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  2. You lucked out - you were not among the 30% of Covid survivors who have long term side-effects.
  3. I caught this virus back in December 2019 ; while visiting a high end restaurant in the jungles of Tepic, Nayarit; I felt the burning in my nose. went to my local Ahorro Pharmacy - they gave me a bottle of zinc and vitamin C ; case closed. What's all the humbug about ?, with these vaccines; Oh; Oh I get it ! it's all about the Benjamins ----HA. P.S. Back in 1968, me; headed to Vietnam, courtsey of the U.S. Army, I got injected with every vaccine known to man; I think i'm good ; HA !
  4. Here is my 2 pesos worth: Last Friday a Mexican friend said to go down to the Ajijic malecon to get your 2nd shot. Error! I went down there but they were only giving out the "comprabante" showing that you had the 1st shot. They were set up near but not in the "purple house" which is just a little building. The guy told me that they did not yet have a firm plan for WHERE the 2nd shots would be given because the Ajijic location had too many entry points, causing confusion. He said people would be calling us for citas, but he mentioned that so many foreigners have phones with message machi
  5. And their namesakes don´t seem to have changed much....LOL
  6. Well me, for one!!! I would rather be with the 50% of Brazilians it helped than the 0% it helped, of the people waiting for whatever. It´s like they overheard one Covid virus talking to another, and saying, "don´t stop here because they are waiting for a different vaccine". Bisbee Gal probably wouldn´t take Pfizer if it was produced in China just because it´s Chinese. Her denigration of the Chinese far outweighs her concern of the vaccines. China is there, they have their form of government, like it or not, and that is not going to change.
  7. For sale Kia Rio 2019 in great condition, Kia warranty has still 5 more years, automatic, 4 doors, bluetooth and rear camera. 1.6L in-line 4 cylinder, Gasoline Direct Injection. Can pay in US dollars or Pesos. Price in pesos $225,000 Estimated Fuel Economy: City 28 Highway 37 Combined 32 Reply to add or e mail at felixbb@yahoo.com cell 322 1281980 FELIX
  8. Yes, I do. See my follow up. You belong to a very, very small group of people here. We can tell from your posts you are never going to be happy with anything. Like I said, by refusing a shot you are simply adding to the problem. Because you could have been vaccinated and most likely become safe to be around. But now you are not safe.
  9. Please don't tell me you have the same feeling as BMH said on a related observation on the Chinese vaccine.."better than nothing " incredible that folks here are willing to put up with crap when your health is involved. I wonder how many at Lakeside have the same feeling!
  10. It is not trash. 50% IS better than nothing by a long shot. It's not like I was offered a choice of vaccine types. For now, I am happy to have been offered something. And keep in mind this was not an established fact when the shots were being given out lakeside. And keep in mind EVERYONE who got a shot here got the Sinovac. 1,000s of people, expats and Mexicans. And happy to get it. And I'll be going back for my second, which all reports say goes WAY up in terms of efficacy. As far as I'm concerned, anyone refusing to take a shot when offered is adding to the problem.
  11. Just as the TSA is pretty much "security theater", the feeble attempts to control crowds at outdoor events is little but "health theater" designed for the image politicians want to project. Most don't really know what to do (understandably) and so they end up just doing something. They do not want to get caught doing nothing and then see infection numbers climb. I honestly have no idea what I'd do if I was in charge so I'm glad I'm not. I will just continue to encourage individuals to be as careful as they think is reasonable for their own health and the health of others. Wear a mask, wash
  12. Does anyone have any experience with turning your US plated car to scrap metal? Is my only option to haul it to the border? MikeB
  13. Returning to Semáforo Amarillo, the normal operating hours should hold, but with reduced capacity. El espacio público abierto se abre de forma regular, y los espacios públicos cerrados se pueden abrir con aforo reducido.
  14. You really think someone is going to waltz in here and offer you a choice, do you?
  15. I think it is great news and they do sound responsible and worthwhile. Just one technical note: they are stringing fiber lines, not backbones. That is quite a different thing.
  16. You comment " I guess it is better than nothing" realy that observation would not been acceptable NOB but here you are willing to put up with "trash" for such an important issue. I wonder how many others at Lakeside have the same fealings??
  17. Ajijic - I have two bags of Raw Vibrance at less than 1/3 of the going price. 400 pesos each. Normally goes for 80 USD. Why so low: It's a shame to waste food. I would donate, but shelters wouldn't have the funds to do raw if donated. This is a base mix dog food that eliminates the prep work involved in making fresh, health and safe home -prepared Raw meals. Simply mix with meat and oil for a balanced homemade meal. You can also add a small amount of this to the pre-made raw dog foods sold lakeside/organic market, if you would like to have a greater amount of veggies to that meat combo.
  18. Upper Ajijic: Casio Privia PX-575R w/ stand, power adapter, dampen pedal, & seat Perfect condition/never used. Bought for musician family member who had Alzheimers, but he was beyond that point. Brought it with us when we moved here from US. Included as bonus: Two Beginner learn piano books. Kept clean. Will be a wonderful find for someone during these stay home times!
  19. The info is a little confusing.. I read somewhere else that Brazil said that after the second vaccine it goes up to 83% but in general I have read the same thing as ths article says. I guess it is better than nothng but nothng to feel very secure with.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Those restrictions put in place by Jalisco expired on Easter Sunday, April 4th. https://www.travelweekly.com/Mexico-Travel/What-you-need-to-know-about-spring-break-travel-this-year The government of the state of Jalisco -- home to PV -- put strict protocols in place last month, but they were slated to expire at the end of day on Easter, April 4. https://www.vallartadaily.com/covid-19-restrictions-for-easter-week-begin-today-in-puerto-vallarta/ These provisions will be in effect until Sunday, April 4.
  22. Agree totally! We are super happy with our totalplay so far. Speeds are awesome and consistent. Adios Telmex!
  23. Articles 313 and 214 of the Ley de Salud del estado de Jalisco restricted hours until 5 pm during Semana Santa; on 29 March the hours were extended by two until 7 pm to help the merchants. In theory, normal unrestricted hours would resume tomorrow but I see no date shown, below or in other publications. Returning to Semáforo Amarillo, the normal operating hours should hold, but with reduced capacity. El espacio público abierto se abre de forma regular, y los espacios públicos cerrados se pueden abrir con aforo reducido.
  24. A couple of weeks I saw a company putting a fiber backbone in La Floresta. Looks like they have 10 crews working and do 40 install a day if all goes well. So I signed up for 100 down and 10 up with a phone. Saturday they came and installed myself and a neighbor in SE SAT off La Paz. Well they did a great job and the internet is very very stable. I have both ILOX and Totalplay now. Totalplay has a rate of 10% up to down while ILOX has a higher upload rate. So if you are moving large amounts of data UP you would probably prefer ILOX otherwise I prefer Totalplay. Impressive is they have en
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