Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King
President of the Board for Tepehua
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Raising The Roof At Tepehua!


The Health Department of Jalisco visited the humble Community clinic on the Tepehua Hill, a surprise visit...catching us all unaware, close to two hundred women and children were being fed free brunch, the kids played in the yard, our Pediatrician and family Doctor busy with patients and a line up at the pharmacy...and dental patients on their back in the chairs. Everything stopped.

Our medical units opened about six years ago, and the year following we were inspected and praised highly, but got a citation for not having enough “no smoking” signs. That was when the dental clinic and medical clinic were little more than a Mash Unit under a tin roof. Of which we, the Board of Tepehua were very proud.

The officers, recently, went through the Dental clinic in the old Unit with a fine tooth comb, and the citation that has closed it down was the tin roof.  Work on patients was stopped immediately and a CLOSED sticker put on the door.  The kind if you break it is jail time. The new Medical Center was also inspected and they tried very hard to find something wrong...and they did: medication that was only in English and not with the Spanish translation sticker stuck over the instructions.  You know the kind, you find your imported comfort food in the supermarket, and over the instructions is a sticker in Spanish that you do not is a “permission to sell” sticker.  So you have your comfort food in your hot little hands and cannot read instructions in English. 

Officialdom, not impressed by the fact we do not sell the medication, (it is given free to the patient, by prescription from the residing physician), has sealed the medications away until we rectify the situation...other than that the clinic has flying colors.

We do not fault the local Government, we can see how a tin roof is hot, and we are happy to comply. Whatever helps to give better service to the people can only be good. There is always a silver lining.

Once renovated, the left hand side of the old building, will be a gymnasium to pull the young people off the street, boys specifically.  The time that hangs so heavily on their hands because of lack of direction, needs to be channeled to a healthy body.  Looking past the body tattoos is a young man waiting to happen. He wants to be part of life but no-one has shown him the way.  We can change that.  In conjunction with Love in Actions founder, Anabel Frutos, we will join forces and get the young addicts the help they need. Give them an alternative.

Have you had bursts of “being good to your body”, exercise because your Doctor insists it is the only way to good health, and to enjoy the Golden years with a good body, so you rush out and buy those machines, row, cycle, pump, skip...weights...and then they are stored away and gathering dust, because if you were honest, you have no intention of inflicting that kind of pain on yourself.

The Tepehua Center needs them.  Please donate the torture chamber to the Tepehua Center Gymnasium for Boys....they need to pump iron, they need to put the aggression into activity to activate a wasted mind.  The Center can give you a factura (receipt) for your donation.

We have an ironed body instructor who used to be a gang member, he now has a gym of his own.  He can identify with the frustration of meeting walls he couldn’t find the door to walk through. He had a little help from friends and he made it.  The Tepehua Hills are well known for the availability of any type of drug, from the soft to the hard, it is a way of life.  Too many of our young fall through this crack, an ever growing crack that covers the world. Much like a volcanic fault.  The 21st Century seems to have been born with addictive behavior.  For some too much of plenty, and for others lack of opportunity through poverty.

Like most things, we can overcome--with your help.

Moonyeen King

President of the Board for Tepehua.





Column: Profiling Tepehua




Settled in Mexico 13 years ago.  The intention was to retire into the arts as a writer, poet and painter...that didn’t happen. Beneath the smiles of the peoples of Mexico there was such a great need for change, especially for the women and children of the barrios, Moonyeen has dedicated these years to change the face of this little corner of the world. The work done by the volunteers of the Tepehua Community Center is teaching that change is possible anywhere. Moonyeen was portrayed as “Woman of the Year,” also two Paul Harris Rotary awards for the work done at Tepehua.  “Life in Mexico is very fulfilling. The Mexican people give so much more to us immigrants than we can possible return.


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