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Just imagine a curriculum of 22 examinations over three years to achieve the Preparatoria in the public school system as one of the entry requirements for Jaltepec! Historically, this issue impacted the selection of suitable students for the two-year Technical Degree in Hoteleria programme at Jaltepec Centro Educativo.

Jaltepec explored conducting a one year intensive Preparatoria curriculum to ensure that the entry level students were prepared for the two year resident program to accomplish their Technical Degree. After hard work and planning, Jaltepec commenced its first Preparatoria Program in 2014, and is pleased to announce that the programme is a success.

On August 8th 2015, 9 students achieved their Preparatoria Certificate.

In order, from left to right, front row, and left to right, back row. 

Jaltepec preparatoria students

Valeria Monserrat Valle Orozco

Kathia Guadalupe Jacobo Sánchez

Paulina Ramos Valle

Ilce Obdulia Guerrero Álvarez

Mónica Guadalupe Ríos Llamas

Adeline Suarez Aceves

Alberta Cortes Hernández

Claudia Araceli Pinto Santana

Extracts of a letter of appreciation - a recent graduate from Culiacan, Sinaloa:

“My name is Leslie and I am a three-year alumni of Jaltepec who earned my Nutrition License and eventually have dedicated my knowledge to making and selling cakes and pastries. Just tonight I dreamt of my stay at Jaltepec and today I felt an emptiness inside me, remembering all of the moments I lived there for two short years. I can say in all sincerely those were the two best years I´ve ever experienced in my life and I would not change it for anything in the world.

I wish to convey that sometimes the students do not always understand and think all this is costing them time with family, friends and boyfriends, etc. It is difficult to leave the comfort of being home with no responsibilities to now have a set schedule, to be busy every moment in the laboratories but if you do not do these things for yourself who will? Being accepted at Jaltepec brings a big responsibility, but along with that comes great benefits.”

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