LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

This is just to let you and your readers know that Sofia Benitez has received the Silver Medal from Scholastic Magazine for her outstanding writing portfolio (Feb. 7, 2014). This award puts her in the top category (actually #2 in the world) among thousands of students from American schools around the world, as well as all the public and private schools in the U.S. and Canada.

I would like to acknowledge Ojo del Lago for publishing her fine article last fall, THE AMERICAN SCHOOL—Mexico’s “Pearl of the West,” and your recognition of her outstanding talent.

More importantly, however, I would like to commend her for the self-discipline and perseverance which is really what we know is necessary to make a good writer: one who shows up for life and completes the project in hand whether an article, a play or a novel.

Thanks for your encouragement of young writers, and for giving Sofia the opportunity to complete a professional job for you and your readers.

Prof. Michael Hogan

Our Editor Responds:

The entire country of Mexico can be very proud of The American School in Guadalajara, which for more than a hundred years has been preparing high school students to gain admission to many of the finest universities in the United States and all over Europe. But beyond academic excellence, the school is also famous for developing the character of its students, and for that you and your fellow staff members should also be deeply proud. We wish young Sofia Benitez godspeed.

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