Lake Chapala Writers Conference

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Most writers harbor dreams of six figure sales. The 2017 Lake Chapala Writers Conference will help writers of all genres learn how to achieve your goals, close that deal or simply get your book published and available to readers. Major publishing houses and production studios only accept manuscripts submitted through an agent, period. Ken Sherman of the Ken Sherman Agency, Los Angeles represents both literary and script writers. During the 2017 conference Mr. Sherman will share what the literary publishers and Hollywood producers are looking for.  

Mr. Sherman will meet one-on-one with attendees who register early. If you want to find out if your story is marketable this is your opportunity to pitch your idea or finished work. This will also be a perfect time to listen to Mr. Sherman share his inside knowledge about getting published or having a script produced.

Before you submit your manuscript publishers recommend the writer work with an editor who will almost definitely suggest ways to improve and strengthen your story line, develop a character. Sandi Gelles-Cole is a member of Book Editors Alliance and has lent her editorial knowledge in line editing, rewriting and marketing bestselling books for mass market and paperback publishers. She will walk us through the steps to present a perfect manuscript and she will also consult with interested individuals about your book ideas, marketing plans or critique a part of your written work, but you must pre-register to take advantage of the one on one private session. The more perfect your writing the better chance you have of finding an agent to help sell and market your work and avoid the slush pile or rejection letter, this year you will have the chance to pitch to both an editor and an agent.

The focus of the 2017 Conference is on getting published and to that end we will also feature Mikel Miller and Judith Briles, each of whom have helped writers achieve their goals of getting published and of marketing. Guadalajara printer Carston Groppe has helped a number of local writers realize their book dreams by printing their books. If you want to see your book in print, find representation or just want to learn more about being a writer then you need to register for the 2017 Lake Chapala Writers Conference.

Registration forms are available at Diane Pearls, corner of Colon and Constitucion in Ajijic. Registration is: $2,000 pesos for registration before March 1st, 2017 after the first of March the cost is $2,500 pesos. Conference dates are: Wednesday, March 15 Cocktail reception – Thursday 16´th and Friday 17´th coffee and mixing begin at 8 AM, sessions start promptly at 9 AM. Registration costs include Thursday and Friday lunch, refreshments during breaks and all lectures. One-on-one sessions are included for those who register by February 28th.


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