Activity Lakeside

     * The Navy League has a new slate of officers who are planning a busy and interesting calendar for 2004.  In addition to our well-informed speakers, The Navy League plans day trips to nearby places of interest.  President Denny Strole invites you to attend our next meeting, March 20th at 1 p.m. at Manix’s Restaurant in Ajijic.  Please contact Sandy Bell at 766-3167 ( or Barbara Wagner at 766-1848 ( to make reservations.
From Carol Bedford:
     Thank you — two little words that are so far from simple — to all of the Lakesiders who attended and performed at the benefits held on my behalf. Your gifts, prayers, and friendship are in my thoughts every morning when I awaken. They keep me company through the day and each evening are a warm blanket of health, courage, and a renewed sense of wonder. Over the worst of the storm now, I will be forever grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to experience a community of such gentle and generous people. You’ve created a place where no one has to stand alone.