 2007,,,,MOTOR. 2.5........LEATHER. A/C......JALISCO. PLATES...139. KMS.....S,ROOF....ALL. PAID.......AM. THE. OWNER.......ONLY. $89. THOUSANDS. PESOS.....OILS=. FILTERS. JUST. DONNE.....3330346557.....MOVING. SALE...
  9. Ethernet = cable should 99% be better than wifi.
  10. Thank you for those kind words, but really I don’t consider myself smarter than anyone else.. What I do have is perseverance,, That is the first time ever heard that WiFi is better than an Ethernet cable.. Do you think I should dispute Amazon’s claims that Ethernet will always be better than WiFi..?
  11. You can direct the $ to any account you wish to.
  12. Dog walking Wife: "Where did you take the dog yesterday when you went out with your drinking buddies?" Husband: "The regular places.... why?" Wife: "She's acting different...."
  13. What is the gene that prevents a certain group from speaking more than one language? I once had an elderly friend who spoke thirteen languages, but no English. He had no formal education. In a family of mixed nationalities, there was a five year old boy who could simultaneously translate the five represented languages.
  14. My bad. I assumed (wrongly?) that OP already had an account. But will say this.... the day they install you pay the installer up front, and from that moment forward you CAN create an account tho' I needed a lot of hand holding to do it.🤣
  15. Who said anything about needing the latest version? Some tech friends say the older one is better. Ethernet was how we used our old Android box. But Rich (and one more) said NOT to go that route as FS works better on wifi. Glad to see you're still your usual snarky & judgmental self. 🤣.Easy for some is not possible in this lifetime for others. AND FYI Rich does a LOT more than simply load what you want onto the Firestick. But since you're so much smarter than the rest of us, you don't need to know.

    Coffee pods

    It is time to vote: How is the water getting through the grounds: 1. Running 2. Seeping 3. Driiping 4. Oozing 5. Flowing 6. Flooding 7. Cascading
  17. LOL! Because some folks' idea of ATMs is spewing ego, not money.
  18. ACD constantly refers to several websites well-known for their rightist-conspiracy leanings. I suspect he continues to do so in this thread.
  19. Kandi, is the Sit-Stand desk still available?
  20. It actually doesn't matter what the WHO and the CDC say because, until the Government of Canada requires some other test to enter Canada, the PCR is what they want. Period.
  21. The subject of this thread is the exchange rate at ATM's - we seem to have wandered far away!
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