Old Sayings Still True Today

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* Illegal aliens have always been a problem. Ask any American Indian. (Robert Orben)
* You’ve always made a mistake of being yourself. (Eugene Ionesco)
* Water and words – Simple to pour, but impossible to recover once poured.
* People are only influenced in the direction they want to go.
* I have just returned from the United States. It is the only thing to do once you find yourself there. (Fred Allen – 1956)
* I am not prepared to accept the statement that the largest number of people are always right. (Nehru)
* Have you ever seen a politician talking to a rich person on television?
* In the heat of politics, some politicians squirrel away tidbits of misinformation and sometime later drop them into public discourse, like gumballs into quiche. (Lucy Howard about Ronald Reagan)
* A compromise is often an agreement between two factions, each of whom ends up with something they did not want.
* Hope can be the definition of all evils because it can prolong the torments of man. (Nietzeche, F.W.)
* The most realistic attitude for me to have toward future consequences is, “It will be interesting to see what happens.” (Huge Prather)

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