Who Rescued Who 2?

—More Tales of Street Dogs and the People Who Love Them

Review By Victoria Schmidt


who-2This is the second book by Barbara Harkness and Valerie Siegel about the rescue relationship between street dogs and those who have taken them in.  This compilation of tales is a follow-up to their first book.

Each story is told first by the human(s) involved with the dog, and then again through the viewpoint of the dog. Filled with heart-warming tales,  the format makes it a great book to leave out and pick up and read for a bit, and then put it aside and to pick up later to enjoy another story.  We not only learn about the dogs, we also discover a little more about many of our friends and neighbors at Lakeside.

Readers will decide the answer to who rescued whom in each story.  Each story underlines the symbiotic relationships between people and their pets.

As in their first book, where the authors donate 15% of the proceeds to charities, for this new book they have chosen some new charities. Barbara Harkness will donate her 15% to Operación Amor, a program which provides free surgical services for spaying and neutering in low-income neighborhoods at Lakeside, while Valerie Siegel selected Alianza por una Educación Humanitaria, to receive her 15%.  This is a program which promotes planet-wide respect toward all living beings.

You will discover “tails” that give us all a chance to “paws” and reflect on the effect animals have on our lives. Dog lovers will enjoy Who Rescued Who 2.  The authors hint that there may be a purrrfect sequel in the future for feline fanatics and provide a website WWW.WhoRescuedWho.mx where people can share their own stories.

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