Expecting The Worst

By John Thomas Dodds


dark-cloudsHere’s how you play the game of preparing for the worst of anything and everything.

Number of Players:  There are no limits to the number of players. Group dynamics, however, will considerably extend the playing time with the introduction of blame, indecision and lack of introspection. 

Rules of the Game:  You are to look at all possible scenarios of the situations presented, real or imagined, and play out the self-imposed obstacle course on the road to achievement.

In preparation, pretend you are a clairvoyant of occasions, never to miss anything that might happen, creating out of thought and speculation the “just in case” worst scenario possible. Conjure up the negative side of what might happen and before you ever reach the point you are converging on, throw up as many new barriers, obstacles and seemingly irreversible possibilities as you can imagine or invent.

Try to constantly control what might arise at any given moment, and if you don’t think it will turn out as expected (advanced players will know it won’t turn out), step back and analyze the potential for other than you thought it would be, and prepare for the inevitable, whatever that might be. Plan for unexpected and disastrous results while anticipating everything that will go wrong.  Advance with trepidation and fear after each setback.

Hints:  Look for things to go wrong.  If you are stuck and can’t find any, invent them.   If it doesn’t happen exactly how you expected it to, it probably wasn’t supposed to, so be prepared to accept the least.  If you so badly want it to be other than it is or presumably will be, worry it to death.

How to win the game:  You win, of course, when you are knee deep in slime and you turn it over to the Big Guy and say Show me the way.


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