Lake Chapala

20 Reasons Not to Retire to Lake Chapala

By John Comando Adapted from his blog: For a variety of reasons more and more Americans and Canadians are contemplating moving abroad for retirement. For many, Mexico ranks high on their list of places to explore. You may fit that category – here snowbirding and checking out the Lake Chapala area. However, there are many back …

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Writers at Lakeside

By James Tipton Over the decades many writers have found their way to this tropical Eden, where those seeds they held inside so long suddenly found the soil they had been secretly seeking. The Ajijic Writers Group provides a home for many of these writers. But how did the Ajijic Writers Group first come about?

I Live In Ajijic

By Neill James (Ed. Note: The following article was first published in 1946 in the magazine Modern Mexico. Ms. James, known as the “Godmother of Ajijic,” set many of her charming stories and books here at Lakeside.) Ajijic is an old, old village. Our solidly built Franciscan Church bears the date when it was finished: …

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Flora and Fauna

The term ecosystem was coined in 1930 to denote the physical and biological components of an environment considered in relation to each other as a unit; the whole complex of physical factors forming what we call the environment. The degree of species diversity or biological diversity – popularly referred to as biodiversity – of an …

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