It looked like a gala post Oscar Party. And well it should, for all the guests were there to join or rejoin the Inner Circle of the now internationally well-know, Film Festival. The microphone turned temperamental and Jim Lloyd was unable to publicly thank Jack Daniels for much of the liquor supply, party organizers, Suzanne Wolf and Vicki Potts,
and the new Guad committee, Gail Songini and Adele Vogt.
This year's honoree of the Festival is to be Lake Chapala (if it's still there.) It is laudable that so much attention is being drawn to the plight of Lake Chapala; however, until Guadaljara finds other sources of water for its burgeoning population, or until someone invents a substitute for water, the lake will continue to be in jeopardy. No amount of hugging, well-meaning, energetic fund raising or population awareness will restore
this invaluable treasure. Only firm laws from governmental authorities can instigate the steps to give the lake the relief it deserves. A high level meeting was held in the Auditorio in April, hopefully about other alternatives for water and hopefully, before Lake Chapala appears on the maps as, The Chapala Desert Put a big circle around May 5, and attend the huge White Elephant sale at the Auditorio. There are scads of quality things available or maybe, just the perfect touch you are looking for, but can't find anywhere. People
change their decorating tastes all the time leaving things too nice to toss, but out of place in the new decor. All proceeds from this sale will help several worthy charities.
John King was spotted at the Abastos market buying a lot of fish. The purchase wasn't for his own use, but for top bidders of a Thai Dinner who bested all others in a fund raiser for "The School for the Deaf".
Twenty garden "clubbers" from Toronto, enjoyed a "Mexican Fiesta Dinner" under the stars on the patio of Lynda McMahon's home. The delicious meal was prepared on premises by a group of Mexican women from San Antonio.
Earlier the Torontoites had been treated to a lunch and fashion show put on by Lois Cugini and from all reports it was a show to die for. Top designers based all over Mexico strutted their stuff. Most went home with empty racks, while the Toronto visitors went home with stuffed suitcases.