Closing Of Anita’s Animals

By Edelweiss P. St.

dogs 2017

During these past five months a lot happened at Anita’s Animals. This shelter has closed its doors now, the 12 remaining dogs were relocated to a great place called Proyecto Frida A.C., and a lady also German and also called Anita, has taken the 35 remaining cats into her private care. Anita herself is in Germany getting treatment for her hip condition. All our good wishes will help her to get better soon.

Being Anita’s daughter, eventually the responsibility for the animals was left to me. Closing the shelter was in the end the best decision and many kind people helped to make this possible, but now I feel very indebted… I owe all these noble persons a big, big THANK YOU!! Only telling them does not feel satisfying enough to me, so by writing this I try to very selfishly free myself from this debt I feel.

An enormous THANK YOU again to Dr. Hector Ladron de Guevara and to Dr. Hugo Saavedra at Ladron de Guevara Animal Hospital in Riberas del Pilar. In an unforgettable deed of solidarity Dr. Hector offered the animals of Anita’s his support when most needed. He and Dr. Hugo donated 8 spayings, 2 neuterings,  20 vaccinations, 13 de-wormings, 12 flea treatments, health certificates for each dog, and their priceless time and effort, which made it possible to successfully and quickly relocate the dogs to Proyecto Frida.

I also want to enormously thank Proyecto Frida for their great disposition to take the 12 dogs of Anita’s in the first place!! They have already found new permanent homes for five of these dogs.  

Our dear friend Doris has been the most amazing intuitive overall support and advisor.  Forever THANK YOU! Can’t thank Anita M. enough for taking the 35 cats into her enormous kind heart! I also owe my father and my half siblings an immense thank you for their support and hands-on help at the shelter during the final period.

Thank you also to Toni, Janice, Linda, and the volunteers of the Transition Team. Even though in the end our collaboration plan did not work out, I do thank them enormously for their efforts and energies.

I would also like to express my profound thank you to all the people that supported Anita and the animals throughout her almost 20-year mission. Some I remember: Lila Kawananakoa, Jackie Kellum, Jackie Becknell, Marilu, Dr. Pepe Magana, etc.

And, last but not least, THANK YOU to Anita herself!! She has been and is an exceptional mother and role model to me and to so many other people, showing us what we are capable of achieving when we find our passion in life. Even though it was not possible for me to continue with the shelter, my mother has passed her love for the animals on to me and her granddaughter.

As I just come to realize in this very instant, this what I have written here serves not only the purpose of saying THANK YOU to everyone ever involved, but also to close this cycle with the dignity that Anita deserves for all the tremendous amounts of work and love she has dedicated to the animals for so many years of her life at Lakeside. Gracias!


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