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  2. So Jonny do you want to come up and flop into our huge condo pool? I'll pick you up from the Chapala bus station. See God's country, or God's waiting room - your choice.
  3. Bdmowers, I am so curious with your project using "Cal", "Rit color remover" and "Fructose". Please enlighten us😀?
  4. I have a test every six months or so, maybe I am a coward, but no history of this terrible disease in my family. Three stool samples over three days, your doctor will be asking for fecal occulto test to see if there is microscopic blood. If it shows this, then on to colonoscopy. This is also the standard procedure in Canada, where they would pay for it.
  5. Other weather sites that I've looked at all predict high temperatures between 30 to 33 degrees celsius. Don't think we'll see 40 + temps.
  6. To 40+ https://traficozmg.com/2019/04/pronostican-temperaturas-superiores-a-40-grados-en-jalisco/?fbclid=IwAR31JD6Xy1HKNC54HnIJu0WtW1UScrYTXwD_ER3EgnJT1sfH7z16CUb1WN4
  7. Walmart has color remover, but it is a different brand. Over by the laundry soaps, eye level.
  8. Same experience not only here but in US too. If you're painting an adjacent entire wall, it'll be ok, but a small patch.. you will need some luck.
  9. Kill them, save a human life or a severe injury. Or buy the ingredient at a vet and pay some kid to do it if you're meek. NEVER put the chemical in a hot dog, some young-on might pick it up. I doubt it's an Akita, way too expensive to be a street dog.
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  11. I've never even seen RIT dyes here. Other kinds but not RIT. I would ask at the Laundry service on the street that runs right beside iShop. They are located on the right just before the next street down. They will dye things so I'm sure they would know how about colour remover. Maybe not but worth a try.
  12. Can fructose be purchased lakeside?
  13. Any know of where Rit color remover can be found lakeside?
  14. We always had good results at the Comex paint store on Madero, in Chapala. They never missed a match.
  15. Well I stand corrected then, and my apologies. However, they don't do them there any more; they are now done at the Ajijic Hospital. Thanks for getting back to me.
  16. I hope you get lucky but don't hold your breath. I specifically chose colours with formulas so they could be easily duplicated... except that every single can of paint is just ever so slightly OFF from the original. Colour is inside so no sun fading. ARRGGGGHHHH!
  17. Ok, I don't need a lawn mower any more but still looking for a weed whacker.
  18. You can try the Sherwin Williams store on the west side of Ajijic. Lake side.
  19. Thanks, found out all I need is standard cal.
  20. Need your help on a paint color issue. We have some paint color swatches and need to match paint to them that would need to be mixed. Are there any paint stores Lakeside with machine that can read my paint sample and analyze it to create a formula, so they can put the correct colors and amounts in the can, such as a typical paint store does NOB? Thanks in advance!
  21. Can someone please recommend a good urologist in the area and how do they work with insurance?
  22. If you do talk to CFE, you may want to ask them about the graph information on the backside of your bill. It is only showing one period. My bills shows information for each period. I wonder if there is a bill problem.
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