Climate And Weather

Mexico as a whole has been graced with an unusually temperate climate year-round given its tropical setting. The rainy season occurs during the Mexican summer and has a very moderating effect on day-time temperatures.  Even though the rain rarely lasts more than an hour, and typically occurs at night, the cooling effect lasts well into …

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A number of interesting archeological zones have been discovered around the Lake Chapala area.  While they require a bit of sleuthing to find, they reveal interesting facts about the ancient peoples who populated the area.

Welcome to Lake Chapala!

This area is known as “Lakeside” to residents from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Europe, among other places, and “la ribera” to Mexicans. Due partly to the eclectic mixture, it has developed a continental Old World charm which blends smoothly with a distinctly Mexican ambiance. Cobblestone streets, tile-roofed homes, riotously colorful gardens blooming year …

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