Lakeside Garden Guild Community Projects


graffiti-featureThe Lakeside Garden Guild began in September of 1968 by women who were interested in the love of gardening and floral decoration. “The primary purpose of the Lakeside Garden guild shall be the growing and showing of fresh plant material and organizing and supporting an annual community project”.  Over the years the interest grew to include a total of 40 women who put their skills together in a social network and has expanded to several community projects that have helped the local people as well as beautifying the Ajijic village, Gran Plaza and streets.   The Lakeside Garden Guild, over the years, have had several projects. 

One of the most beneficial projects is WIPE OUT GRAFITTI.  In 2009 the Lakeside Garden Guild voted to help keep Lakeside beautiful by trying to clean up the graffiti that was destroying our wonderful village.   Guild women spent countless hours cleaning, painting each time an area was reported to have graffiti.  Due to the magnitude of the graffiti vandalism, cost and organizational time and manpower to clean the graffiti, the Guild needed to involve the entire community.  Today, along with the Chapala Association of Realtors (CAR) they represent all of the real estate companies  around Lake Chapala, this project as well as the one in the town of Chapala,  is now in maintenance mode.   One of the many ways an individual can help is to report crime to, or hire a painter and take care of the vandalism yourself, organize a cleaning or painting party or just volunteer to help. Wipe Out Graffiti site and see all the ways you can help or donate monies for this worthwhile project. 

One of the other projects in process is a memorial to Juanita Reed, a long time resident and philanthropic contributor in this area. This project will be completed in a few weeks and will be placed on the Ajijic malecon.

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