All are welcome here to make comments, to ask questions, get answers, agree or disagree in a civil manner. But this is not the place to make personal comments against those you don't agree with or because you don't happen to like their opinion or topic.
It is easy enought to ignore a comment or topic you don't agree with. That is the appropriate action and if you think the comments or topic violates this code of conduct, please bring it to the attention of anyone on the moderating team. It will be dealt with.
This reminder is not only a heads up, it is notice that we are going to really nip the personal sniping in the bud and the repeat offenders will be banned.
Having multiple user names will result in immediate banning of poster.
Comments containing links are not allowed.
Masking an IP address is a violation of the website rules.
No advertising is allowed, either in a comment or in your signature file. Advertising in this matter will result in suspension of your account.
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