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A number of interesting archeological zones have been discovered around the Lake Chapala area.  While they require a bit of sleuthing to find, they reveal interesting facts about the ancient peoples who populated the area.

Piedras Zorras
Rocks containing illustrations and engravings have been found in the area, leading archeologists to believe that in about the 16th century a ceremonial centre of the Nahuatl tribe existed.  The rocks are located about 50 kilometres from Colima on the road that leads to the community of Telcruz,.  The indigenous peoples from Cuzalapa kept a plan of their territory, painted beautifully on cloth and dated from 1531.

Piedras Zorras

El Cerro Encantado (The Enchanted Hill) – Teocaltiche
This archeological zone is situated in the former hacienda of Tequesquite where they have found pottery and anthropomorfic figures which date from the year 100 – 150 AD and which which appear to be related to the culture and the tombs of the Chipacuro.  This zone is north-west of San Juan De Los Lagos (just off the freeway going east from Guadalajara).


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