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"Mural La Magia de Ajijic" By Efren Gonzalez



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The Magic Of Lakeside

Don Beaudreau explains how our ciclopista is a much-awaited and much-appreciated gift for many of us. As a distance runner for 60 years who became more and more competitive as I got older, I am thrilled by this gift! I know that it can provide not only a sense of increased community, but also give the individual some time to be away from the responsibilities and expectations of others.


Ajijic’s first cardiac catheterization!

Dr. Sergio Morret, The Ojo’s New Medication Columnists, describes how his experience performing Lakesides first Cardiac Catheterization. Dr. Morret divides his practice between Guadalajara and San Antonio Hospital in Riberas.


Just One More Temple, Papa

Carol Bowman gives us the final segment of her travel to Cambodia and her tours of the many temples there.


THE ROOTS OF HEAVEN ARE THESE: Freedom, Justice, Dignity

Dr. Lori Swinehart discusses a book written in the 1950’s “Man is destroying the forests, poisoning the oceans, poisoning the very air we breathe. The oceans, the forests, the races of animals and mankind are the roots of heaven. Poison heaven at its roots, and the tree will wither and die. The stars will go out, and heaven will be destroyed.”  And how it is more relevant today than when it was written.


Mis Tres Amigos

Margie Harrell, tells her story in Mis Tres Amigos, about doing business in Chapala with some very familiar names!


Notes From The Quebec Wilderness

Gabriel Blair shares the tale of how one of her holidays became jinxed with problems one right after another.


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