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LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

In rebuttal to Marita Noon´s Feb.article: As long as humans continue to extract carbon from the earth, and put that carbon in the atmosphere, humans will continue to suffer the consequences. The foregoing is not rocket science, it´s common sense.

Naomi Klein, in her book, This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs. Climate, states, ¨The cost of Superstorm Sandy is estimated at $65 billion. And that was just one year after Hurricane Irene caused $10 billion in damage, just one episode in a year that saw fourteen billion-dollar disasters in the U.S. alone.¨

The U.S. with its clean-energy technology could start a Marshall Plan for the planet, create millions of American jobs in solar, wind, water, electric cars, and create economic growth.

That´s it in a nutshell—use American know-how to pull us out of the present ecocrises, or eventually become extinct.

John Carmody

San Antonio Tlayacapan


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