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El Ojo Del Lago Literary Awards — Circa 2018

The 24th Ojo Awards Luncheon



"Forget wondering what life is really like in Mexico, read "El Ojo del Lago" and get a first hand look through the eyes of the largest English-speaking community living outside Canada and the U.S. today."

Mexico's Leading English Language Publication


portada september2018TRAIL OF TEARS

Remembering one of the cruelest episodes in all of American history.






The writer knows the background of many of Hollywood’s most legendary names—and rather proudly lets us know that many of them were Canadian.






The writer tells us a lot about vegetables—and why we should listen. Rather interestingly, there is a gender divide, with woman far fonder of vegetables—maybe one reason why they live longer!




The writer has a Ph.D in Philosophy, and as such is certainly entitled to have some fun with the subject.




Dr. Michael Hogan reviews Shattered Illusions, a novel that begins in Vietnam in the last stages of that tragically misguided war and ends in Central America, where the same type of duplicity, Dr. Hogan believes, could well be partially responsible for the huge wave of current immigrants from that part of the world. The book is now on amazon/Kindle.    





In recognition of Day of the Dead and Halloween, Potter Productions presents Spoon River Anthology, written in 1915 by Edgar Lee Masters. It’s directed by Rosann Balbontin, with musical direction by Don Beaudreault. The cast also includes (from left to right) Terry Gibbard, Cindy Paul, Sharon Lowry, and Michael Warren.......................





LCS 2018 Annual Giving Program
As we enter the second month of our 2018 Annual Giving Season, we would like to share how your generous donation to LCS directly impacts our community by supporting the more than 100 LCS programs and services that members and our Lakeside neighbors value and enjoy........................



Mid-Month Bonus


The Boy in the Hammock

The Boy in the Hammock is Julie Galosy’s intriguing adventure story that commences with these words: “I had gone to the Amazon only to meet with a witch doctor to accompany him on his herb-finding soirees into the rain forest. It turned out that destiny had a very different mission for me.

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