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Oaxacan Potter Comes to Chili Cookoff
     Alejandra Palacios and Lauri Jenson recently opened Gallery Tao at #8 Colon in Ajijic. On display is a fine selection of black Oaxacan pottery, personally selected by Alejandra on her regular trips to the tiny village in Oaxaca where it is made. Fernando, a grandson of internationally known potter Doña Rosa Real Neito will be at the Chili Cookoff for the first time. Doña Rosa experimented with new techniques in the 1950s to improve on the traditional pottery found buried with Zapotecan kings in Monte Alban 1500 years ago. What makes this pottery special is the clay, the hand-molding techniques, the time and temperatures used, and the shine achieved by rubbing a quartz stone on the pieces before firing. Each resulting piece of beautiful black highly polished pottery is one of a kind and personally signed by the family member who created it. Fernando’s display at the Chili Cookoff will offer an opportunity to own a unique piece of this black art without making a trip to Oaxaca. (Hariette Hart)