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Cesar’s comments are an excellent example of the hatred that fills the hearts of the left. While conservatives are often portrayed by the liberal media as “racists” it becomes quite clear when you read the words of Cesar, the utter contempt and hatred they carry for anyone that dares to disagree with them. Where is the tolerance and equality that they espouse? Such hypocrisy!

The Gift Of Giving

Linda Steele

I enjoyed the letter to your children very much. These are the same people who have come to the US for a better life and found their way to the low income clinics where I worked for 29 years, until this past August. They were always the patients who were most grateful and easiest to care for. They are a gentle people. It was a gift to me to reminisce as I read your article! Thank you so much!


Sydney Sullins

Really? An entire page in the Ojo wasted on Mr. Nipper defending himself? I’m sure he’ll write me off as not being as educated or versed in world affairs as he, but I recognize when I read something offensive. Do his writings really express the viewpoints of Lakeside Conservatives? God, I hope not. But then, according to Mr. Nipper, I’m suffering from a mental disorder....and delusional? That’s his definition of cogent repartee?

Letters to the Editor


Thank goodness you had the courage to print this. I understand why the writer couldn’t sign his/her name because it is guaranteed to set off angry people raging about how we are only doing community theatre and everyone’s a volunteer, etc. etc. One is not permitted to voice a true opinion or give an accurate review because it might hurt someone’s feelings, consequently the quality of the productions suffers because they are not being held to any standard other than a high school production where all the kids are trying their best. It is so refreshing to read an accurate (in my opinion, of the Pinter play) description of what I saw.


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