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  2. I know the timing isn't ideal, but my choices are limited due to factors beyond my control. March would have been better, but I didn't know then what I know now. Such is life.🙃
  3. el blanco barba: you asked about public protest....it has been my observation, after living at Lakeside for the past 10 years, that the Mexican citizens here rarely, if ever, complain about anything....
  4. I didn't realize this. Maybe the quick review I posted might be useful to some readers possibly. I wish him good luck.
  5. I agree with Mainecoons. The timing of putting up your house for sale wasn't great. Have patience. Don't know about the U.S. but, in Canada, the best time to list is in March because everyone wants the sale completed in June and, if they have kids, get them into the new school for September. A little different here but I suspect the action starts around October.
  6. @AlanMexicali I think Herman has received your good advice before in these threads... I think he's good to go and was just looking for any updates.
  7. Well it is always slow in the summer. My esposa says the attendance at the last "Introduction to Lakeside" seminar at LCS was well attended.
  8. Took us 2 hours at Santa Teresa, west of Juarez. Last time, 10 minutes. Expect delays.
  9. Rereading the OP, I see nothing to respond or add to. I hope lakeside7 feels better after ranting away for awhile.
  10. For sale: Sony Audio Control Center (receiver/amplifier) & Sony 5 CD changer & 2 KLH speakers 8"x12", $2500 pesos or best offer. Sharon 331-196-6423
  11. If you need information here it is: Once a person is approved at a Mexican Embassy or Mx. Consulate they are given a 6 month pre-approval for either a Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa in their passport. This is non negotiable once you enter Mexico legally by getting this visa stamped when entering Mexico and request a 30 day "canje" FMM card. In otherwords the Mexican Embassy or Mx. Consulate has completed Step 1 in the processing of you immigrating to Mexico. The local INM office only is responsible to process Step 2. The local INM office does not question the Mexican Embassy´s or Mx. Consulate´s requirements to recieve the visa in your passport. They only process the visa and when in Mexico swap [exchange] the "canje" FMM card [your now legal immigration document to be in Mexico legally] to the status you are already pre-approved for outside Mexico for the actual RT or RP visa/card. As long as you follow the rules this is how it works. You have 30 days after entering Mexico to go to your local INM - Mexican Immigration office - with your online request form you filled out at the INM website in their "Tramites" section. You are applying to have your Step 2 of getting a Residente Temporal visa/card. With this request form printed out and your stamped 6 month visa in your passport and the 30 day "canje" FMM card you recieved when entering Mexico you handed into them you simply follow their instructions to recieve your RT card. Very easy to do. The car needs to have a TIP which you have to get at the border after you get your 30 day "canje" FMM card. You cannot apply online for a 180 TIP because there is no option to get a 30 day TIP for people in your situation. It needs to be done at the border. Others might say you can get a 180 day TIP online but you can't. You will be breaking the law.
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  13. Trust me, all: I have no intention of buying ANYTHING that is not already TITLED AND REGISTERED. I am both cautious and thrifty, and have no intention of putting my money at the kind of risk doing otherwise would involve. I'd rather rent for the rest of my life. In any case, I can't do anything either wise or not until my property here is sold. That may take awhile! At this point, everyone "in the know" says the market here is not moving. Hopefully, it will improve.🙃
  14. Here is what the Chapala want to shove down the throat of all of us in Aijijic https://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/53660-luxury-hotel-developers-and-neighboring-landowners-embroiled-in-legal-dispute
  15. I agree with Willie. Do NOT purchase land alone or land with a house that is not already titled and either ready for the transfer of an existing Fideicomiso or ready to get one. TITLED and REGISTERED is an absolute must BEFORE the Fideicomiso. Absolutely do not let anyone talk you into it with the lure of "prices will go up if and when". It's a nightmare that you don't need at any stage of life. Period!
  16. The process to enter Mexico is different and important you do it correctly and applying for a TIP is different.
  17. Best to drive down the road off the Carretera at the pawnshop by Soriana. Take it to the end and turn right to the glorietta and look for parking or continue on the one way looking. This road in front of Parque Christina is C. Gonzolas Gallo and it continues down to the fish restaurants on the lake.
  18. The fountain that came with this house is no longer a fountain. I took it apart, filled the bottom with pea gravel and have pots of citronella growing in it. I am a block and a half from the lake and there were lots of mosquitoes when I first moved in three years ago. Hardly any now.
  19. Gee I would have thought Lakeside was into recycling. But OK we will use up more space with a new topic
  20. I sold RE in Mazatlan for about 8 yrs.....do NOT go near ejido land!!!! The entire community must sign the sale documents and yes, it can be done but I know of a project that took more than a year for all the signers to agree. We did sell a piece on the beach of an ejido at the buyer's insistence.....we had to chase around a lot to accomplish this but it was a small ejido and finally the comisario signed the final docs. When the buyer was delayed NOB in starting work on the property and finally did return to the little house after at least a year and was looking around it...a man came along and wanted to know what they were doing in "his" property! It did not end well for the foreigner. The fideicomiso is good for 50 yrs and can be renewed for another 50 unless that has recently changed. It is fairly expensive with the annual fees which are a cash cow for the administrating bank. This trust document usually takes the place of title insurance as known NOB. Do your due diligence!!!
  21. Preapproved Residente Temporal 6 month visa attached in your passport from a Mexican Consulate? Not a Residente Temporal visa/card you recieved from your local INM office? Clarify please. Usually this type of post would be located in the other category under Customs and Immigration.
  22. We are ready. Crossing in Nogales with temporary visas. Driving my car. Any tips to make it smoother?
  23. From what I heard foreigners cannot own in the restricted zone near the coast or the border so whether the land is private or communal (ejido , comunal land) it is the same ,no? they have to have a bank trust. The problem wth ejido is that there is no status of limitation so the heir of the people who got you in can change their mind, and you are out of luck.. I would think that private deeded land is safer than ejido.. no?
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