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LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I’ve waited a few weeks after the article in “Ojo del Lago” written by Robert Nipper, to see what impact it would have on people, and, boy did it ever! Mr. Nipper wrote, using the Preamble to the Constitution, what it means to be a Constitutional Conservative. The first letter to the editor from a Liberal responding was a personal attack on Mr. Nipper. The writer called him a “racist bigot,” an “ugly American,” and told him he was “not welcome in Mexico.” The writer went on to blame Mr. Nipper for, evidently, being responsible for taking away America from the Indians (Native Americans). He then attacked the Constitution, not with one shred of facts or statistics, but a blanket statement about the irrelevance of that document. The letter proved two things: First, this particular Liberal has an inability to use facts, statistics and logic in his response. Secondly, the best he can do is “call names.” What was blatantly clear was this writer’s hatred of Americans, in general.

In his name calling…he can’t even stick to the facts. Mr. Nipper had the audacity to write, “It is indicative of the American Dream, that by our individual efforts we may succeed.” Nowhere does Mr. Nipper exclude Blacks, Mexicans, or any other race from that dream. Yet, Mr. Nipper is a racist?

Mr. Nipper, like many other Americans, does not appear to have any problems with “legally” immigrated people. America is a melting pot and has always accepted that status. However, other letters to the editor want to convolute Mr. Nipper’s statement, “nowhere is there a reference to, and/or an inclusion of illegal aliens simply because they were somehow able to make their way to the USA, ignoring our immigration laws.” What is baffling is some Liberals view this statement as being racist…yet, summarily they follow the immigration rules and regulations of other countries. Do these immigration rules and regulations make these countries “racist” in some Liberal’s logic or lack thereof?

In the last letter response, the writer makes the accusation that Mr. Nipper has broken Mexican Law. How? This statement is totally false, again, not one shred of evidence, but a general statement meant to potentially cause trouble for Mr. Nipper. Mr. Nipper loves Mexico and the lovely people here. He intends on staying. He has no problems living under the authority of the Mexican government. Now, more than ever, it is clear the “Ugly American Moniker” hangs around the necks of some Liberals.

For those of you that respond to articles with which you disagree, it would be really, really, nice if you would remove the “name calling” play from your play book and please document any general statement with “it’s my opinion” or provide us with a shred of evidence and/or fact to back up your misinformed statements.

Don Daniel

“1960 JFK Democrat” Still

Conservative/Independent Today


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