I Can Fly!

By Margie Keane

pegaso cartoon


When I was a very young girl I loved reading fairy tales. I believed in ogres and witches and I dreamed of beautiful princesses and handsome princes who lived in golden castles surrounded by moats. I believed that everyone lived happily ever after. As I grew older I started reading comic books. I was caught up in the adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin and Captain and Mary Marvel. I especially liked Mary Marvel.  She was beautiful and very brave. I believed in their super powers as strongly as I had believed all the fairy tales.

One day, after reading the newest adventures of Mary Marvel, I began to think about flying around and helping people.  It didn’t seem that hard, I just had to have a cape, a little magic and a lot of faith. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. I was sure I could fly! I ran up the stairs to our attic and found the box marked costumes.  I quickly opened it and dug around until I found my red riding hood costume and hurried to my bedroom and in minutes I had cut off the hood and shortened the cape. I found some yellow paint and painted a big yellow lightning bolt on the back of the cape, then tied it around my neck and went out into our back yard to test it.

There was a very tall ladder leaning against the side of our garage.  I climbed up to the roof and looked out over the homes of our friends and neighbors.  It was so beautiful up there, the lawns all looked greener, even the houses looked nicer. I wondered if anyone was watching me. I hope I do this right, just in case.  Lifting my arms straight up I shouted “Shazam!” I leaped into the air and plummeted straight down, landing right on top of my mom’s prized hibiscus bush!

Mom would have to be in the kitchen. She looked out of the window just as I went whizzing by.  She ran out and knelt down to make sure I was okay.  Except for a few scrapes and bruises I was fine.  Then she saw her hibiscus bush.  She shouted some words of her own, and none of them were Shazam, but they had the ability to turn me into a very remorseful daughter.

While I was sitting in my room, feeling bad about mom’s hibiscus and worse about my failure, I got to thinking about Mary Poppins and how she flew around with an umbrella. ‘Tomorrow,’ I thought, ‘I’ll get dad’s golf umbrella and go up on the roof again – away from any bushes this time.  Shazam! I whispered and fell asleep.


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