Letter To The Editor


letterDear Sir:

To Paul Jackson,

I returned on March 31 from traveling in Australia and New Zealand during February and March.  Consequently, I had not read your silly response to my factual comments on your column until April 1, appropriately.  Certainly you should know gobblydegook, gibberish, and jiggerypokery since that is what you purport to be facts in your columns.  You stoop to insult, something to which politicians often resort when they cannot dispute the truth.  Your jibe, while humorous, is in poor taste for someone who claims to be a journalist.  The conclusion to your foolish comments, threatening a well-aimed punch in the nose, reminded me of a quote by Isaac Asimov: violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

One last note, Mr. Jackson:  I am referred to as Mel by my friends, among which you have no place.

(Ed. Note: This brings to an end our part in a public disagreement between two men who are personal friends, as well as highly esteemed colleagues.)


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