By Jeannette Saylor



I hold a sea shell close to my ear

And feel the splash of the incoming tide

Two porpoises skim the mighty power

Flashing ebony tails in their carefree flight.

My sandals crunch sand as I shuffle the beach

As I wait to watch the sun disappear

Dusk is humming a lullaby song to me

Spreading some stars and drawing its place

As people come close to be near the sea.

Sea anemones stretch among salty rocks

And clams snuggle inside protective shells

I pause to hear slaps of a volleyball team

And hear guitar strums from a distant place

As I watch surfers drag their Hobe boards.

The charcoal smells brown in a pit nearby

How I wish to join that family tent

Someone is singing a yippy-yi song

And laughter embraces this kinship clan

With silence I watch the dipping sun -

As it fades and quiet hushes the beach.

I total the prongs of the various sounds

As people join with a special regard

They are clapping their hands for the sunlight show

Seagulls near the pier watch the turquoise tide

And I hear the winds breathe the sun a goodnight.

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