Focus on Art
By Rob Mohr

September 2018 Reflective Melancholia - Photographer, Yazkara Godinez
August 2018 Deborah Kruger (Fabric Artist), Turbulence - August, 2018
July 2018 Nudes and Scenic Villages - Artist Ina Kedzierska-Gieysztor
June 2018 Swoxe- Street Artist as Agent of Change
April 2018 Psychological Art of Gabriel Mariscal
February 2018 Painting Reinvented – Works by Ricky (Rk) Granna
January 2018 Art’s Digital Transformation – Giclée and Beyond
December 2017 Renaissance Art - Christ was Born on Christmas Day
November 2017 Color and Light Speak - Xill Fessenden, Fine Art Photographer
October 2017 A Review of The Long Journey Home
September 2017 Estela Hidalgo – The Woman Nature Loves
August 2017 Focus on Art
June 2017 Mexico’s “Cactus Curtain”
- Jose Luis Cuevas - (1934 - )
March 2017 Cathy Chalvignac — The Preservation of Cultures
February 2017 The Art of Social Comment

December 2016

Focus on Art
August 2016 The Fountain of Youth
June 2016 Miguel Miramontes (1918 - 2015)
– Lakeside’s Master Sculptor
November 2015 Sensual Magic - Painting by Navarro Tadeo

December 2013

Women Artists on the Edge

November 2012

Ken Gosh–Amplifying Nature With Genteel Abstraction

October 2012

Kathy Seaboyer: A Woman’s Art of Self-Realization

September 2012

Milo Needles - "The Fine Art of Psychological Disclosure"

August 2012

The Fine Art of Body Art

June 2012

Lake Chapala Painting Guild – A “New” Direction

May 2012

Falling or Diving: “Deep Play” with Antonio Lopez Vega

April 2012

Impact of the Arts at Lakeside

March 2012

Landscapes - A Spiritual Journey

February 2012

Soul’s Delight: Contemplation of a Painting

January 2012

David Mendoza -The Subtle Art of Protest

December 2011

A Fantasy of Color and Texture: The pastel paintings of Anita Lee

November 2011

The Dance of the Snake Woman: Judy Dykstra Brown, Artist and Poet

October 2011

Magic Realism: A Visual Poetry of Fantasy and Dreams

September 2011

Deep Fun: The Game of Art

August 2011

Lois Schroff—Painter, Philosopher, and Mentor

July 2011

Secrets of the Mature Artist

June 2011

Original Art Work and Reproductions: The New Reality

May 2011

After-School Artists - The Children of Ajijic

April 2011

The Art of Collecting Art

February 2011

Isidro Xilotl (El Chivo), The Artist and the Man

January 2011

What is Great Art? You be the Judge.

December 2010

Jay Koppelman:
A Journey from Darkness into Life

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