THE 18TH OJO AWARDS LUNCHEON With Ed Tasca, John Ward and Roberto Oritz providing the super entertainment, the latest luncheon—which drew well over a hundred people—was one of our best ever. To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees, we send along our thanks, and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!






Ken Clarke

Jim Tipton

Fred Mittag

Bob Harwood



Roberto Moulun




Guillermina- My Comadre

By Iris Slocombe, Apr 12


Jim Tipton-The Man Who Falls in

Love with Everybody

By Lorin Swinehart, June 12


Javier Zaragoza-Master of Murals

By Rob Mohr, July 12


The Magic of Isabel Allende

By Rosamaria Casas, Mar 12



Neill James-Lakeside's Woman of the Century

By Tod Jonson, Sept 12




Sasha’s Creation

By Michael Cook, Nov 11


By Ken Clarke, Jan 12


A Metamorphous 
By Margaret Van Every, Feb 12


The Beggar 
By Roberto Moulun, Sept 12



Night Flowers

By Sofia Barisas, Sept 12






The Image of Mexico 
By Herbert Piekow, Feb 12


Natural Order 
By Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Apr 12


Riders of the Purple Sage-100 Years later 
By Lorin Swinehart, Apr 12


 Kites and Canaries 
By Terry Pitzer, April 12


Jaltepec-Where Dreams Come True 
By Mike and Sally Myers, Apr 12


Opera on the Bus 
By Gary Donaldson, May 12


Four Mothers on the Block 
By Margaret Porter, May 12


The Old Man and the Mojito 
By Carol Bowman, June 12


The Right to Bear Arms 

By Fred Mittag, Sep 12



Let's End the War on Drugs

 By Mel Goldberg, July 12








The World's Greatest Lover

By Neil McKinnon, Feb 12


How to Cross the Carretera 
By Ed Tasca, Apr 12


3. The Viagra Whisperer 
By Jonny Kottler, Aug 12


The Higher We Went, the Higher We Got 
By Carol Bowman, Nov 11



The Birth of a Rock

By John Ward, Sep 12






You Must Close the Door 
By Rob Johnson, Jan 12


By Neil McKinnon, Feb 12


Einstein's Eyes 
By Bill Frayer, Feb 12


Mexico-A Cautionary Tale 
By JC Sullivan, May 12



Dancing Girls of Ajijic

By Mark Sconce, Sept 12





Lethal Conspiracy- Book by Gary Fuller 
Review by David Bryen, Feb 12


In Love for 1000 Years- Book by Jim Tipton 
Review by Margaret Van Every, Feb 12


The Phone Book 
Review by Rob Krakoff, July 12


The Midwife of Venice- By Roberta Rich 
Review by Gale Myers, Apr12



The Iguana Speaks My Name- Book by Roberto Moulun

Review by Bob Drynan, Sep 12








Uncommon Common Sense

By Bill Frayer


Joyful Musings 
By Joy Dunstan


Front Row Center 
By Michael Warren


Thunder on the Right 
By Paul Jackson



Welcome to Mexico  

By Victoria Schmidt










Viva Los Mariachis 
By Mildred Boyd, Apr 12


The 10th Muse


By Mark Sconce, Dec 11


Two Men Who Forever 
Changed Mexico 
By Herbert Piekow, May 12


Murder of Leon Trotsky 
By Lorin Swinehart, July 12



Ambrose Bierce 

By Lorin Swinehart, Sep 12

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