Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


Anita Aug12When people work together they can create marvelous results. A short time ago, three middle aged Mexican women from Guadalajara arrived at Anita’s with a pregnant dog. They were not related to each other, but were neighbors. There was a pregnant dog living on the street near where they lived. No one owned the dog nor was caring for her.

Although they had limited money, they fed the dog.  They heard some people talking about the dog, saying as soon as she had her puppies they would take them and sell them. But these same people did not provide the dog with any food.  These women had heard about Anita from a friend who had been helped by Anita a year earlier. Money was pooled for the cost of gas for the drive to Anita’s.  They also knew that Anita supported her rescue work by donations.

When they arrived they had a large bag of clothes as a donation. They had asked their family and friends to help them and made the effort to clean the clothes and fold them neatly before placing them in the bag.  During the hour visit there was a lot of conversation, and the topic of cats came up. One woman had a few rescued cats at her house, and was looking for adoptive homes for them. She mentioned she had one cat that had ‘funny ears.’ It turned out to be a Scottish Fold cat.  Anita had had a lakeside woman ask her several times in the past if she had any SF cats. 

At those times Anita did not have one until these kind women visited. They returned a few days later with this unique cat so it could be adopted. The end result was,  because three Mexican women did a good deed,  a lakeside person who had been searching for a special  kind of cat has one available now for adoption.  

At the last monthly pet food drive held at the LFA pet food store, a woman inquired about Anita’s health.  She had heard a rumor. Like all rumors,  the majority are not based on fact or firsthand knowledge. Rumors at times seem to take on a life of their own.  Anita and the shelter cats/dogs live at the same location. Their care is full time work for Anita.  Yes, there are times that Anita is a bit tired because she had been up during the night to check on her cats/ dogs, especially pregnant ones. No, Anita is not ill. No, Anita is not stopping her rescue work. No, she is not running off with a rich, handsome Bavarian Prince and no, she is not joining a rock and roll band.

The best way to handle all rumors, is to consider the source and evaluate  if  that person has a personal agenda or motive, or is just mean-spirited. When you check ‘rumor’ in a dictionary, the definition does not associate the terms fact or truth in this communication exchange.  Before perpetuating a rumor, talk to the person who is rumored about and see for yourself what the facts are. This will take some effort, but consider this – you might be the next ‘target.’

Each of the dog shelters, “Lucky Dog,” “The Ranch” and “Anita’s Animals” all share a common concern for the welfare of our communities’ abused and abandoned dogs. They each work in a somewhat different ‘style,’   however this does not stop them from communicating and cooperating with each other. At times if there is a need because of unique circumstances, they accept a dog from another shelter, for the benefit of that dog.  It’s called Team Work.






Column: Anita’s Animals




Born and lived for 24 years in New York City. She became a Registered Nurse and then moved to San Francisco, CA. Her life and nursing career continued there for forty-one years before retiring to Lakeside in 2006. She and her husband live in San Juan Cosala with their eight dogs, and several cats. Shortly after arriving, Jackie began fostering infant motherless kittens and puppies, some as young as a few days old. She volunteers with Anita’s Animals, including the weekly Aijic tianguis, monthly Pet Food Drive, and other charitable events for humans as well as animals.


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