I’m A Gunslinger

By Bill Franklin


I’m the gunslinger
teaching English one
I’m a gun slinger
teaching’s fun.

I stroll the halls with my Glock*
you’re either safe or you’re not.
when the killer knocks
I’ve got the gun
I’m a teacher
teaching’s fun.

I can pick out the shooter
from way down the way
thru the kids and crowds
he’ll make my day
I’m a gun-slinging teacher
closing in on my prey.

reading and writing
and shooting too
it’s liberal arts
it’s a public school
everyone’s loaded
standing tall

some are going to graduate
but not all.
I’m a gun-slinging teacher
monitoring the hall.

everyone knows what a teacher can do
make the world better
for me and you
role models for Junior and Sally and Sue
I’m a gun-slinging teacher
sad but true.

everyone knows
the time has come
to go to school armed
with  your favorite gun
let’s teach by example
and maybe shoot someone
I’m the gun-slinging teacher
teaching’s fun.

Ed. Note:

The writer was a high school teacher in California, and was perhaps prompted to write this poem when he heard the suggestion from some quarters that the “gun problem” could be easily solved by simply giving all teachers in the United States a gun, preferably an AR-15 so that “they can fight fire with fire.”

*Glock is the name of the manufacturer who mass-produces one of the best-selling hand-guns in the United States.

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