Ramblings From The Ranch

By Wanda White

You’re Invited!

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What: Doggy Play Date

When: 2:00, Date to be determined

Where: My house

Dear Archie,

This is Gaby Jones. I understand you were a Ranch Dog and were recently adopted by the Smith Family. Congratulations! They are very nice people, and I hope you are enjoying your new home. I, too, was at the Ranch, until I was adopted by the Jones’ a couple of years ago. I have two adopted brothers, Rafi and Chapi. We would like to invite you to our house for a play date, tomorrow or Saturday, at 2:00 p.m.

Just so you know, I am really cute. Mom has met you and says you are cute, too. (One thing we have in common). Also, I love to play, and I hear that you do, too. (Another thing we have in common.) We have a pretty good set-up here. If Mom opens all the doors, we can run in big circles all the way around the house. Rafi, who is not a Ranch dog, but was found running on the road in Riberas, is a great jumper and a really good frisbee player. Chapi, who was lost on a street in Chapala, is kind of a wuss. Mom says he is “sensitive”, whatever that means. All I know is that he is afraid to go through the doggy door. He spends a lot of time in his private playhouse under the bed, but sometimes he comes out and runs with me. Chapi and I like to bark at stuff going by the house, but Dad hates it when we make a lot of noise, so he makes us wear these awful gadgets that beep and buzz when we bark. But sometimes we bark anyway, just ‘cause it is so much fun.

We also have a pool. Chapi and Rafi think it is a big water bowl, but I discovered that it is a great place to cool my paws and belly on a hot day. It is very refreshing! Mom gets mad when I get wet then run around the house and jump on the furniture. She says this is why we can’t have nice things.

Also, two cats live here. Why, I do not know, but Mom and Dad seem to like them. Mickey, the black one, is pretty laid back. Olive is a calico, whatever that means. She is fun to chase, but Dad yells at us when we chase her. She is also a good hunter and likes to bring in mice and rats. Sometimes they are dead. Sometimes Olive lets me take them into the house. Olive says they are gifts, but Mom screams really loud when she sees them. I think Olive might be wrong about the gift thing.

Anyway, we hope you will come for a play date, and your parents are invited, too. Mom said Friday or Saturday, but really it could be any day. Mom and Dad are at home a lot these days -- something about a virus. Anyway, Mom’s got nothing to do except work on jigsaw puzzles and watch reruns of Downton Abbey. Dad isn’t doing that golf thing, but he still takes a nap every afternoon.

Hope to see you soon,

Gaby Jones

P.S. When you come over, I will give you some hints about breaking in your parents. They think they are training you, but really, you are training them. It’s all in the “look”. When you are cute, you can get away with anything!

One more thing – The Ranch saved our lives and they always could use help so here’s some important info for anyone reading your mail – For more information on adopting, volunteering and escorting dogs to their new homes North of the border visit our website www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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