Life As Dodgeball



My strategy in life was “low key.”

Stay on the back line and

Let the brave ones be up front so they could

Ride motorcycles, climb cliffs, and walk across ropes pulled tight.

The front line made their fully-expected early exits.

Head-on crashes, falls from high cliffs, and trips over ropes pulled not-so-tight.

As the rest of us remained on life’s back line,

Playing it safe all the time.

Those up front who dodged the falls and such

Eventually moved slowly toward the back, more in touch

With the truth that the “care to dare” group

Were really a “choose to lose” faction.

Only epitaphs rewarding their action.

Now it seems the game’s gone on too long.

My legs are wobbly and the rest of the back line’s the same.

We’re regretting our wisdom, our considered approach.

Maybe our game’s been way too tame?

I look toward the sideline and see

Those who excited early, the daring ones

Now huddled together, watching us intently,

Smirking and sneering at our long, weak-kneed folly.

Knowing that it’s we cautious “winners” who have lost, really.

—Jim Rambo—

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