Tales of the TropicsLiz Moulder’s book, Tales of the Tropics: Stories of Hawaii, Guatemala and Mexico is all about her experiences living among cultures in foreign lands, and the intrigue, confusion and culture shock that she experienced; one’s that forced her to choose between her customary values and those of compromise, evasion, defiance, and collusion  when confronted with the unexpected. It is available for 70 pesos at Diane Pearl’s, Yves, Super Lake and Aztec Weaving Studios, as well as on Amazon and Kindle.

Special Announcement
Special Announcement   Our 17th Annual Writers’ Awards Luncheon shall be held on the 13th of September, 12 noon, at the Tango Restaurant in Ajijic.
Special Announcement
Special Announcement   This August issue will be Kay Davis’ last Lakeside Living column. Kay has been with the Ojo, on and off, for several years,
Wordwise With Pithy Wit - January 2011
Wordwise With Pithy Wit By Tom Clarkson   This morning, my pal F.T. – who shared the Iraq experience with me during my third trek there – forwarded
Victoria Schmidt
  VICTORIA SCHMIDT   Column: Editor’s Page   Website:   Victoria Schmidt came to Mexico with her husband, in 2007. 
Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez
  ALEJANDRO GRATTAN-DOMINGUEZ   Column: Editor’s Page   Website:   Wrote/directed first movie about Mexican-Americans, Only
Moonyeen Patricia King
    MOONYEEN PATRICIA KING   Column: Profiling Tepehua   Website:   Settled in Mexico 13 years ago.  The
Ken Masson
  KEN MASSON   Column: Bridge by the Lake   Website:   Ken Masson has been playing, teaching and writing about bridge