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  2. Send Kiko a Private Message. Mouse-over the icon below the name, and select the envelope 'Message' icon at the bottom of the window.
  3. I didn't think I have to mention you need a doctor to do the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). Who else does it for you? I understand you have 20% Part B deductible and coinsurance BUT those payments do not apply to the AWV which is 100% covered. Of course it's up the individual to decide using it or not.
  4. Another 1.5 trillion of new debt under DT?...….great economists! At least, it is setting new highs……. Yeah, I suppose Mexico could spend and do quite well with that amount of someone else´s money.
  5. Tailorbird´s nest? I don´t know but you see them all over Mexico
  6. Maybe Amutio, next to Guadalajara Farmacia
  7. You are correct, nothing in this World is "free" not even "Free Medicare for All", "Free College Tuition", "Welfare", "Free Housing", etc.
  8. It's not really 'free'....Part B only covers about 80%, and whatever you choose to cover the rest can be expensive....Medicare claims to 'cover' some of these costs, but in reality, you are paying for it, every month..deducted from your Social Security check. I wanted to see a doctor for my first introductory Medicare wellness check up, but in order to get the appointment for that I first needed to pay a doctor for an exam, as a new patient...then...and only then, was I able to get my 'free' check up, so I cancelled. It has so much to do with what state and city you claim to be your home, because coverage is different everywhere. Some places have very few doctors that accept Medicare. Especially in smaller towns. Between my Part B and my supplemental Medicare insurance, it comes to over $220/month. And that comes with a $3000/year deductible.
  9. The secret to that is to maintain a Primary Care doctor and easily establish appointments with them for a set time in the future. Our experience is about 2 months lead time, unless it is an emergency, then we get in sooner. Same applies to the Specialists, but we have enjoyed much less wait time with both, as getting on a "cancel" list has always allowed us to get something in about 10 days. YMMD, but we have been like this for almost the 11 years we have been on Medicare. Just a little planning and taking responsibility for your health care goes a LONG way.
  10. This whole TIP business is upsetting. I paid $400 cash for my TIP deposit on Aug. 6. I thought I had 30 days to do everything I needed to do. Now I find out I should have done this Aduana business immediately upon arriving and I'm probably out of time. And they will probably keep the cash in any case. If I can find the location of the nearest Aduana office tomorrow morning, Aug. 26, and go there to do whatever paperwork needs to be done, that will leave exactly 10 business days for this before Sept. 6. I'm completely unfamiliar with the process and my Spanish isn't up for it.
  11. Thanks to all of you for jumping in with great answers... I did not even ask about amateurs radio operators or amateur magicians...you are in a Cuidad Magica after all!!! Looking forward to meeting some of you lovely folks in December!! David Rodwell, Winston Salem, NC EUA
  12. Any place locally, in addition to Tio Sam’s, that offers a selection of garbage disposals? Thanks for your help.
  13. The service is currently suspended and may not return. It's not my place to say what happened (just something unexpected, not any glitches in the business), so he should be sending out information to folks in the following weeks. I know that it is a much-appreciated service, so I'm sorry to see it not active. Fingers crossed it comes back or someone else fills the gap...operating in the same safe, by-the-book manner as Hugh and his crew.
  14. Actually, the Economists I follow say that the World would do themselves a big favor for their economies if they were to follow the lead of the US on economic policy. US economic leadership and policies continue to impress and set new highs.
  15. Yesterday
  16. housesitmexico.com.....for sitters for MEXICO
  17. The Mexican government has admitted, for the second time this month, that growth has slipped to ZERO. That is not good for any currency, except for the ones that trade against yours.
  18. Is she still available? If so, how should I contact you?
  19. This has NOTHING to do with the original post. What's your point?
  20. For what it's worth, USD/MXN just crossed 20:1 as trading begins in the new week.
  21. I just checked with my friend. He has tried calling the Chapala CFE # 3 times now and no one answers. UPDATE He finally got through. Although the outage area is not that large, there have been quite a few phone calls reporting same. And they have given us the standard answer that they will be out in 1 to 4 hours to repair same. And that is usually about what it takes.. Thank God I have Solar powered battery backup for emergency power. It feeds one or two lights in each room, the Refrig. Freezer, and of course, one TV, and one satellite receiver, oh, and of course my laptop. Sadly, my garage door is not on that circuit. But I can manually open and close it with help from a neighbor or the gardener. UPDATE: As usual the power is back on and everything is great. CFE is quite good these days at getting things up and running in a short period of time. That sure wasn't the case when I first got here in 1997, though
  22. Used Cisco IP Phone 7960 Series complete with power adapter. Located in Ajijic. Guaranteed to work or money back. These are offered on E Bay for US$175. Make offer. If this posting is against Webboard regulations, I apologize. From personal experience, if a remote worker located here needs one of these, this would get them back to work, today and they would be eternally grateful. Email ac@aclakeside.com Phone 331 245-7386
  23. It's maintaining course.I can hardly wait until Monday to dump some Canbucks into my Mexican bank account. Anyhow the bafflegarb is overflowing on this and quite frankly none of us really knows why this has happened in the last four days or so. Flushing the toilet might help.
  24. A truly bilingual friend phone for me, reporting the outage at my home. Thank you for your input.
  25. I know that but have no interest in doing so. I made this post as a heads up for FELLOW CANADIANS that it might be wise to top up your Mexican bank account right now. Nothing more,nothing less. I don't travel to the US and if I buy something from there,I use my Scotiabank Visa card. I make a simple post and a whole bunch of you go running off on all sorts of tangents that are unrelated.
  26. Everything's OK below you and a block west although our transformers are on Tempisque and 5 de Febrero. Have you made the "report" by calling 071? Once CFE gets a few calls from the same area they are more likely to send a truck over.
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