logo-jaltepecSuccess  In 24 Hours!

Written by Carole and Terry Baker


Welcome to the Spring 2015 edition of the Jaltepec Centro Educativo newsletter, whose objective is to keep you informed on various aspects of Jaltepec on a quarterly basis. Jaltepec has been a Tecnico Universitario en Hoteleria since 2001. Students coming to the institute with a Preparatoria Certificate complete their full two-year program and graduate with a Degree en Hoteleria.  The focus is on young Mexican women who wish to enter the Hotel and Hospitality industry. Young women from all over México apply on an annual basis and are selected based on qualifications and ability, plus their capability to fund the first four months of tuition. In some cases the students and families are from very poor situations, and these students require addition financial support through being sponsored for the remaining two years of the program.

jaltepec-may15Every year Jaltepec hosts events to raise scholarship funds for these deserving students.  On January 28th  an Open House luncheon was attended by those who had expressed interest in Jaltepec’s provision of career opportunities in the Hotel and Hospitality industry and the role it plays in improving young women’s lives. During the Open House, guests and potential sponsors are given a brief 30-minute presentation on Jaltepec’s history, its role, the students and how it is evolving as an institution. It included a guided tour of the facilities prior to a luncheon prepared by and served by the students themselves.

Following the delicious lunch the attendees met those students in need of Sponsorship, with an overview of their current situation and financial need.  It is with great pleasure that we announce that all seven students were successfully funded within the first 24 hours, a first in Jaltepec’s history!

On behalf of the students, their families and Jaltepec, we thank all who sponsored the 1st and 2nd year students this year and in the past.


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